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Today marks one month since the passing of a lady whom I consider to have been one of the greatest minds of our time… and yet, to the vast majority of humanity she is relatively unknown. Known as DM Murdoch or Acharya S, she drew equal acclaim from both noted scientists as well as scholars of religion. She was respected as not only being an avid researcher but also one who could remain objective. It was she who began a paradigm, which quickly took flight among those exposed to her work, that she referred to as The Mythicist Position. (The link above has a direct link to her short Youtube presentation on this.)  Essentially, she postulates that at opposite poles we have theism and then atheism. She suggests that, based on her extensive research, these two extremes are not the only options, when it comes to our personal truth about how we view myth and religion. DM Murdoch not only left behind an extensive array of accumulated knowledge, but a hugely positive impact on all who were acquainted with her integrity and objectivity.

To anybody who is somewhat acquainted with Universal Principles, The Mythicist Position is excellent reinforcement for validity of The Principle of Polarity. The central text for Hermetic philosophy, known as The Kybalion, describes this extremely important principle like this:

Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature but different in degrees; extremes meet; all truths are but half truths; all paradoxes can be reconciled.

Consider also, when it comes to establishing what happened at a crime scene and there are two witnesses, with varying “truths”, most police will tell you that the real truth is somewhere in the middle. We also have a much more personal example of this, which includes acknowledgement of our “dark side”. How often have you been told to essentially flee from that part of you, equating that part of you somehow to evil? Many gurus will reinforce that we must always resonate in love and light and shun that part of us that evokes, through its actions/desires, low vibration emotions. Rajie Kabli penned an excellent article – which is well worth the read –  on how to actually embrace that “dark” part of us. It is important to consider that our shadow self has its own wisdom, that could well save one’s life. When we think the best of people and are considering placing our trust in them, this dark side is extremely adept at times in identifying and recognizing dishonesty.



If one can apply the Principle of Polarity, as it relates to world events, the following becomes self evident. Based on what I have observed about our reality, there has been a very conscious decision made, at some point, to utilize a divide and conquer strategy for domination and/or control. Through cunning manipulation, a paradigm has been established that each of us MUST be on either one side or another on any issue, which contradicts universal principles. It takes minimal research to see this being played out through mass media but a relatively recent attempt caught my attention for a number of reasons.

Known as The Flat Earth Theory, it is the equivalent of teaching “Intelligent Design” as being real science. It’s proponents contend, essentially, that NASA has been deceiving the world with images of a round earth. The earth, they state, is really a flat disk. The sun is not 92 million miles away but rather just a few thousand. Additionally, these theorists suggests that this disk we live on is ringed by a 150 foot wall of ice.  If “all truths are but half truths”, as written in The Kybalion, how are we to view this assertion that we are living on a disk and not a sphere? Does this mean that there is some truth to it?

To understand the nature of subterfuge, one will almost always encounter misdirection. Mastering this is absolutely essential to any stage magician. So, digging a bit deeper into this flat earth theory – and the polarity principle applies that all truths are but half truths – then there must be both honest and dishonest components involved here, both seen and hidden. To assist further in this quick analysis, we can refer again to Universal Principles, chiefly one known as “Cause and Effect”, and one we are all well acquainted with. In applying this in any alchemical operation, the practitioner must be exact, in terms of what effect they wish to achieve. And only then, would a responsible alchemist or magician focus on how the effect is manifested and what forces to apply. So now there are two interlocking questions which must be addressed:

What is the REAL purpose/desired outcome and who will it effect the most?

One further aspect is worth mentioning here. I have noted with some curiosity that those who write articles about this theory are almost militant in defending it. Rather than address the issue or contradiction, the authors all go ad hominem on any who have disagreements. Some have claimed that this “theory” was designed to draw attention away from other events taking place and that its effects are being closely monitored. There is an eerie parallel between the advancement of this theory and the advancement of the human-caused global warming scam. There is some evidence that the global warming campaign was actually initiated by a private think tank known as the Club Of Rome.

It is here that I will leave this issue, hopefully providing you with a bit of clarity and direction, and move on. The apparent “effect” that is observed can be misleading.

The polarity principle is easily observed globally, and in varying degrees. On a more personal level, we also observe this. A friend inquires “How are you?” with an automatic response of “I’m OK.” We’ve all seen people literally both crying and smiling, giving the same response. Obviously there are many, many varying degrees of “OK”.

There are inherent risks involved in employing the principle of cause and effect, however, if all factors are not considered in the planning stage. Consider a farmer who sets fire to his fields to burn away the old vegetation. It gets out of control and burns down several buildings and homes of neighbors. Perhaps he didn’t account for the strong wind or perhaps the overall dryness of the area, the consequences were not what he expected or anticipated in his planning stage as an “effect”.

Or perhaps….

The fire getting out of control and burning down houses may not have been a simple accident. There are a wide range of possibilities, some that may involve collusion with his neighbors. Who and what are most effected by this fire? Many investigators, working on the axiom of “Follow the money” will tell you that they play close attention to one basic question: who benefits?

Applying this globally, the effect of some propaganda – usually with a view to injure or vilify a person, idea or nation – can actually have the exact opposite effect than anticipated. One story I have loved since I first heard it involves a very determined lady, who chose to transmute energy, amid the condescending behavior she encountered. In the early 70’s, a lady began baking a special and new type of cookie, and then began approaching large manufacturers to gauge their interest in these new cookies. In every case she was turned down and even ridiculed by some, claiming that people only wanted a crunchy cookie, not the chewy kind she was baking. That lady was Debbie Fields, the founder of Mrs. Field’s Cookies.



Looking at the size and reach of Mrs. Field’s Cookies, it becomes obvious that innumerable factors are in play, for a lady to go from baking cookies at home to a multi-national company. I think part of the answer lies in the company description, one particular component especially. It states that, “the Mrs. Field’s name quickly became associated with warm, freshly baked cookies right out of the oven.” I would contend, that in her planning phase, one major consideration was to bring joy and pleasure to people and it was one aspect that she did not compromise on. This also provides some evidence that establishing a foundation for a successful positively-viewed business should be aimed at customer satisfaction, as opposed to profit. An additional consideration is in the art of cooking, where many will suggest that a meal prepared in love can pass on that love energy, when they consume the food.

Another important area to quickly explore is whether this was all chance and good luck, or are there entities moving pieces behind the scenes, to set up chance encounters? If so, as I contend, then how can we utilize them responsibly and ethically? You likely already communicate requests to your guides/angels/Prime Creator but I would suggest that sometimes this is not the most efficient way to accomplish this. It is the equivalent of calling up a company CEO with a detailed, extensive order. For that order to be filled, he is then forced to filter that down to the numerous people required to make it, pack it, and then ship it. Whereas, if the order is given directly to the foremen and workers together, each is made fully aware of the part they play in completion of the work order.

Now, consider something else, that is somewhat related. Some people arm their security network before they leave their home for an extended length of time. This automatically sets a number of things in play, by default. If the alarm is tripped, there is supposed to be an immediate response from the monitoring security company. Unable to reach the owners, they then call the police, who then dispatch officers to the scene. This could be referred to as the “default setting”. This tool, The Default Principle, addresses this very angle, namely a method whereby certain actions are taken by “Spirit”, without requiring our consent for them to assist or take action each and every time.

Rather than an explanation, I will give a few examples of how I employ this invaluable tool and you will quickly see the powerful potential of it.

1) Like many others, before eating a meal, it is imperative that I ask a blessing on/for whatever I’m about to eat. For me, there are several components – gratitude for the meal, appreciation for the hands that prepared it, if meat, apology to the source, which gave their life, and an intent on how I want the food energy used. I am uncomfortable with a lengthy prayer, with bowed head, while out in public, so I agreed with Spirit to utilize a default setting. I addressed Spirit, requesting this. I listed every aspect I thought imperative in a food blessing prayer and requested they take action on, when I performed a very specific action. In this case, I sit down, bow my head, place my hands on either side of the meal for 2 seconds, then touch my heart chakra with one,…. and then open my eyes. So, it is understood by Spirit that each time I take this action with my hands, I am automatically setting in motion – now by default – each protocol and intent established with them. Essentially, this shortens the time requirements.

2) Abundance in its many forms is a necessity to live in this 3D environment. A major driving force and one that can take enormous effort sometimes, is providing for our needs. We all have basic needs that must be met. While we do get cues from our guides, sometimes we have difficulty in understanding them. My belief is that a group of entities known as the Runners are the real “movers and shakers” behind the scenes so I addressed them, as a group, to establish a default setting. I gave them my full permission to take action on my behalf – without needing my permission each time – to ensure that my needs were met.  This agreement is one of my most important and effective.

3) Leaving home each day and facing the world, there is another application of this Default Principle. For me, there are 3 key requests/requirements I find to be most important. First is a request to share the Love and Light of the Divine Creator with at least one soul, secondly that my escort of protection accompany me and lastly, offer my services to the Runners, to “pinch hit” for them. Consider, if they can arrange events with people, without their conscious awareness, obviously they may have need of a willing helper. In this case, as you can see, addressing just one group is insufficient; separate rituals must be held with each group separately. Here’s where the default setting comes in. Sometimes I am in a hurry and forget to make these requests when I leave my home. What was agreed was that, each time I left my apartment, the three requests would automatically be made, with ensuing actions set in motion.


Many already understand that Spirit cannot take action unless specifically requested. This is a clear indication of how much power we truly possess, which we all too often forget. The key (and secret) to wielding this “power” responsibly and ethically lies in collaboration with Spirit in its many forms.  In my own experience of using this tool for several years, I’ve noted some very unusual occurrences, especially in the area of having my needs supplied. There is an added element of intuition, which often is the slight prodding of Spirit, shining a cosmic light on a desired or needed action I should take.

Working with Spirit in this way, I have also noted a rapid awareness and understanding of certain events and issues, as well as suddenly developing metaphysical and/or spiritual interests. One of the most pleasant aspects is that Spirit will place me in a position where negative energy is present, but I am regarded by both sides as both friendly and impartial. The key is energy. In one case, a couple suddenly came into my life with an unusual relationship and a considerable amount of negativity. I was a calming force at certain times and, oddly enough, they turned out to be in a position to assist in fulfilling a few basic needs for me several times.

As you can see, when utilizing the Default Principle tool, it is essential to be extremely precise. A slight precaution needs to be expressed here; it can be used for both positive and negative intentions. I regard this tool as a form – and the true essence – of sorcery, where one utilizes both Spirit and Source energy to achieve a specified result or condition. In the area of abundance, we may wish the Runners to continually be on the look out for sources of money, or we may make a one-time request for the funds to pay off a bill. An extremely important component, in either case, is that its arrival does not come at the expense of harm or injury to another. (Think Monkey’s Paw.)

Lastly, the suggestions made above on how to use this tool effectively and ethically are only suggestions and guidelines. I found, as I used it more and more that I innately knew when to – and when not to – employ this tool. The result is a new type and a new level of communication that many of us have not previously experienced. You will likely find you are directed to certain ideas or teachings that previously held little attention or that you were not even aware of. When you begin to consciously become aware  this is happening, you can feel great joy because you have officially become a valued and trusted co-worker of Spirit.


I have been led to explore some shamanic tools for the last few months and it has been quite fascinating. For instance, many believe in a central type of Akashic Records. Some shamanic beliefs go even further and state that we each have our own personal Record Keeper, one which we can learn to communicate and interact with. As a result, I have been interacting with one guide in particular much more frequently. In his last life, he was an extremely powerful and respected heyoka. I just began experimenting with “Shadow Walking” and will be presenting a report after much more experimentation.

I’ll sign off with a very heartwarming story that may have overtones of this very blog post – Bored Teen Sits At A Mall Piano.

And don’t forget you can check out a wide assortment of my recorded poetry, all written in the genre of metaphysical fiction, on my Tindeck site.


Namaste, Nick xxxxxx







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The image above was created by Cathie and I love it. FYI… I have just started with Part 8 of this poem, around 140 pages so far and I have been enjoying quite a ride writing it… with considerable help. With the pleasantries completed, I wanted to leave a list of links below to what I deem to be significant information. I’ll be concluding with a short update and message from Cathie to all you guys.



China’s emergence from a secretive society to its present-day status on the international scene has been dramatic in some cases. Its reach globally extends even farther than China’s most notable naval explorer named Zheng He.

Aside from the recent signing of legislation, a new anti-terror bill was put into law, allowing China to engage directly and militarily if need be, terrorism outside of its land boundaries. Two other items were not well known but occurring nonetheless and could have definite ramifications.

China has launched an online game, via social media, that will become mandatory in China by 2020, according to the report. The oddity is that one doesn’t gain points by paying bills promptly or behaving in an otherwise “responsible” manner, but rather how dedicated one is to China’s ideology.

Another fascinating yet unsettling piece of news involves the world of physics. Many are aware of CERN and the LHC, and we’ve all read differing points of view as to what CERN was actually attempting, when it was rocked by an explosion that shut the collider down. Hopefully, those in the east will take note of CERN’s headlong rush to find illusive particles. China recently announced the initial stages in the creation of a “supercollider” that would be at least twice the size of CERN.

Beginning February 8, 2016, a cycle passes through time forever, and the Year Of The (Fire) Monkey will commence. It would be unpardonable not to pay homage to likely the most famous monkey ever, a monkey king, known as Sun Wu Kong… otherwise known as Hanuman. 



I will readily admit that I am not a fan of Christian and rapture-believing Lisa Haven but she did bring to light a barely noted event recently involving the Muslim world that could cause significant waves in the middle east. She is a reasonably good researcher, albeit from a strictly biblical viewpoint, and her recent article does have merit. She claims that the “Islamic Nation” has just declared a total unknown to be their version of a messiah. Referred to in the Quran as the Madhi,  she equated this person to be Christianity’s “anti-christ”, even providing a rather comprehensive list of characteristics found in the Quran. She fails to mention that in Islam, their “anti-christ” is known as Dajjal. Interesting also is they believe that Jesus will return and will be at the Mahdi’s right hand and will actually kill this anti-christ in battle. But not so fast… she claims this is not the “Jesus” of her Bible, because she says so. A compelling case is made in an article by Tad Cronn entitled “Was Allah Originally A Babylonian God Of Violence?” in a counter to the evidence found in the Ugaritic texts, that Yahweh was originally a storm god and was “adopted” by the Israelites. It has been claimed that the attributes of the Caananite god El were given to Yahweh by his devotees. Contrary to what some religious believers think, the term El is singular, while “Elohim” is the plural form. The demand to have “no other gods but me” is a tacit acknowledgement that there are indeed other “gods”, or rather beings masquerading as omnipotent entities.

Her article fails to even acknowledge Judaism’s end times scenarios, involving the rise of their messiah. Which is odd because the other two messianic religions are variants and offshoots of Judaism, which in turn was refined by Israel’s interaction with surrounding nations and their religious practices and beliefs. And the Bible extends its association with the Greek and Roman pantheon of gods, namely the Keeper of the Abyss. Named Abaddon, Revelations 9:11 states this as his Hebrew name “but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.” This, of course refers to the only god whose name remained constant during the transition from Greek to Roman – Apollo. What I find odd in this is that what we know of an entity named Apollo through mythology, guarding the gates of a prison would seem an unlikely task and waste of talents. In a strange parallel, the Books of Enoch (which some fervently believe is a true account of what transpired before recorded history) contend that a powerful being named Azazel was captured and then imprisoned in a rock-filled hole until “Judgment Day”. The Israelite Scapegoat Ritual involved placing the sins of the people onto a goat and sending it into the desert to be devoured by… Azazel. How can he be imprisoned by “god” and yet be free to wander the desert? For what it’s worth, some of you are aware that for some years, Azazel has been one of my mentors. When I inquired into this obvious discrepancy, his reply was one word – “Deception.”

Prophecies and predictions are not the sole domain of religious groups any longer, nor are they restricted to gender. Mother Shipton springs to mind and some suggest that even Nostradamus had predictions for 2016. Even more important, however, is a recognition that presently something is taking place on a fundamental level that cannot be ignored. Whether it is citizens with integrity who strap on a weapon to ensure that homeless people receive a good hot meal and warm winter clothes, a man who was so grief-stricken at the failing health of his daughter that he tried cannabis oil – resulting in a near miraculous recovery of the small child – and now risks jail time, to vengeful parents who complained to police that a teenager was giving away free copies of a “banned” book… these all may seem unrelated but I would contend that they are the unique effects from specific stimuli. And it’s not just humanity that is affected. One of my very favorite stories from 2015, was of the surprising friendship between a tiger and a goat, resulting in an outpouring of generosity, as well as understandable Russian pride.

Some ancient pagan systems believed a god died in the deep cold of winter and was reborn in the spring. In the northern hemisphere, cloudy days in winter are far from uncommon, and can take its toll, in terms of energy, our mood and even our thoughts. Don Juan, Casteneda’s Shaman mentor, contended that a spiritual warrior accepted death as inevitable, and hence were truly free to take any action. This naturally extends to thoughts of the afterlife and what one can not only expect…. but actions one can take now to assist in a smoother transition. In The Tibetan Book of The Dead, this after- or inter-life is known as the Bardo, which consists of three distinct stages. With a growing number at least beginning to research ancient and arcane manuscripts, the teachings of the east strike an innate chord. Like Madame Blavatsky before them, these teachings are experimented with and modified by each practitioner but each appear to claim the same thing:

What you know and comprehend at the point of physical death is the sum total of what you arrive in the non-physical realms with. You don’t break free of your physical body and suddenly, you understand everything. Consequently, the more preparation while in the physical, the better prepared one is to enter the “afterlife.”


I am not pushing the above observations on anybody as “the” truth, but it can’t be denied that a sound spiritual practice is never a bad idea. The possibilities and directions one can take are innumerable. As a direct consequence, we tend to experience a fair number of “crossroads” moments, some we’re not always consciously aware of. They appear as possible routes towards a goal… and sometimes, they may be designed to draw us from our central path. Opportunities that present themselves require an initial correlation with any ongoing requests one has with Spirit, or “The Runners” as I term them. Obviously, we must do all we can physically to assist them. For instance, if we’ve requested help, it is not reasonable to assume that one can find a new apartment, while never leaving their old apartment to look.



After narrowing one’s choices to two, is there some way to get a bit of help to determine what choice or direction is in one’s highest and greatest good? You’ll be happy to know that there is a simple and direct way to do that, by enlisting the aid of The Runners. Based on a workshop I have been putting together, below is a very simplified version of “Cosmic Signs And Decision-Making”.

  1. Specify Sign – in simple terms, this should only include things you would generally not encounter on a given day. EG: I request to be shown a caduceus, a spinning earth, an owl etc.
  2. Specify Time Limit –  major consideration must be given to this aspect; one must grant them a reasonable amount of time to manifest the requested sign, using the most direct method. Optimally, 4 – 6 hours is reasonable but the individual must be on a heightened state of awareness for the entire time.
  3. Specify Parameters – requests about taking out a car loan, whether one should go on a date with a certain person, or even for a pile of money lack the specificity required to ensure clean and unambiguous communication and results with Spirit, in its many forms. For this tool to be fully effective, one must request that the choice Spirit indicates is in one’s highest and greatest good.
  4. Specify One Choice – remember, this tool is designed to allow one to make a decision between two distinct choices. EG: Continuing school in North America or studying in Japan for a year. One can choose either for the request, in this case, perhaps “to indicate that it is in my highest and greatest good to study in Japan for a year.” Key to this is always request in a positive way.

Altogether, a sample Cosmic Sign Request would go as follows:

“Runners, I request to be shown a caduceus in any form, within the next five hours, to indicate it is in my highest and greatest good to pursue the mediumship studies.”

This is one of my most valuable tools, and the above request was actually one I made. The sign’s arrival was, in a word, spectacular and left me in deep thought. After using this tool dozens of times, it would be logical to presume that I have had the chance to make a number of observations, based on direct experience. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned:

Offer yourself to be a conduit for Spirit in the physical realm – I call it “pinch-hitting” – and I guarantee you will see some amazing results to your Cosmic Sign requests. I also found that there were ways that we can employ a type of “default setting” that will alert us to opportunities that may be in our highest and greatest good.

In the end, we believe what we believe in a very personal way. Some have suggested that it is this very set of belief systems that may well determine our destination, once freed of 3D constraints. As for me, I’ve got a private little realm that I helped to create that will be my first destination.


With that I’ll conclude this post, written during the passing of another year. As I wrote in the opening paragraph, I did want to give a short update on and from Cathie. After a number of post op side effects, her condition had improved enough to move her to a rehab. One recent ailment was thought to be caused by her pain medication and it was halted. After seeing her doctor today, the cause – a relatively minor one – was found and Cathie is now getting considerable pain relief. As it stands now, she will likely be in rehab for several more weeks.

As for a message from Cathie, it comes in two parts…Firstly, she really misses the interactions she had for so long with so many amazing people and she loves y’all to pieces.

Secondly, she has noted that there seems to be a wide variety of symptoms displaying themselves. One erupts and is addressed, only to be filled by another. So she was thinking and here’s what she would like to request: She is extremely grateful for all the prayers, healing and love energy and positive thoughts. What she requests is that, when you do send those loving, healing energies, please request that they harmonize with the energies already at work healing.



Last winter it was said that a cow floated down the Mississippi River on a piece of ice and caught such a cold, she has yielded nothing but ice cream ever since.

Mixed Emotions: Your brand new Corvette going over the side of a cliff… with your mother-in-law at the wheel.

Middle Age: That time in life where you’d rather not have a good time than recover from it.

Middle Age: The time a guy starts turning out the lights for economical rather than romantic reasons.

“You’ve reached middle age when all you exercise is caution.” Franklin P. Jones

A man wanted to live to be 100 and went to see his doctor. He was told to give up drinking, cigarettes and womanizing. “Will I live to be 100 then?” asked the patient. “No,” sighed the doctor, “but it will seem like it.”

You know the years are adding up if it takes you longer to rest than it did to get tired.

I have never wanted to see anybody die but a few obituary notices I have read with pleasure.” Clarence Darrow

Sign outside a funeral home: DRIVE CAREFULLY – WE CAN WAIT.


Sign in a brassiere shop: WE FIX FLATS



A junk shop near a railway crossing posted this sign: GO AHEAD, TAKE A CHANCE. WE’LL BUY THE WRECK


Sign over the incoming Los Angeles IRS office: “WATCH YOUR STEP.” Sign over outgoing door: “WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE”. Jimmy Starr, Los Angeles Herald


With that, I’ll sign off with my wish of peace, joy and contentment for each of you, in this brand new year.

Namste, Nick xxx






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If the last several weeks have been filled with an above-average amount of turmoil and/or trials, rest assured you are not alone. It is in response to this that I feel compelled to pen my observations, which are based on several on-going issues which, at their core, promote a false dichotomy of “us and them”. It was a somewhat recent announcement from China that triggered my mind into putting some puzzle pieces together but at the same time, adding a few more.

Modern Farmer reported on December 1 of this year that China was in the completion process of a mass cloning initiative involving, according to the sources, facilities to clone up to 100,000 cows annually to provide an enhanced food source. This has, understandably, raised many eyebrows and objections but the reality, no matter how vehemently one denies it, is that human beings can now recreate life, at will…. we can now do what most religiously-oriented humans still attribute to only their gods. Without doubt, there are vast moral and ethical considerations, even from outside of the 3 main messianic religions.

National Geographic posted an article regarding the creation of fluorescent mice that was both fascinating and yet disturbing at the same time. It provides a glimpse into the methodology, and hence mind-set, of the scientists involved in this program. Mice were being genetically manipulated at the cellular level to be “born” with an existing condition or disease, often one that was fatal. One of the most disturbing facts about this process is the use of a stripped down version of the HIV virus leaving only the most virulent part, known as the retrovirus. This becomes the agent of delivery and ensures the programmed condition reaches completion.

A good analogy for the above would be this: A weak king hires an army of ruthless soldiers to storm an opposition’s castle, where they proceed to remove and destroy all defensive measures they encounter. The end result is the king entering and sitting on the new throne. From that moment on, those who are not willing or necessary to fulfill the king’s demands are imprisoned or executed while all others are tasked solely with the king’s agenda. His hired soldiers have the ability to destroy any defense through force or subterfuge.


One intriguing aspect of this announcement of mass cloning centers on how animals in general are viewed by other cultures, namely Buddhism and Hinduism. An apt example can be seen in the movie “Seven Years In Tibet” starring the very talented Brad Pitt. The workers become quite agitated and refuse to continue working because they’ve uncovered a massive number of earthworms on the construction site. Initially, Pitt’s character is incapable of understanding why minor little worms should have any significance until his foreman explains their beliefs. Based on how one treats others in this lifetime has a huge impact on that soul’s next incarnation, which can involve a life in the body of a so-called lower life form – like an earthworm, a mouse and even a cow. While followers of the messianic religions would scoff at this notion, one must keep in mind that Hinduism and Jainism, for example, are far, far older and have an almost equivalent number of followers, according to recent stats. 

At what point does a soul spark enter the physical host? Is the process autonomous or are knowledge-specific entities needed for this “injection”? And how about the soul spark itself? Is it truly able to employ freewill as to choice in incarnation or can that decision be forced on it by coercion or trickery? With most westerner’s holding a completely different view of the after life as those in the east, how is it all souls are supposed to go to specific places upon physical death that are completely different, if there is only one creator and one Source?

Robert Monroe has been recognized as a pioneer and scientist, exploring numerous realms of the astral. One contention he made was that there were types of “belief specific” realms, where souls were directed, upon death, and based on the specific beliefs of the individual soul. Essentially, there are an enormous number of afterlife destinations in the astral for a soul to “migrate” to…. or to be sent or escorted. He furthered suggested that there was a type of “heaven” for each belief system and some present-day seekers have taken up this belief. What they have ominously suggested is that while these realms are real, their true purpose is anything but heavenly. An enormous clue can be found in the Christian belief that their eternity will be spent singing praises to their gods forever. Who or what would require or demand such a vast amount of energy and to what ends?

What if, as has been suggested, the overall creator of this reality was really a type of artificial intelligence, and consequently needs vast amounts of etheric energy to continue functioning? The Gnostic seers believed that this AI had been taken over by an entity named Yaldabaoth, who then had proclaimed there were no other gods but It. If the principles of Hermetic Philosophy are reasonably sound, the possibility of a type of cosmic “highjack” may be a cause for some exploration.

It is their Principle of Correspondence that is the originator of the axiom “As above, so below; As below, so above”. Consider the recent news of mass cloning. Humans can now create and alter life from just a very small amount of genetic material. If, as the principle states, that this reality is a reflection of the one “above” – the astral – then it stands to reason that they have the means to manipulate entities in their energetic reality. Based on the so-called holy texts centered on the messianic gods, their character is clearly on display. History is inundated with documented mass terror inflicted on helpless people by order of these entities. If they have the power to manipulate humanity while they are in physical form, it is not a stretch to ponder their abilities on their home turf in the astral.

So, could this cloning and genetic manipulation, in which a living, breathing being is created artificially be part of a murky and very dark agenda? If, as some contend, certain entities in the astral are able to control the disposition of soul fragments, is there potential for misuse? On one extreme – though not really, based on the irrational rage displayed by these “gods” and detailed in their respective holy books – would be to punish a soul by sending it into a newly-cloned being. Their entire existence would be of captivity and then a painful death, with their body cut up later to be eaten by others. The entire purpose of their life. which they were made aware of, was to be killed and consumed.

While not a fan of Sylvia Browne, I do agree with her on one controversial issue involving our pets. Do animals have souls? Ms. Browne contended that they do indeed possess a soul but were limited to a 3 chakra system, which did allow them to astral project. This acknowledgement is often tacit when a parent tells a child that their recently- deceased pet is now running around in heaven. And almost any pet protector will attest to recognizing an inner being within their pet.

I am not attempting to push any viewpoint on anybody. Hollywood has played advent to the arrival of certain paradigms by implementing them into their movies. Consider the Gerard Butler flick Gamer, in which he is wrongly accused of a crime, is imprisoned with a small device planted in him, allowing an outside operator to control his actions. He is forced daily to engage in firefights for the amusement of the general public, while his wife, similarly “chipped”, is forced to act in ways dictated by her controller.

There are many who believe and will openly state that the hidden controllers of earth are already cloning human beings and have been for a considerable amount of time. More evidence of Hollywood’s complicity can be seen in the Bruce Willis movie The Surrogates, where humans are able to transfer their consciousness to a robotic form that is perfection in their eyes. My point is that a meme has been placed into the collective conscious of humanity, through film, that could be closer to reality than we may know.


In recent years, we have seen a growing number and wide variety of messages channeled from entities in spirit form. Unfortunately, it can be difficult sometimes to discern the veracity of a source or a statement they have made, through their channel. It can be confusing to be reading and agreeing in general with the contents and then encountering an idea or statement that one does not believe or accept as their truth. It has been suggested that a beneficial approach is take note of the discrepancy and adjust one’s trust level accordingly. Just as in the propaganda foisted on us by the MSM, there is almost always some truth mixed in with simple diversion or, in the other extreme, outright deceit. This can create massive cognitive dissonance, and more dangerous still, implant false paradigms into a person’s mind set, which they will cling to despite being shown evidence to the contrary.

I need to elaborate here and pose an analogy for events I was recently involved in, which resulted in a noticeable breakthrough in understanding for me. This is a rough analogy of the conversation:

MAN: “All the cows in China are blue.

ME: “Uh, no they’re not.”

MAN: “Yes, they are. I know this for sure.”

ME: “Um, I just got back from China and I can tell you that the cows are not blue.

MAN: “You don’t know what you’re talking about. I read an article and saw the picture. All the cows were blue. So I know.”

Similarly, on The Atheist Experience show, I was astounded by the caller’s rigid mind set. The exchange went like this:

CALLER: “My minister says y’all hate god, that’s why you’re atheists.”

HOST: “Well, we don’t believe in god so it’s pretty hard to hate something we don’t believe in.”

CALLER: “My minister said y’all worship the devil.”

HOST: “Again, if we don’t believe in god then we certainly don’t believe in the devil.”

CALLER: “If you don’t worship god then my minister says you must worship the devil. And my minister doesn’t lie.”

This lady was inundated with a false dichotomy of reality, namely that it was made up entirely of those who believed in and worshiped god, as defined by her minister…. and those who must worship the devil. No other possibility existed in this women’s mind set or reality. This is actually much more alarming than meets the eye. Essentially, this minister was lying outright and clearly breaking the 9th commandment, which involves bearing false witness… by stating as fact that all atheists “worship” the devil. Ironically as well, many believers, especially in the messianic religious mythologies, cry foul when atheists lump all believers together and yet, do exactly the same thing. Even more ironic is the fact that many atheists know the contents of the respective “holy books ” better than most of its adherents. To add a touch of humor here, one prominent self-confessed atheist suggests that the quickest way to become an atheist is to objectively read the holy books of the messianic religions.

Without doubt, we have encountered people who stick to paradigms that we may deem to be “incorrect” and do not reflect reality, based on the most recent information, understanding and awareness. Many of us have been aroused to anger when people just can’t seem to grasp the fact that one’s viewpoint is not accurately reflecting reality, despite our best efforts to make them aware of the pertinent information. We also know that this type of arguing very seldom results in changing the other’s viewpoint. So we have learned to essentially choose our battles and understand that others are entitled to hold their own viewpoints and perspectives.

I’ll quickly reference my recent encounters with two individuals, each holding an identical and unshakable viewpoint which was not not based in realty, but rather what they believed reality should be. One problem we encounter as spiritual warriors is discovering a belief, held by an individual, that crosses lines of  morality and ethics. One enormous example is the vast numbers of religious people who have been indoctrinated to believe that all atheists hate their god and hence, are not capable of employing integrity, morality, objectivity or even love…. simply because they don’t base their lives on religion. There is a great irony in this mental mind set. Consider: one group refrains from murder and theft because they believe there will be some type of judgment/punishment in the next life, because their gods see and make a record of everything. Many atheists believe there is no “afterlife” so they must make their efforts count in this one. Consequently, many understand innately that theft and murder is immoral and unethical and hence, refrain from those actions. Not inflicting injury on others because the gods will punish you later or not committing these crimes because one knows they are wrong…. which group would you say has a more moral approach?

Where am I going with this? As stated, sometimes another person’s beliefs may be unsettling to us, in varying degrees. While we acknowledge it is fully within the other’s rights to believe in anything they choose, it seems the only solution, generally, was to simply “grin and bear it”. I would suggest that we can take some action to alleviate our discomfort.

I recently read an article that involved an Israeli driver who had hit two Palestinians with his car, the author citing it as an example of a continuing trend. To some, who have conditioned themselves to purposely point out “Israeli aggression”, this only served to reinforce the belief that Israeli’s are always the aggressors. I have noted this trend with some concern because, in this case, the entire hit and run had been caught on camera – the proverbial “other side of the story”. What unfolds is essentially a car coming up a street and then being essentially ambushed by 6 or so stone throwers, launching their projectiles at the car, smashing the windows. Ever been hit in the head by a chunk of rock? Yes, the driver did hit one of the stone throwers, backed up and then tried to escape. He was, understandably, fearful for his life. This was not an example of Israeli aggression and had I not taken the time to dig further than the article, I would not have known.

My point here, in helping to alleviate any discomfort with another’s belief, is to ensure we gain an accurate insight into why they believe what they do. I will freely admit that some of my most agonizing times spent watching videos were those which disagreed with the theory of evolution and claimed to provide unshakable proof that their holy book and god were the only truth. It is unsettling to some people, for instance, to know that others believe fully in the talking snakes, talking bushes and talking donkeys detailed in their holy book. And yet those same religiously-indoctrinated people regard the ancient writing, some of the oldest in existence, known as the Ramayana, to be simply mythology that couldn’t possibly be true.

When it comes to how we feel, at a given moment, it is largely our choice. Obviously, in some instances, this can have limitations, as in a physical injury. We do, however, possess the ability to employ subtle alchemy, aided by the results of our research. Epictetus, a famed philosopher in ancient Rome, observed the following:

“Man is not distressed by events…. but rather by his interpretation of events.”

With a reasonably accurate understanding and motivation of a given belief, we have a more complete picture of the whole. So, where does alchemy come in? Combined with our “live and let live” attitude, our research grants us a deeper understanding and motivation of a believer. We begin to understand why they believe as they do. We don’t have to agree with it, but with understanding we can alter considerable negative energy associated with this issue.

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This is actually the core subject I wanted to  explore briefly in this post, that of Christmas, and the numerous peripheral issues that have become prevalent. One of the most noticeable, of course, is the belief that Christmas has always been and will always be the day that a being named Jehoshua was allegedly born, on December 25. For anybody who has done any research into the “12 days of Christmas“, you’ll note it has been celebrated for millenia by numerous cultures across the globe. As for the birth date, it should be noted that less than 200 years before this official declaration of it being Jesus’ day of birth, Rome’s emperor had declared that December 25 was the birth date of Rome’s new god, Sol Invictus.

Personally, I do not celebrate Christmas largely because I do not believe in religion’s “the season’s reasons”. I do, however, recognize that there is a very positive current of energy that is noticeable and here we can also employ some subtle alchemy. Consider the altering high vibration effect humor can have. Whether we are in a theatre or sitting around a TV, when we respond to humor, very often we will look at others we are with. On one level, we are determining whether that person is humored but it serves one other important purpose – we are attempting to share the joy we feel with others around us. By doing this with intent, we are employing alchemy, by adding our own positive energy.

So, while I do not believe, I fully recognize that there is an almost palpable feeling of wonder, magic and generosity in the air. Fortunately, I do not have to believe to positively experience – or even engage in experiencing – the beautiful energies so closely associated with the Christmas season. And one further suggestion for all you alchemists, that you may wish to employ in this upcoming joyous season. It may seem like a trivial suggestion but it employs alchemy in a different way. Many will be attending parties at restaurants or bars, or other people’s homes. My suggestion is to consider requesting a blessing on all those who have entered the door, those in service and those being served. Typically, I request that each individual is granted some extended moments of peace, joy and contentment. This does not interfere with any freewill, nor is it requesting any harm or injury.

I truly wish much peace, joy and contentment on those who have read these words. Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule and Happy Holidays to each of you.

Namaste, Nick xxx



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The term “three faces of power” actually comes from an organization called Powercube and states that there are indeed three faces of power – visible, hidden and invisible. As some background, this group runs workshops teaching people an analytical tool known as “powercube”, which enables them, essentially, to look at a specific point of power in a company/organizational structure, from many different directions. “Power” normally conjures thoughts of some type of control or ability to control. There are actually four different types of expressions of power, as detailed by Powercube:

1) “Power Over” –  refers to the ability of one powerful actor to affect the thoughts or actions of those less powerful

2)”Power To” – the ability to take action for positive objectives

3) “Power Within” – refers to gaining the sense of self-identity, confidence and awareness that is a precondition for action

4) “Power With” – refers to the synergy that can emerge from partnerships and collaboration with others


If you look at this list more closely you’ll see it is really a reflection of our reality. One recognizes that an organization, which wields power (POWER OVER) and makes decisions that affect the well being of others, has acted in a manner that is not consistent with either laws or common morality and ethics. A decision to take action may take some time (POWER TO) while we conduct research and essentially determine if this is a worthwhile battle. If so, we need a game plan on how to make our voice heard and may spend considerable time (POWER WITHIN) stoking up our courage and defenses. No person is an island, as it is said, so it is not inconceivable that our “game plan” would include connecting with like-minded individuals or groups (POWER WITH) and possibly collaborating on a common cause.

I will get back to this in a moment and hopefully tie it all together in some type of understandable order.



In recent weeks, I have been re-reading information about what is often referred to as “indigos” and “crystals” and in each explanation, there was a consistent core of “characteristics” to identify these two groups. One aspect that was of concern to me, initially, will likely be a source of at least confusion for many of you as well. When I view the lists, I begin running down them and remarking that I see them in myself and then wham – I encounter several in a row that definitely do not reflect me or my personality traits/characteristics.

Essentially, have you viewed the lists of characteristics and found you have aspects of both?

This can be confusing, especially if you add in other possibilities like starseeds and even incarnated deities. In starseeds, we have the understanding that the soul fragment within, is part of a much larger collective Higher Self. Its first foray into the 3d physical realm commenced with lifetimes spent in the reincarnation cycle of a particular group of the space-faring races. It has been suggested that one characteristic of a starseed can be an affinity for specific types of animal. For example, one group known as the Lyrans contains a feline race, and if drawn to cats in this lifetime, it could indicate a strong connection with this group.

As for incarnating deities, that belief is extensive. Ascended Masters are claimed to be walking among us now, as some claim there are angels, as well as half-angel and half-human hybrids (Nephilim) as well as entities masking as “gods” or “masters”, while others are not from here but can mask their presence with high-tech and magical “cloaking auras”. One must ask, however, what constitutes a “deity” or “god”? Most of us have been conditioned to automatically assume it is the god of our childhood or present religious belief. I would contend that it is not them at all, but rather others, who have the ability to incarnate at will, experience death and then return to their Higher Self aspect.

On a side note here…. there has been considerable speculation and commentary about an imminent “return of the Annunaki”, and allegedly world leaders and even The Vatican are aware of these returning “gods”, the supposed creators of modern-day humanity. Yes, according to Sumerian writings, Enki developed a fondness for the humans he genetically altered, and supposedly was the one responsible for hardwiring free will into our DNA, with the help of a blue avian race who had already “ascended”. He was, however, directly responsible for human experimentation!!!! There have been some who would welcome these beings back into our reality as our creators but I do not share that sentiment. In a collection known as The 14 Tablets of Enki, allegedly penned by Enki himself, we are given a glimpse into the “great” history of their race, and it is rife with betrayal, hatred, forced incest and a staunch view that the newly-created species of humans were no more than “beasts” to be used as the rulers thought necessary.

Unfortunately, this ability to incarnate at will does not include a sizable percentage of those presently incarnated on earth. Many are contractually bound to both their religion and the entities controlling it, on both a conscious and subconscious level. Some strongly believe these individuals die, go down the long white tunnel, which leads to an astral processing plant, where the soul is then reprocessed, sometimes resulting in a rapid “turnaround time” before being sent into another incarnation. This is dependent, it has been opined, on the usefulness of the soul to aid the overall plans of the associated gods. The only way out of this continuous cycle, it is suggested, is annulling the cosmic contract that one has been bound to through their religion and associated gods.

To have any authority, however, two things must be present: One is a clear case where the individual has not been made fully aware of the conditions and terms of the contract, such as having it forced on them at a young age and hardly able to fully fathom the decision to cosmically give away one’s soul after death……. and after spending a lifetime trying to atone for “sins” for which they couldn’t possibly be responsible. Secondly, a complete energetic separation from all entities and energies associated with that religion and gods that held a lien on that soul. From personal experience, this is best done in the presence of a mentor or teacher-type guide who one deems has the authority to assist. Additionally, for almost 2 full days after completing a separation ritual, I experienced very unusual discomfort that actually bounced around my abdominal area. It was like someone had turned on a high pressure hose without securing the nozzle. Oddly enough, the cut cords all were attached to the 3 lower chakra areas; my heart felt fine, as did my other chakras.

Buddhist teachings offer the wisdom that upon death, one must stay in the “first light” and not take the tunnel. I find this to be sound advice. Although not fully relevant, it is interesting to note that the state/location one enters upon death, known as the bardo, lasts a maximum of 49 days, where a prayer is said daily during that time. No one can state – with any authority – exactly how or at what stage of development the soul actually enters the physical body. But in a strange coincidence, it was noted that the pineal gland on a baby begins to show at 49 days.



I’m just getting to that, trying to make the necessary tie-ins. I worked with Lins this week to get out another Raziel Key, along with my description and a bit of added insight. It centered on life lessons and our expectations but also included was his acknowledgment that we are/have been asking ourselves what our real role is, in this lifetime. It can be a source for anxiety, fear and confusion. Are we presently doing what we came here to do? Or is there more? How can we tell? This article entitled What Is My Role or Purpose In this Spiritual Awakening? has some suggestions worth considering.

In part, the answer lies in the above-mentioned confusion of having personal characteristics of two or more groups of “unique” reincarnating souls such as indigos and crystals. A quick analogy may assist here. Consider building a house. The first ones to actually do physical work for building the house arrive (the older generations) and begin the preparatory work, essentially building a foundation. As the work progresses, certain aspects of the construction requires skilled trades people with specific specialties,(the newer generations) from plumbers to electricians. Throughout construction the foreman and/or architect guide the actions taking place, and they have their own unique specialties as well. Some of these groups are seen, and some are not. On large projects, it is common to have representatives from several different companies at a site, fulfilling their own unique role. The objective is completion of a successful project.

Essentially, for those of us who don’t identify with the characteristics of any one group, it may mean we are a type of specialist or one who has a grasp of many things and can perform a variety of roles. Many of us will attempt to shoehorn or minimize our skills, experiences and wisdom. An essential component of helping ourselves is first helping others with recognizing these, especially in the area of their strengths and talents. Giving others our support verbally will result in a slingshot effect, coming right back at us, though often from another source. This is the Law of Reciprocity in action and many of us can attest to its accuracy.

In the route taken, after one becomes aware of an issue or action that is unacceptable (POWER OVER), we may find we seldom take it to the fourth stage (POWER WITH) and open collaboration with others or groups. Similarly, our research will not always be consistent either; it is dependent on our need for knowledge of a given topic. In the related area of spiritual practices, consider when employing candle magic, some are quite content to complete a simple ritual and/or include a visualization or mantra and then light the candle, while others may have the need or desire to dress the candles (applying specially made oils on them in a very precise manner) “call in” certain entities and even inscribe them with specific sigils they’ve made beforehand. This may give us an additional clue as to our purpose.

In summation here…. one thing is certain. Our path will proceed on actions we take and where we choose to take them. Everything is dependent on what has already transpired. In determining the types of causes we defend, we can also get a glimpse of a role that we are comfortable with, when applying determined effort. A quick personal example here, as an analogy. Several years ago, I chose to be a volunteer on a political campaign, something I had not done before or since. For the two months I worked there, I quickly morphed into the janitor and signs co-coordinator, and the general duties guy. No, it wasn’t glamorous and I wasn’t the center of attention, but I learned a great deal and was part of a unique and satisfying experience…even though I was only able to use a small part of my talents and skills. And the candidate kicked some serious butt and won!

Obviously, we can receive assistance in our search for purpose from our spiritual helpers. Instead of asking them what our purpose is, one suggestion might be to request their direction towards activities and experiences that will provide all the tools required for our role. It may well be that we do not fully possess all the experiences and/or wisdom required just yet.



I wanted to end with a bit of information and observation, of what I deem to be relevant and timely information, some you may or may not know. I will boldly say that the recent moves by Russia, in the last few weeks, are extremely significant. As a foundation, we have the predictions of Edgar Cayce, who, in 1944, published that Russia would not only be the country to avert WW3 but that it would be a beacon of hope for the entire world. At the time, this was preposterous to almost everybody, as Russia was deep into the thrall of communism. During that same time, we see the US on the opposite pole, with a thriving economy, wealth and a form of democracy but a county where many observed their respective religious traditions and it was reflected in the US unity.

Flash to today, and many have noted that the perceived and actual roles of those countries have reversed almost totally. Russia’s president has made it clear that a well-functioning society must have a strong sense of ethics and spirituality, which many in Russia now find in Christianity. As witnessed in western MSM, there is a concerted effort to vilify and demonize all aspects of Russia, that rose to a crescendo, if you followed reports as I did, on 28 September. On September 29/30, Russia took action and began bombing locations within Syria, after gaining full permission from the host country. As stated in several places, one of Mr. Putin’s concerns, for obvious reasons, is the Christian population presently being targeted by terrorists. No, it is not the only reason (it is likely well down a list of many) and could likely be just a good sound bite for him… but his level-headed and clear thinking has been made obvious for the world to see. It must be remembered, however, that he is only a representative of an invisible power with their own agenda. For the present and immediate future, that agenda appears to be helping humanity and their strategy is significant.

What these strategists have done is present an almost total opposite of the perceived reality about Syria, both presently and for the future. At a precise moment, President Putin announced that the present foreign-imposed humanitarian crisis in Syria would no longer be tolerated by Russia. It was a decisive statement that most of the world assumed was just more rhetoric coming from the Russian government. Within days, they began an air campaign against a coalition of essentially mercenaries paid by foreign nations and have been quite transparent about what they are doing. Additionally, Russia has been supplying humanitarian aid of food, a welcome addition to the needy citizens of Syria. A seemingly hopeless quagmire of war, with no foreseeable end in sight, and suddenly a powerful nation and leader has appeared to stand up to the world and take action based on international law. This fact is not lost on the populace, and has opened the eyes of many globally in a very unifying manner. This would suggest, also, that those who are responsible for this strategy are quite familiar with alchemical principles and the transmutation of energy.

There’s a whole assortment of peripheral and equally significant factors to that manufactured chaos, far too many to detail. I just wanted to draw your attention to Mr. Cayce and his predictions for Russia, becoming a beacon of hope for the world. If local sentiment and feelings are any indication, President Putin has become akin to a rock star in several countries. Recent days has seen large rallies in front of Russian embassies worldwide including in Berlin, India, Hungary and Serbia praising Russia and President Putin in particular for standing up for justice and defending international law. Conversely, the popularity of the US, among other countries including Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel, has plummeted dramatically.

So…. Does this recent military action- to assist a country that has been under constant forced war with hired mercenaries and religious zealots – seem to be a “game changer”, as it pertains to our continued evolution as a species? What is being displayed for the public to see, is something quite different than we’re used to, after listening to and viewing the actions of our policy makers with suspicion and often anger. For the besieged Syrians, this lifeline from Russia in coming to their defense, has changed many aspects of that war, not the least of which is a renewed hope in a peaceful future, where tyrants and bullies cannot harm them again. That energy has spread globally and resulted in a new wave of people awakening, adding their own energy to the collective whole… and each person doing it in their own way. What it signifies for many keeping current with events, is that a sizable number of people are actually daring to hope for a better future.

As always, I do not push any of the above views on anybody as “the truth”.


Namste, Nick xxxxx











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Like each of you, I find it impossible not to be a bit concerned and, adversely, even exhilarated as well, when I process all that is taking place around us. It is next to impossible not to observe mounting chaos and fear globally, for a wide and diverse number of reasons. While I will try to limit the mention of current events – it is impossible not to – if one is to establish a reasonably accurate picture of not only external events but also the personal and internal events that are taking pace as well. I submit that the the outer and the inner are linked in ways we seldom realize. I wanted to focus mainly on the most pertinent issues that are being experienced by all of us and hopefully provide a bit of insight that may ease your concerns.


There are a few aspects of this drama we’re playing a part of, which are essential to take note of; their importance will become self evident. Students of the teachings of the great Thoth were taught that all life undergoes cycles or rhythms and, while they can be delayed, they cannot be stopped. In his messages, Raziel spoke often of this but also suggested that prior to any advancement of a spiritual nature, where our effort is required, there are certain symptoms that become evident, just like a cold or flu. By recognizing the symptoms of an oncoming cold early, for instance, one can take steps to both mentally and medically prepare for the discomfort. If one is observant, they will note that prior to an imminent obstacle/trial/life lesson, there will be observable symptoms. The following list is hardly comprehensive but covers many of these symptoms:

-strange craving for food one doesn’t normally eat or only periodically enjoys

-very strong need to retreat from interaction with others

-short bouts of emotion including crying and a very noticeable “softening” of one’s mood

-feeling emotionally on edge, getting angry or frustrated beyond a normal level

-feelings of restlessness, ill-at-ease, desire to do something but uncertain what that is

-very broken sleep, often with the dream continuing when one finally manages to doze off again

-feeling like everybody you interact with wants to test your patience

-events from the past being replayed, at odd times and for no observable reason, that normally involve shame, grief, powerlessness or remorse

-one begins observing rhythms or cycles of synchronicities

-a strange urge to do casual research, where one is brought to a source that contains needed advice, insight, awareness or understanding

-dizziness, problem with sight and hearing at times, irritability

-alternating sleep patterns ie: never seeming to get enough to being unable to sleep, in a pattern

-talking to yourself and your guides more often; a new type of connection may have occurred during your sleep period to facilitate this

-a bit confused that one is still clearing the residual negative energy from events that may have taken place decades ago – NOTE: This is an essential requirement, in my estimation, for a number of very sound reasons, our mental health and peace of mind not the least of those. To fully integrate the very powerful energy we’re being exposed to, and to transmute it as effectively as possible, these “scattered remains” from past events need to be cleared out to make room, energetically, for this process to advance.

Essentially, if out of the blue, you begin experiencing strange symptoms, there must be a cause(s). Some cycles we experience may be for our benefit, while others may seemingly be devised to “test our metal”. Some cycles, in fact, may well be designed simply to weaken us in some way. Tie this in with the common notion that “the dark” is evil and we must flee at every chance. You might be surprised to be told that each of us are assigned teachers or mentors or guardians of both the “light” and “dark”. As I understand, one group is to instruct while the other is to make our learning difficult, based on the parameters established when we incarnated. Unfortunately, some may require their entire life being torn apart while others less drastic measures.

One approach that could be taken is to treat this entire reality like a game. In fact, according to John Lash, that is what we are truly a part of – a massive cosmic game, where true gods sit and observe but never interfere. Except that once, of course, with Sophia, who plunged from her home – the pleroma – without her scared twin Thelete. And of course, they also sent Christos on several occasions as well. So,  any claims of non-interference… not so much.

They are not the ones to be wary of, however. According to the Gaia Mythos, when she crashed through the dimensional barrier, something totally unexpected occurred. No energy of her vibration had ever “pierced the veil” and it had an effect that has brought us to our present spot on the ascension timetable. Almost like breaking a mirror into numerous tiny pieces, entities began to form, described as insect-like, with no real consciousness except a need to survive. To put how momentous her action was, here’s a rough analogy:

Imagine holding a high pressure hose of foam, as used in extinguishing fires, several feet over the top of a sandy beach. Turn on the high-pressure foam and a number of reactions will occur. For our purposes, however,  we’ll do this and then allow some time for the foam to dry up. What we find is that the sand has integrated itself with the foam, forming a solid. The entities that are presently hindering forward movement of our species, are essentially the cosmic equivalent of the foam and sand pieces, that were touched by her essence. This is, as I mentioned, what the Gnostic seers claimed. I do not push that view on anybody.

Outwardly, you will note after some observance, that world events seem to go in cycles as well, and there may be some correlation with our own unique cycles. One observes a great deal of “slight of hand” propaganda that many clearly see through – an increasing number – with some becoming quite livid in response. This response can often be the one that is required or needed in a given area or event/situation. With anger, people can be enticed to commit acts that are immoral and unethical, with the proper stimulus, either physical or artificial. When people come together in peace, that likelihood is almost nil. And when it comes to our “news reporters”, I think Twain said it best: “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.”

There is a revolving carousel of big news items like Kimmy K’s behind and Justin Beiber’s latest drunk driving arrest while, daily, people are brutalized in the middle east and elsewhere and receive scant mention…. unless it advances the agenda of those who control the media. On the world stage, we the see smoke and mirrors play out, where one or two leaders dominate the “news”, glorified or vilified, before the cycle turns to another scandal or war effort, and accompanying new characters. I make no accusations or assertions but “false fl@g” operations are as old as recorded history, including before and after one of the most notable – the infamous Trojan Horse. Based on observable cycles, I suggest that Obama, Greece’s Tsipiras and the UK’s Corbyn all are playing a very similar role in a massive slight of hand. As the saying goes, “if something seems too good to be true, it likely is.”


Recognizing that we all are lifelong students, our research can take us to some extremely diverse places. It is natural to gravitate to literature or knowledge that is most reflective of some aspect of our established paradigms. For instance, a person who believes that life evolved on earth over a very long period of time – evolution – is likely not going to spend much time researching “intelligent design” or “creationism”. Obviously, to most, these appear to be polar opposites and for some reason, some people expect us to choose. From a personal and spiritual perspective I see no contradiction between the two; they are quite compatible, at least based on the what the Gnostic seers observed. They believed that the energy sent from the Galactic Center contains “energetic intentionality”, essentially meaning it had all the right programs or software included to facilitate creation of an entire reality or just a small portion. But it also contains potentiality, once again with appropriate software and parameters. It was believed that all outcomes to all actions are played out in numerous parallel realities, playing out the full potential of the energy.

This part of my post is actually inspired by a few articles by Jalaila Star. With the possibility – and reality – of deception in our research sources, it is crucial that we acquire our own “standard of testing”, so to speak, for the veracity of any new information or awareness. In short, establishing what physical, as well as psychic, symptoms occur, when we encounter deception in what we read.

In one article, Jalaila talks at length about establishing our “multidimensional truth” as opposed to our 3D truth. Truth is entirely subjective and I’ll draw your attention to two quick examples:

1) A lady was walking on the sidewalk of a busy two-way street, when she heard a car horn and looked over and witnessed a head-on collision. She would later tell police, that she was certain that one driver had purposely crossed lanes to hit an oncoming car. Meanwhile….

On the other side of the street, behind the row of parked cars, a man was walking his dog, tripped on the sidewalk and lost hold of his dog leash. The dog darted into traffic, was seen by a driver, who swerved to avoid hitting the pet, and smashed into the other car. This part was not seen by the woman through no fault of her own. She had an extremely limited perspective that, while it was her truth – and rightfully so – it was lacking in crucial details.

2) Let’s examine one that is considerably more metaphysical. Some years ago, Oprah had a guest on her show, to great hype, launching his wonderfully touching new book. Claiming it a truth, it told a story of how a girl would visit the author from the other side of the concentration camp wire fence, always bringing an apple. Years later they re-met, fell in love and got married. Unfortunately, it was revealed to be simply a story made up in his head; it never happened.

On a talk show, some months after the deception was revealed, an interviewer asked him why, why did he invent and sell a story that wasn’t true? The author’s response was simple. He said that because it actually happened in his mind, it was true for him.

There will be mixed responses to this, I am certain. I will admit freely, that when I first researched this story, I viewed it through a very small lens, hardly one that was cosmic in purpose. Oddly enough, I found that I had the information within me to reconcile, from a much more-inclusive vantage point, of whether this man was “lying” or telling the “truth”.

As a writer, who specializes in metaphysical fiction, I have created countless realities and entities and because I write in first person, I tag along as the action takes place. With total control over a created reality or environment, the only limitations are my imagination (and those entities who work with me) and the will to create. That type of creativity abounds in the video games of today; somebody had to have seen that reality somewhere and brought it into this reality, in a tangible form, for all to enjoy.

As a writer, I am aware also that other factors can be put into the mix to add to aid in the established mood of the story or poem, namely an emotional interjection. As writers, those realities we create are essentially real, in one perspective and can even develop feelings. From a cosmic viewpoint, this man could rightfully say, it was a truth to him. His actions were not my decisions and I have no right impose any type of “judgment” on them or him.

In the last example, from broad perspectives, an action is truth and yet deception at the same time…. or so it would appear. Truth is subjective to the individual. Like hate, love, anger and joy, truth also has many variations in “frequency”.


I’ve encapsulated Jalaila Star’s article, Establishing Your Truth, below and have included a few additional suggestions of my own, for your consideration.


A cornerstone of good research is objectivity and open-mindedness. We can, however, encounter inner barriers that can restrict our knowledge base. In many cases, one’s upbringing and its inherent beliefs are of a religious nature. Three directions can be taken: total disengagement from that religion, total immersion, or a limited acceptance. Some of the most difficult times spent online, I will admit, has been in reading articles and comments from and by people who held an opposing viewpoint. It would seem logical, then, that if we wish to establish our truth on a given issue in integrity, it is imperative that we are aware of as many aspects or viewpoints as possible.

Jalaila suggests researching four independent sources, pool the collective information, and then determine and discern, within ourselves, what is truth based on all available data. We have an area where the nuggets of truth can be found within mountains of either nonsense or re-hashes of older ideas and/or sentiments. We have a clear example of dark and light at play when it comes to channeled messages. It can be quite exhilarating to know that you are in connection to an entity not of this reality, when you sit and pen a message from them to humanity. Untrained or improperly trained, many do become easy prey; even those who are seasoned mediums can be deceived. Some years ago, a lady had proclaimed she was in contact with a space-faring race and commenced to pass on numerous channeled messages. In a grand build up, she had proclaimed that on a specific day and time, their space ships would appear over several cities around the world. It did not materialize and she went into hiding, many regarding her as a charlatan.


Adding to the above, as it pertains to channeled messages, are there some ways to identify possible propaganda as opposed to truth? Yes, and once again from Jalaila’s article, a trusted source from Spirit will likely contain the following in their messages:

-Little or no judgment towards the Dark – they understand the enormous value that the Dark plays in soul evolution. These beings can be found on higher 5D.

-How to’s for integrating instead of just talking about it

-A straight forward and clear delivery of message

For those trying to deceive, Jalaila suggests these may indicate deception:

-Tons and tons of sugary sweet fluff

-Lack of understanding of Dark’s role in soul evolution and therefore, judgmental

-How-to’s that don’t work or hardly work at all

-Confusing and lengthy delivery

These are not to be meant as “rules” in any way; it may simply provide an added distillation process, in establishing our own unique truth about a given message.


A word of warning here. If you do call on the Runners especially, be prepared to move to their groove. They can create conditions where we find ourselves listless and not knowing what to do. They can often take us on twisting journeys, especially online, to diverse destinations, as many of you can attest. This has had added an extremely valuable database for me, as a writer, when I am looking for ideas.

I try, when possible, to give permission to the Runners to create conditions that are most beneficial for obtaining what I require or need, in a “default principle” type of agreement. I grant them permission, ahead of time, to react to a given issue, event or situation without my express permission at the moment. I give them permission ahead of time, essentially, to take action and alert me or guide me to where I need to be or go, depending on what they have set up behind the scenes.


We all react to varied stimuli in a multitude of ways. When it comes to new or counter ideas, an initial reaction can often be avoidance. As discussed, however, if only for the sake of personal integrity, it is essential we are aware of as many sides as possible of a given issue/event/situation to make an informed choice of our personal truth.

If we are encountering aversion to such exploration it is important to understand why and take steps to reconcile this seeming paradox. At times, we can be influenced by factors that we may not even recognize so perhaps we can use a parallel system to aid us in uncovering our truth.

The key, of course is energy and how we react to it. If, for example, you have spent time with someone who has a tendency to “manipulate” the truth, you will note there are subtle yet distinct physical sensations. “Did you take the car our for a drive?” father asks, looking at a dented fender. “No, I never touched it,” replies son, looking away.

You can almost feel an emotional yet physical response just in reading that. I would suggest that, when you do uncover information that you deem to not be your truth, pay attention to the physical sensations and vibrations.

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I did not intend to write so much…. and I had wanted to at least bring up some the things that are said to be happening in September. Perhaps the next post.

As always, I do not push my views or paradigms on anybody as “the” truth. Many Blessings to you.

Namaste, Nick xxx



Shifting Perceptions

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In the past week, I’ve worked closely with Lins and Cathie on posting some messages and links that were extremely relevant to what many are experiencing in their personal lives. One of the articles centered on a technique known as “social undermining”, that may appear harmless, but can be a source of great anxiety to the recipient. As Raziel has suggested, underlying all of it is energy and it is not a stretch to opine that at least some of these “underminers” know exactly what they’re doing…. on an energetic level.

With the inclusion of the Addendum Key, Raziel provided a novel method of dramatically changing one’s own vibration by use of an “associative programming” technique: Essentially one visualizes an enjoyable event, while holding one fist closed. The object, through short bursts of practice, is to gradually “associate” one’s closed fist with the high-vibration energy evoked by the chosen event. Of equal importance, he also added that, when it does come to a differing of opinion or belief, a “soul response” will always be allow the other person the freedom to hold and express those beliefs.

I wanted to quickly shine a light on another great article entitled “What Is Ascension?”.  I know, there are likely 1,000’s of similarly-titled articles, which many of us have read. I found this one, by Lisa Renee, to be highly inclusive of core information regarding this process. I found it of particular interest that she refers to them as “transmutational symptoms”, rather than ascension symptoms. This would seem to be a much better description, based on the sometimes acute physical effects. These are only overshadowed by the emotional/mental ride we often find ourselves on, where it feels like the “interference” is almost overwhelming. We all know the relation between the physical and emotional, when pain or discomfort are constant. Concentration, memory problems and difficulty in falling asleep – among many other symptoms – are elements that affect our very survival. Add having to complete assignments or obligations, and possibly experience a bit of “social undermining”, and a prolonged period where one does not get the needed rest and recuperation.


One aspect of our own journey that must be understood and accepted is that it is progressive. The challenges we face, the opportunities we are presented with to “practice what we preach” so to speak, are and do incrementally become more difficult. You’ve likely noted changes in your own spiritual awareness/understanding as more knowledge is gained and we obtain a much-more informed perspective of our reality and place within it. One thing you can absolutely count on, if you are on a progressive spiritual path, is that you will be both scrutinized and likely attacked, if you display promise or potential.

If, when you lay lay down to sleep at night, and find your mind racing with events from your past that evoke feelings of shame, terror, guilt or remorse, it is essential you take note of your waking activities, especially if they are of a spiritual nature. This is an extremely important consideration in determining a course of action in your highest and greatest good. On one hand, this may be your Higher Self essence nudging gently to clear a past event(s) or they are being drawn out to assist in your further learning. There may, however, be something more sinister taking place that you are oblivious to and from a location that is unseen by human eyes.

This is where the runners come in, a group of entities that you might consider spending some time in assisting. I’ll explain that shortly. So, we have been experiencing a number of consecutive days where this “past events carousal” keeps playing, often at odd times. In his highly-informative article The Art Of Hyper Dimensional War, the author suggests that this is most likely an attack on you. It may not be to destroy you but simply to slow you down but the reverse side of this arrangement is that how one experiences and deals with these attacks can be highly informational and educational. The attacks can take many forms and each time we recognize them and neutralize them, they cannot use that as a future source of vulnerability. Unless …

My understanding is that specific astral entities have the ability to get through our defenses and interfere with us. But in order to do that, there must be some type of energetic anchor that allows them to attach to. Consider the entire process…. transmutational symptoms, a disorientation essentially on many levels and a weakening of defenses. We’re likely a bit testy and maybe even holding resentment or anger. This is the perfect “cosmic fly paper” that these entities can use to gain entry. It is usually done slowly, and may involve scenes played out, in a given situation, where somebody or group has committed some heinous crime that we deem is deserving of some type of “punishment”. Once that mindset takes place, these beings build on it. Left unchecked, this invasion can become a bit nasty.

I wanted to quickly interject something that I read today on Soren Dreier’s blog that is quite relevant:

“I have this approach: The limited mind sees contradictions everywhere – the enlightened mind transcends them and brings together what has been separated. When talking of religion some really don’t realize the difference between the torture and repressiveness of the Spanish Inquisition and the life of St. Francis.”

Carrying on, we come to the runners. As with all things I post here, I do not push my beliefs or insights on anybody as “the truth”. It was Carl Jung who first coined the term “synchronicities” to explain seemingly random events where there appeared to be no cause, at least by any direct  actions of those affected by the “coincidence”. One especially poignant event transpired early in his career that would have a lasting impact on him. A female patient was not responding well to treatment and arrived at his office one day, remarking on a vivid dream from the night before that involved a golden scarab beetle. Within seconds of her announcement, he heard a tapping on the window. When he opened it and looked on the ledge, he was astonished to see a blue scarab beetle, which he scooped up and showed to his patient. He recalls that was a major breakthrough in her treatment. Although not a golden colour, its appearance was the very description of a synchronicity, by Jung’s definition. What remains to be explored is what or who has the ability and means to tie a dream event to an event in the physical?

I believe that there is a race of beings who were created specifically to work behind the scenes to create such events. Like some others, I refer to them as “The Runners” and they are an integral part of my life, on a number of levels. I’m not stating that our personal guides/teachers/mentors/protectors don’t play a significant role and in fact, I believe they work very closely together with the runners to ensure specific events do take place. I regard them as the real nuts and bolts worker bees who really get the job done.

Before I suggest their relevance, in terms of psychic attacks, I wanted to quickly mention something I find to be quite important. Any friendship relies on a type of give and take balance; if one side is the only one taking or receiving, there is a huge imbalance in the relationship. That’s a given. The runners can be called on directly by us for assistance and will follow our guidance and request but often must be specifically asked. There is a tool one can use that grants them considerable autonomy, to take action on our behalf, without us telling them directly. I’ll add to this shortly. Anybody who enjoys providing assistance to others knows it can be thankless at times but reciprocation by the other party can be absolutely delightful. My point is that if one is going to work with these runners, offer them your services from time to time. Essentially, they are doing things in the astral realm that we cannot do. And we, being in the physical, can take actions to help their work, which they are unable to do.

These runners appear to have considerable power and authority, leading me to beleive that they were likely created at or just before manifestation of the physical realms. As mentioned, for specific aid, like neutralizing and removing invading parasitic entities, they must be asked unless you have made a specific agreement with them to remove the energy parasites automatically. This latter suggestion is likely not a great idea because these “invasions” of the mind can have multiple purposes that aren’t immediately apparent.


Once you have determined that your carousel of past events is the action of hostile entities, the runners can take action on your request. An extremely important consideration, when addressing them for help with this, is to be exact and know precisely what you are going to say before you approach them. Here’s the tool, as I utilize it.

1) Request the runners isolate those entities responsible for playing the mind tricks

2) Capture them

3) Bring them to the Light or to a place they cannot repeat/continue their interference.

NOTE: For me, I trust that the runners who take on this role are emanations of the Divine and their actions will perfectly reflect that. If any being has attacked me with full knowledge of their actions, then I have the right to have them removed – but definitely not eliminated. I trust the runners to honour my position and wishes.

4) Request they remove all entry points and seal them

NOTE: You will likely get a subtle reminder from them that we must also do our part. By that, I mean that it is advisable we try to stay away from activities like MSM news items, where we can see daily horrors being committed against often helpless people. The dismay at the apparent unfairness of it can have a cumulative effect; without fully realizing it,  we are manifesting the
“cosmic fly paper” that could be the anchor for the next series of mind invasions. Bottom line, try to limit consumption of negative news items and getting caught up in dramas and when you feel your anger rising, take steps to clear. These beings can be extremely crafty in their means of approach.

As I mentioned, you can also make a default arrangement with them. For example, I requested their assistance in ensuring that my needs are supplied, when required, and gave them permission to act on my behalf, at their discretion. So our default arrangement is that, if they perceive a need, they will take action to fulfill that need, very often before I even acknowledge or require it. On the other side of the balance sheet, I offer myself daily to step in and “pinch hit” for them, if they need me. I do not do this out of obligation but simply by my willingness to assist them. I really like working with them and my “assistance” has resulted in some very pleasant interactions with both humans and animals. Like any other beings we work with, they understand the Law of Compensation and respect those who observe its tenets.


A lot of shifting perceptions taking place, as the energy around us builds and we gradually learn to assimilate and transmute it, instead of being used by it. If some “predictions” are correct, we will be receiving a series of very high intensity light energy in the next few months, (September and October for the really intense stuff) that has the potential to change/alter us much faster on a microscopic level. Once again, I will not force my views on anybody but I do believe that our imminent and full immersion within the Photon Belt will also play a huge role in the energetic changes that will take place and are taking place. There are palpable waves of chaos riding across our planet. It’s like a sudden vibration has started to rumble under a workbench, resulting in the sound of gently rattling nails. You have been made aware that something about reality has been changed. You may not hear or see the source of the slight vibration but you can hear those glass jars filled with nails and screws rattling ever so slightly.

Namaste, Nick xx



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Amazon Queen

Roughly 12 years ago, I initiated a spiritual awakening that totally changed my life. For me, a strange desire to explore astral projection formed the launchpad that has opened numerous doors of exploration. During this early stage of awakening, I began working with kundalini for the first time. Against that back drop, I wrote a poem called THE AMAZON PRINCIPLE. That link will take you to a 4-minute spoken word recording, where you can just sit back and enjoy. In the last few weeks, I have had an overwhelming urge to write a sequel and, just yesterday completed THE AMAZON PRINCIPLE 2: CRIMINALS OF THE CROSS. This link is to my recorded version and uploaded for your listening pleasure. I view this completion with some fascination, largely because there is a 12 year interval between the first poem and its sequel. The following became obvious to me:

The Amazon Principle 1 – “This is your mind..”

The Amazon Principle 2 – “This is your mind… on kundalini!”

The contrasts are quite stark, on many levels, but a quick synopsis will be beneficial to fully appreciate this.

The initial poem detailed a traveling warrior, in bronze age times, who is thrown into a pitched battle on the side of a group of Amazons. After assisting in their victory, he is taken before their queen and, through magical enchantments, spends the night with her. In the morning he is beaten and chased away. The poem ends with a slight twist, as its last 4 lines reveals.

“It took me many years of pain, to bury memories deep,

But sometimes in the quiet moments, I cannot help but weep.

For imagining finding out, like me, while at Apollo’s altar,

That the haunting time from so long ago had produced a daughter.”

As I re-read the first part, I realized that I had left a number of open doors, from a metaphysical perspective. In short, Part 2, Criminals Of The Cross, has him uniting with his daughter after 18 years, under less than ideal conditions.

The sequel is considerably longer than the original, you must be warned, with a marked absence of historical figures save for Penthesilea, who some claim was the name of several Amazon queens. Apollo, who turns out to be the warriors true father, is the brother of one of the Amazon’s most revered goddesses named Artemis. Additionally, it was said that the Amazon queen, along with her two sisters, were daughters of the war god Ares.

Which means their daughter, who received the name Nevarre, comes from a family line of gods…. on both sides. That might make her somewhat special… and it does.

If this has initiated some interest, you will find both poems quite enjoyable.



Namaste, Nick



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