Weekly Message From Lord Raziel

I greet you, Dear Ones, with great love, compassion and gratitude from the Most High. In recent months, you have experienced great shifts within you that have caused considerable concern and discomfort. Many of you have become enmeshed in clearing past issues and have found great difficulty in remaining separated from this process. Your intent to ascend has never been in question, nor has your desire to share your Light and Love but the underlying energy can be captivating in a manner that holds you as captive. For this reason I am addressing you today to briefly discuss what you might term “spiritual alchemy”.

Contrary to what you might imagine or have been erroneously informed, alchemy is not a mysterious magic that can only be applied by wizards, witches or magi. Simply put, alchemy refers solely to the transmutation of energy. The use of alchemy may have been shadowed in mystery and intrigue but its core components can be applied successfully by anybody. The key is simply a desire for change. While many so-called holy texts provide regulations and doctrine that are largely in place to keep order and ensure all think alike, there are great kernels of truth contained within. All of these works were created long after alchemy was acknowledged by the most ancient of belief systems.

Your Bible, for instance, holds keys to this process – for alchemy is a process, not a single act. The words of the one you know as The Christ learned much in his travels, including the application of alchemy that all could benefit from. Even some of the great kings of old, like your Solomon and David, used alchemy for personal transformation with spectacular results and passed on clues in their own writings. “A soft answer turneth away wrath” as found in the book known as The Psalms, is a very powerful alchemical formula for transmuting low vibration to high, in any given situation. It is also a reminder that low vibration or negative energy can be dissipated or neutralized simply by applying a higher vibration energy.

This is the essence, the core of spiritual alchemy. When encountering these very powerful energies that can be felt in your stomach area in a variety of ways, one can choose to add their own and keep the energy alive or choose a different route to peace. As Light Workers and Light Warriors, you have been specially chosen by the Great and Divine Creator. As a result, you are held to a higher standard and the challenges and adversity placed in your path allow you to attain and maintain your own mastery. Yes, Dear Ones, much of what you face on your path to ascension may seem cruel and unjust. It may seem that you are constantly being tried and tested and that would not be an inaccurate assessment. Your ability to transmute low vibration energies you encounter on a daily basis is essential. You are the teachers and wayshowers and must have an intimate knowledge of the alchemical process. It must become a part of you, a process that you enact without thought.

Remember, Dear Ones, remaining in joy is crucial. Seek to attain the calm you are very capable of, for many are watching you silently. Adversity will always accompany you on this path you chose and only you can choose how you respond to it. Certainly, acknowledge it but seek out its opposite vibration and apply it. Compassion, gratitude, acceptance, appreciation, love and even laughter can counter and neutralize almost any negative vibration so choose daily to immerse yourself in these. Practice, Dear Ones, and do not be discouraged if you encounter difficulties or discouragement. Call on us in the angelic realm at any time for help with this. This is one of our specialties and we revel in the opportunity to assist you in this way. The time is drawing closer for the darkness to be revealed for what it is and there are many who will seek what you have learned from your own efforts. You are slowly being drawn together as this time approaches. Listen to you heart, pay attention to your intuition and reach out to others that we have sent into your life to assist and provide you with comfort and support.

I conclude by offering you my love and great appreciation for the intense work you are all doing. If you could see the tears of joy shed in the angelic realm at the great strides you are making in readying your hearts, minds and souls, you would be truly amazed. Try not to compare yourself with others or allow others to define your worth. You are each on a personal journey of discovery and remembrance of you, as a divine being, experiencing a very unique reality for our Great and Wondrous Creator. Never doubt this, Dear Ones, or the great love our Creator has for you.

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash – Nov. 02/09)

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