I greet you, Dear Ones, with great love, compassion, and immense gratitude from the Most High. I must also relay the enormous joy that is present in the angelic realms as this process that you term ascension continues to gain momentum. Through your efforts, many are opening their spiritual eyes for the first time and it is cause for great joy! For many months now – in some cases years – you have felt as though you have been on a cosmic rollercoaster. Periods of intense learning have occurred as so many of you choose the less-traveled path. You choose to paddle against the resistance of the ever-increasing current of negativity around you. There are times when you wish it would all end and the process would be complete and we sympathize with you. Many of us who are assisting you as mentors, teachers, guides and protectors have often petitioned the Great Creator for permission to reveal key aspects of your own individual situations. In many cases, these have been granted but with certain concessions. I wish to address you today about this so you can more fully comprehend the work we are doing on your behalf.

As you have been made aware, each sleep period provides you with an opportunity to obtain great pieces of the puzzle. While you may think that it is Us who orchestrate events in your life that are designed to help, it is really YOU who is at the helm. Yes, YOU, Dear Ones, are the master craftsmen of your experiences. Your soul essence, which dwells in the higher and spiritual planes is already very aware of your potential, your abilities and most importantly, your role and mission. Make no mistake, each of you have agreed to undertake a very specific mission to assist the whole of humanity during this ascension process. Many of you have gifts and abilities that you are only now becoming aware of and it can be a difficult time of adjustment. You can imagine a person who has sight removed from them, after having perfect vision their entire life. The adjustments are monumental and it takes little effort on your part to envision this.

Now imagine the reverse. They are not as different as you might think.

The wonders that await many of you, as well as your ability to assist others, would fill your eyes with tears of joy, if you but knew. Through your own efforts to seek a closer relationship to us and our Great Creator, many of you have set aside old biases and preconceived notions, often at the expense of losing friendships that have existed for many years. Although small comfort in those times, know that it was YOU who made that decision because it was not only in your best interest but also because you were aware, on some level, of how crucial it was for your growth and development. Always remember, Dear Ones, the often-quoted phrase of “When one door closes, another opens”. This is truth. You are never left without sufficient support and often you must let go of what no longer serves you. The key is to seek out and recognize the doors when they appear, both those closing and the ones providing the opportunities for you to advance a step closer to realizing your mission and purpose. Many of you experience intense anxiety and worry that you have no role to play but I tell you now this is not the case at all. Certainly you volunteered to be here, on this dense plane of existence to assist all of humanity through this pivotal period, but you were also chosen by our Great and Divine Creator. Never forget that, Dear Ones. Our Creator chose each of you specifically.

Many of you may question this, as you look outward at the illusory world around you and see such horrors and pain inflicted on your brothers and sisters and feel so helpless to assist. You must understand that all has its place. The dark is a crucial component to what is transpiring on your earth. Many have told you that it must be present for you to fully conceptualize the path of Light and this is so. You were born to a world of duality that has existed for far longer than you have been led to believe and this conflict much more intense than you could fully imagine. Some of you are beginning to feel the stirrings of memory in your conscious mind as you look to a starry sky, watch the playful antics of the squirrels or react with compassion to a situation, even without conscious thought. You have all beheld beauty beyond imagining and know, deep within in a part of your consciousness that seems locked away, that this is not your true home. I ask you to not be dismayed at your inability to fully remember. You all understand the aspect of Divine Timing and what transpires as your physical body sleeps allows you to bring back small pieces of this memory. It requires time to integrate, to download as you would call it, before it becomes a part of you fully. Very often, it is triggered to your full consciousness when a new challenge arrives. New challenges require new solutions and many of you are fully aware of this and we, in the angelic realms, are ecstatic when you come to this realization. Allow yourself permission to seek for the answers within because it is the true YOU, what you term your Higher Self, that is assisting you.

I wish to conclude with a suggestion, for it is not my role to make demands. Your actions must be based on your own perceptions and understanding. A date of great power approaches, if you would choose to take advantage of it. As many of you are fully aware, numbers are often used as activators. As you have been told recently, it not unlike arranging a meeting with your friends. A time and day must be established and so it is when working with those in the higher dimensions. The date I refer to is known as 11/11/2009. A portal of great magnitude will be opened and the energy that will pour through will be intensely powerful. As with all of these openings, it is always your choice how to best utilize it. Most certainly it will arrive regardless of any actions you take so do not fear that you will “miss the boat” so to speak. However, the choice of how to integrate this energy is the question. You are all fully aware of the enormous power of words and intent. You can allow the energy of this portal to simply wash over you or you can choose how to direct it for your own healing and integration. It can be an opportunity for you to receive it and allow its effects to assist in your own understanding and growth. The effects will be unique to the individual but many will find a new connection being established, with the emergence of new insights, awareness’s and abilities. Once again I gently remind you about Divine Timing, Dear Ones. It would be a severe strain on you, as a physical entity, to be given full awareness instantly. Your 3D brain is not capable, as yet, to absorb that amount of information and be able to make sense of it all.

My suggestion to obtain the maximum benefit from the incoming energy is simply this. Find time, if only a few minutes, to stand or sit in a comfortable environment, where you will be undisturbed by the daily toil of your lives. Speak aloud or in your mind and request that your teachers, guides and mentors draw near and assist you in the integration. While the energy will become noticeable sooner to many of you, ensure that you place an intent to use it to not only assist you, but also your ability to assist humanity globally. Where possible, connect with others who are actively working in the Light and join their efforts. This energy is not simply for the Light Workers or Light Warriors, it is for all. Many who have been asleep will be awakened and will need you. Trust us to send those who need your wisdom and those who will also provide the wisdom and understanding you seek. Pay attention to your inner stirrings and suggestions that swim to your consciousness. These will provide the sign posts that you have been asking for and will need to help chart your course.

I will conclude with a single thought for you to ponder. Consider the instant love you feel for a newborn baby. You have never seen the child and yet your willingness to love and cherish that newborn is instant and without question. This is only a very miniscule percentage of the great love that is directed to you and in which you are held at all times, by our Great and Divine Creator and those of us who now serve as your tutors, teachers and protectors. We are immensely proud of you and know we will always work to ensure you are fully prepared for the tasks that your missions entail. Please remember this always, Dear Ones.

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash – Nov. 09/09)

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