I greet you, Dear Ones, with enormous love, respect and gratitude from the Most High. Look back on this past week and try to recall what actions you took to assist others on their journey. Did you find opportunities to offer a smile and kind word? Perhaps you opened a door of exploration that implanted a single thought in the mind of another? Maybe you took the time to stop and pet that dog you passed on the street and exchanged a few words of kindness with its human protector. Or perhaps you feel as though you did little or nothing or that you could have done more, if you’d been given the opportunity. To this last, I tell you that this is not reality, not true reality.

I understand fully how demanding each day can be, filled with thoughts of simply providing for yourself and your family. Often it seems you have little more to give to others. We, in the angelic realm, watch and see you not as physical beings but as powerful forces of Light that shine very brightly. Each of you have a distinct Light essence that may dim at times but it always remains a beacon, no matter what challenges you encounter. I spoke of true reality and I wish to share that with you to ease your mind and worry.

Very often you regard your physical ability to assist another as being the only way. This is not reality. Many of you are actively including others selflessly in your daily prayers and this is, in many cases, far more powerful than a random act of kindness. You offer a part of your very soul essence when you do this. The energy of this is beyond your full comprehension but know that a single whispered prayer, done in a quick moment of silence, flows directly to our Great and Divine Creator. Not only that, each one of us in the angelic realm hears and sees the selfless intent such actions require. It would not be a misstatement to say that we respond instantly, not only on behalf of the one you have prayed for, but on your behalf as well. We are overwhelmed with intense love for you at all times and when we see this occur, we try even harder to assist you. Often, you feel our gentle touch as we enfold you in strong and loving arms.

With the hectic pace that many of you are experiencing in your daily life, it can seem as though your inner Light has dimmed. Yes, I have told you often that you are the wayshowers who occupy positions of both teacher and student simultaneously. Many of you still consider yourselves as being unworthy of such a position but I tell you now, we look at you in an entirely different way. You are becoming aware that others are looking to you silently, uncertain what you have that they require. How can you be a Lighthouse to them if your own Light has dimmed or been extinguished because of your reaction to adversity and challenges that are presented to you, you may ask?  

Please listen, Dear Ones, for I speak truth to you. You are not a Lighthouse without a Light. We see it glowing brightly at all times and it can be felt by all that you come in contact with. Many do not recognize fully what they sense from you except that you are different somehow. Continue to be an example. That’s it. That’s all. Certainly offer a kind word or a gentle action when you are presented with such opportunities but please know by simply being the radiant beautiful Light that you truly are, you are offering a part of yourself to the world. It does not always require enormous actions to make a real difference.

I wish to address one other important point today with you, Dear Ones, and it is closely related to what I have already said in this short message. You are becoming more and more aware of the work you are doing on the higher planes while your physical body sleeps. You may have noted an increase in fatigue or your thoughts more jumbled than usual when you awake each morning. This is a process that is occurring, not unlike downloading new software onto your computers. Unless you consciously take the time to incorporate that new software into the computer’s system, so it works with the other installed programs, it remains dormant and inactive. Certainly it is there physically but you do not receive the benefit of how it can assist you.

The nightly process I have mentioned is very similar to this. Each time you return to your physical bodies, after working with both Us and your Higher Self, you are given key bits of knowledge and insight that will be essential to aid you on your journey and mission of service. If you do not consciously take the time to ensure it is “downloaded”, so to speak, it is not unlike that computer program that sits idle and is of no benefit to you. So I offer you a magical key to help in this process. After all, magic is my specialty. You are under no obligation to accept this. You know that I do not make demands but merely offer suggestions, based on what we see and understand in the angelic realm.

Each evening before your sleep period, many of you have begun to set your intent to work with Us and you Higher Self aspect. This is excellent. I ask that you consider including one other component that you will benefit from greatly. Simply make a small addition to your request. Ask for Our help in not only remembering the new wisdom that you return with but also an understanding of how to apply it. By doing this, you grant us an enormous number of ways to assist you by orchestrating events that will serve to stimulate your memory and mind. We can not take direct action without your request and we are bound by this agreement but can provide gentle reminders or nudges that can direct you to places where you observe an action, object or person that stimulates this new information to rise to your conscious awareness.

I offer this magical key to you, to use and apply in any manner you feel led to. With that I will conclude. Never forget, Dear Ones, how loved and cherished you are by our Great and Divine Creator and by those of us in the higher realms who work tirelessly on your behalf. We do not do this out of obligation. We do this because of our great love for each of you. And remember, Dear Ones, you are always a Lighthouse and your Light within shines brightly at all times. I offer you my intense gratitude for opening your minds and choosing to shine that Light in service to our Great Creator.

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash – Nov. 23/09)

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