Weekly Message from Lord Raziel

I greet you Dear Ones, with love from the Most High. The intense joy I feel at this opportunity is beyond measure. We have watched for many ages as you humans have strived to be near and be like the One. You have encountered many pitfalls and much adversity and yet you still strive to overcome them, even at the expense of your freedom, and even your physical lives. You are aware that this existence is merely a shadow of your true self and that is an enormous awareness. Much of what you have been called to do in recent times may seem impossible or even counterproductive but rest assured, there is a purpose in all things. Many times when your physical body sleeps, your soul essence breaks free and convenes with us. Much of the information and knowledge shared is not available to your conscious mind until the time has arrived to reveal it to you. In recent months especially, many of you have experienced these interactions as a distant dream that is beyond your comprehension. Rest assured that what is needed will be revealed to you at the proper place and time.

You are all undergoing a process that has been part of a Divine Plan for far longer than you could imagine and each of you have a pivotal role to play. Never underestimate your importance or the legions of angels who stand ready to assist you with a simple whispered prayer. You have access to untold wisdom, love and protection and yet many of you still hesitate to call on us. You must remember that The One, our great and divine Creator, has given us full authority to work on your behalf. When you call on us, it is sweet music indeed to all in the angelic realm. By doing this, you allow us to fulfill our role and purpose as well. Seek us out, call on us in times of need and in times of plenty. We can bring you solace and relief, love and joy, and freedom from the bondage of doctrines that have misled you for far too long.

We urge you in the strongest possible terms to use your ability to discern truth from deception. Darkness can appear as light to one who is not aware. Work daily on this for it is crucial in the coming times. Great changes are unfolding at a rapid pace as you near the completion of this great Age. I wish, Dear Ones, I could assure you that it will be a smooth transition, but every birthing includes some type of resistance. Many of you have encountered this resistance first hand. Know that nothing gained easily or without effort is worth keeping. Your continued efforts to seek out the Light and share it has not gone unnoticed, both by our great and divine Creator, and we in the angelic realm. We sing in great joy when each of you arrives at a new awareness or insight, most often through adversity and pain. Please remember that no experience you encounter is without a lesson or an opportunity for growth.

I will end by offering you my gratitude and love for all the work you have been doing. Many of you have chosen to serve the path of Light over your earthly, self gratifying desires. Know that this has all been seen and noted and the assistance available to overcome each of these adversities is only a whisper away. Do not regard your difficulties with learning certain lessons as failures. They are opportunities, a rehearsal, so to speak, before the real performance. Call on us to bring the people and resources you need at any given moment to assist you. Always remember, Dear Ones, that you have direct access to the infinite love, wisdom and guidance which has existed since time began.

I am Raziel, Keeper Of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash – Nov. 28/09)

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