Spirit Communication Tool: Invocation Of The Path Of Light



For many, the term “invocation” will elicit instant association with witchcraft, black magic and rituals by bonfire. The Roman Catholic church, however, has several “invocation prayers”, which is actually a redundant phrase. An invocation, in its most basic form, is simply a variation of a prayer. The chief differences, of course, are the application and method. Many of us are very aware that there is a distinct parallel between magical ethics and spiritual ethics. Invocations are essentially precise requests to the Universe/Creator/Divine Source that contain exact wording of what we wish to see manifested.

The following invocation I have included as a “Spirit Communication Tool” which may seem a bit unusual at the outset. Think about it this way…. your computer crashes and you have a friend nearby who is a computer tekkie. In the least, chances are you will contact them for assistance of some type. After explaining your problem, your friend may not be able to help but can direct you to a person or store that can. Providing you have the necessary money, chances are good that you’ll take the suggestion, ask more questions of this new person who is now in your life, however briefly, and within a few hours you may be back at home and surfing the net on a new or refurbished computer. The key was communication and getting the help you needed from individuals with specialized knowledge and tools.

As it applies to our spiritual path, many of us are well aware of guides and mentors who have stayed with us for a short while – or a very long while – as we gathered the necessary pieces to revealing and stepping into our roles. Raziel has often reminded us that our teachers and protectors cannot take any action unless we specifically request it. The following very powerful invocation does this, but on a much larger scale. By reciting the words, you are declaring to the Cosmos that you are ready to be fully aligned with your divine mission of service. Not only that but it grants numerous other Beings of Light the chance to spring into action on your behalf. Remember, they cannot take action unless we specifically request it. By declaring your intent, you set in motion an untold number of events to draw you towards the place which has been created – essentially your role and purpose in this lifetime –  for you.

It’s important that I add a bit of background here, in regards to how this invocation arrived in my inbox. A few years ago, I had been loosely affiliated with a mystery school, and was greatly honored to have its magi as a temporary mentor. Among numerous others, they had been receiving regular channeled messages from The Spiritual Hierarchy  to assist humanity with the Ascension process that is well underway. Shortly after meeting this magi through his radio show, he had sent me an email containing this invocation. He informed me that he had been given instructions to share it with me specifically. He went one step further and added his consent to sharing it with others I thought would benefit from it. He explained that this type of knowledge was normally kept within the order. One common element among those who have undergone this short ritual I’m going to outline below reported some truly incredible happenings, as a result of this act. Personally, I was “visited” by Metatron and spent much of the evening in tears. It had a very profound effect on me, as it has for many others. I am not saying you will be met by an Archangel or Ascended Master but it will affect you spiritually in some form.

Below are some suggestions for this short ritual. Personalize it in any manner you feel comfortable in doing because this truly is a very personal ritual. I will include this below as well but its important to know up front that it is wise to leave a few hours open in your schedule after you complete reading this invocation. Chances are very good that many of you will feel or hear that added assistance from the higher realms. You may find yourself involved in actions that make little sense or outside of normal daily activities. If so, you can be certain it is to obtain some piece of insight that is required and likely a “suggestion” made by one of the newest helpers on your Spirit team.


1)       Read over the invocation silently the first time. If it resonates with you – and you will know – take a few added minutes to write it out on a fresh piece of white paper. This does add your own unique energy to it and you’ll want to have a copy that you put by your bedside. First of all, you’ll need to read from it during your short ceremony. The second point on this is based on my own experience. At times, I would feel urged to read it aloud, mostly before bed or upon first waking up. This phase lasted for almost three weeks. It is suggested as well that you write down fully on another piece of paper exactly what you will be doing and saying. It can be a bit overwhelming and easy to forget things… and understandably so.

2)       When you have decided to set the time aside, a good but leisurely cleansing shower or bath is never a bad idea. This is an ideal time to request a blessing and inform your Guides of your intent so be as detailed as you want.  

3)       The space you use should be freshly cleaned and with relatively no traffic. A small corner in a bedroom is ideal. Ensure that you brought all items for your ritual with you. It’s fine to set them on a small end table or dresser. You may wish to burn a candle or incense or some other type of preparation… if you’re guided to do it, it’s never random.

4)       It is highly suggested to enact a circle or sphere of protection around the area, the easiest being a simple visualization of one springing up in any color you associate with protection. If it assists you in any way, it has been suggested that I include you add some type of verbal confirmation of the ability of your circle of protection. “I believe in this protection and I release my fear,” is an example but use your own wording. It is just as effective to call an Ascended Master or Angel to ensure your protection during the short ceremony. In either case, ensure that you say, at some point, that the protection entails ensuring that, “No entities with ill will or harmful intent will be granted entry.”

5)       Issue a direct request to any other Beings of Light you wish to stand in as witnesses. Parents and grandparents who have passed beyond the Veil have an eager interest in seeing us succeed and they are great choices as guests.

6)       Finally, read the invocation aloud and with authority, knowing your words are being transmitted directly to some very distant realms. Offer your gratitude and blessing to all who attended, close the circle or have it remain in place, and then carry on for a relaxing few hours and see what develops.

You may experience an overload of emotion and may even cry for no apparent reason. Clarity over a puzzling issue may suddenly manifest itself, seemingly out of thin air, or you might find yourself tapping in the phone number of a relative you’ve not spoken to in years, before you’re fully conscious of doing it… or all of the above and then some. Don’t analyze these things is my suggestion, just go with them and take note of any unusual sensations, especially in the heart chakra. Pay attention to any new insights or awareness’s that come to your consciousness. It is a sure sign your new Guides are on the job.

This is hardly a comprehensive ritual but simplicity is always good. As I mentioned, you may not get a visitation or sudden flash of insight or vision. You may want to consider adding a vocal intent before you begin the process – “I intend to use this invocation to help align me with my divine mission of service.” Once again, you may want to write this down as well and include it in your ceremony prior to reading the invocation. Whatever you feel led to do will never be wrong.

Namaste! Nick, the Bright Sorcerer


I am the thread of light, passing through time, connecting the infinite stories of before with the infinite dreams of after through the single point of now. I invoke the will of the All in All, the spinner of this thread, to anchor me in all of the beginnings, and all of the destinations both realized and potential. I call upon the Beings of Light who exist at all points of now, at every place along the Threads of Light, to resonate with me and my Divine Mission of Service. I call upon the unlimited Myriad Alternate Realities woven by the uncountable Threads of Light to align and stack into a multidimensional extension of the singularities of the Now to unify and manifest my Divine Mission of Service in every time and space. I invoke the Transcendental Living Thought Forms that exist in all of the Realms Formed yet Unformed which exist within the Mind of the All in All to come into my Realm of Being and draw me toward my Ascension into the Place that awaits me. I call upon my Guides, Tutors, Patrons and Guardians to be with me at all times, in all spaces, and all states of being I pass through as I Ascend into the Realm of Being which has been created to receive me. I offer my gratitude and my intention to ascend to the All in All and all those agencies of Its purposes and I pledge to remain unwavering in my commitment to travel my Path to Ascension.

So I speak and so it is and so it shall always be.

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5 Comments on “Spirit Communication Tool: Invocation Of The Path Of Light”

  1. Hermien Says:

    will try this, want to do channeling so badly

  2. Kelly Whode Says:

    i will like to try this but how do i get to know the construction of the circle of protection…..i am Kelly Whode from West Africa Ghana.

    • My apologies Kelly for the tardiness in replying to your question. The most simple method is to simply visualize a circle or sphere forming around you. As long as you can get even a momentary glimpse of this circle or sphere, in the colour of your choice, it will remain in place.

  3. Hi, i read your blog from time to time and i own a similar one and i was just curious
    if you get a lot of spam comments? If so how do you protect against it, any
    plugin or anything you can advise? I get so much
    lately it’s driving me crazy so any support is very much appreciated.

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