I greet you, Dear Ones, with love, gratitude and respect from the Most High. Much is transpiring in your realm of reality recently that has served as a wake up call for many. The energies pouring from the higher realms cannot be avoided and are indicators of the necessity of change, even more forcefully and graphically than ever before. Consider a 4 day period of beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures, followed by a period of some days where rain falls and the temperature cools considerably. With the enormous changes taking place globally – both in your 3D reality and with Mother Earth – it is not difficult to read about this exact type of scenario at some place on earth. Is it conceivable that one could engage in the same activities with the noticeable change in weather? Obviously, cooler temperatures require wearing additional clothing, perhaps carrying an umbrella, and even a certain change of mindset is an added requirement to adjust to the varying conditions. The point of interest here is simply an acknowledgement of how essential it is you continue to alter your approach when faced with new stimuli.

You have felt and seen the aftermath of some very intense energy which has been reaching you for many years. Each “burst”, for lack of a better word, is designed to allow a new type of change to occur, a new type of alteration to your actual physical body in many cases. The effects are broad and varied but it is important to understand that everybody is receiving these bursts of high vibration energy and each is affected in a unique way. Maintenance of the physical vehicle is of prime importance, Dear Ones, but no less so than a continued advancement in your spiritual maturity and growth. In many cases, you are uncovering areas of your life that no longer resonate or are compatible with where you wish your path to take you. At this time, it is imperative that you make the needed changes you sense from within which are required and these high intensity energies provide the stimulus to do exactly that, if you choose to utilize them. But these energetic outpourings are only one component of what is truly transpiring with you as a race.

There is much talk among you regarding the emergence of the sacred feminine. If you examine the course of history, in just the last century, you will note that this has been an ongoing development. That it would take such prominence, as now, is far from coincidental any more than the numerous souls who have awakened and are choosing to seek out their own unique form of spiritual expression. Examine some of the variations that have emerged, in terms of spiritual coaching, teaching and healing in just the last few decades and you will quickly realize there is a major undercurrent of change occurring. Great interest has quickly developed regarding alternative and holistic treatments and yet this is not currently recognized by most western nations as a reasonable and cost effective method of health maintenance. Undoubtedly, you have your own understanding of the rationale for this and my purpose is not to confuse but rather to add clarity. Many of you are intimately aware that the present model of healthcare in many nations is based on treating symptoms. What many of you healers have discovered, after often years of observable results, is that any sickness or disease originates or manifests first in the energy bodies of an individual. This is where it can be removed or altered by energetic manipulation. Certainly, appropriate follow-up with herbs or other holistic medicine may be required if the effect of the negative energy has a foothold on the patient’s physical body.

My point here is that there are alternative approaches to maintaining robust health which entail what you may well classify as “spiritual involvement” and this is the key difference. The present medical profession is based on a 3D perspective, whereas the types and variations of other forms of energy and holistic healing rely on accessing higher forms of wisdom of a spiritual nature. You are all at different points in your acceptance of these alternative types of healing modalities for varied reasons, largely because of the indoctrination that has been taking place for many years on your planet. Consider your initial thoughts of applying healing or seeking out one to assist you. Very often, it is only through observable results that your mind becomes changed. It is this aspect that I wished to illuminate this week in my message.

I call this magical key “Whispers Of Wisdom”. You are aware that no event that you witness or are involved in is ever random or coincidental. You also are aware that it is entirely up to you how lengthy the process will be, when it comes to recognizing and learning the lessons that specific situations provide you with. I offered a tool to you recently that will assist in remaining in a place of relative calm despite what transpires around or to you. The key to that tool lies in quick recognition of a possible challenge and establishing energy that allows you to approach it with neutrality, rather than as being good or bad, which is the present model – polarity thinking – in place to a large extent on your planet. Extending that, you are each exposed to a great deal of new information on a daily basis. In this, I have suggested an approach to be objective but also open minded to new ideas. You are aware that nothing is random, and that includes people entering your life with ideas and thoughts that may not correspond to your existing belief system.

Am I suggesting that you believe everything you hear or read? Most definitely not, Dear Ones. But it is important to understand that it has taken a series of events to come to that point where you are exposed for the first time to a new possibility or supposition. It is essential that you pay special attention to your reaction. Many in the angelic realm have spoken of this and the amount of work required to set up each event. Often, people cease to remain current of new data, information or insights for a number of reasons but ignorance of something does not automatically mean a new theory or observation is impractical, unreasonable or just plain wrong. New and fascinating discoveries are being made on an almost daily basis in many of your sciences. What was reality in the area of physics, for example, ten years ago has been altered dramatically and is serving as a base for further exploration and insights into the very nature of the universe. At one point in your history, during as late as the 1800’s, doctors were ridiculed for believing that germs actually existed and could have a very negative effect on a patient if not addressed. A current debate that is hotly contested involves elements who believe either the world around you is a direct result of The Creator or simply random evolution. The entire basis for this argument is simply the control aspect and ensuring that people think alike. The reality, which so many are now coming to realize, is that both viewpoints hold considerable merit and are truth.

So, is there a point to my monologue that is easily understood? Yes, indeed there is, Dear Ones. It is important that you are aware no event is introduced into your life by accident, and that includes people who enter and may have vastly different viewpoints to you. If you are exposed to new information, however radical or impossible it may appear to be, examine it closely for there is always a purpose. There is some aspect of it that is necessary for your own awareness, growth or maturity. Try to approach these “Whispers of Wisdom” from unusual sources with an open but objective mind. If you sense the stirrings of negative emotions, it is imperative that you examine the reason why. Every truth is based on reality of some form and is true to the individual. Each soul’s experiences and knowledge in this physical incarnation will be different but no less valid to the individual. One may not believe in the existence of magic, for example, but it does not negate the fact that numerous people globally are on some type of magical path who fully believe that they can alter almost any situation by the exact manipulation of energy.

My point in this entire message is quite simple. Please do not dismiss new ideas or insights out of hand, simply because they do not fall under your established belief systems or your range of personal experiences. Certainly be discerning but know that there is always a purpose for exposure to new information and insights. If you have achieved awareness of something in your life, it is the result of a concerted effort of not only us, in the angelic realm, but also you, for you are the architect of your experiences and learning.

I leave you with the enormous love and gratitude from our Great Creator and those who serve as you guides, mentors and teachers. You are part of an enormous change that is sweeping your planet and your efforts have helped pave the way for the numerous souls who continue to awaken. We are honored to be of service to you at any time so please continue to call on us. Be blessed and be at peace this day, Dear Ones.

I am Raziel, Keeper Of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash – Apr. 11/10)

NICK’S NOTE: This is the first of a pair of messages from Raziel which deal with our reaction to new information. His follow-up is entitled “Whispers Of Warning”.

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  1. My Love to you and all who shine in the light, love peace and compassion as facilitators to the forthcoming changes

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