I greet you, Dear Ones, once again with the enormous and boundless respect, gratitude and love from the Most High. It is always a great pleasure to communicate with you in this manner and doubly so when I note that my teachings are being taken to heart and truly applied. I do not present these keys to limit your growth or to place boundaries on your exploration or expansion of knowledge. Conversely, my intent is simply to allow you to experience your true reality as being a spark of our Divine Creator and assist in your understanding of the process you are presently undergoing. If you examine your path and the choices you have made, since your awakening, you will quickly realize it stemmed most often from your desire to seek and find a form of spiritual expression that was unique to you. On a conscious level you were not fully aware of the impact that decision would have but I can assure you that the Divine Essence within you was very cognizant of this.

You have been told by many that you are the architect of your experiential reality. At this, some of you may draw away in shock, disbelief or even horror. You may even question this statement’s validity and the source coming from one such as I, who claims to be the archangel you know as Raziel. In the latter, I will make no attempt to provide physical or tangible proof for it is your soul essence contained within that resonates with my messages. In the changes you are presently undergoing, there can often be a great battle between your soul fragment and your conscious ego mind. Try to recall your initial attempts in learning and utilizing valuable tools like meditation. As you began to focus and concentrate, you were often met with distracting influences – observing a loud or gentle noise nearby, sudden itches or aches and even a wandering mind that seemed incapable of focusing. While consciously engaged in other activities, however, these same distractions were barely noted. The difference, of course, was that your meditation essentially turned off the ego mind – your physical conscious identity – and focused on your “internal mind” and its connection to something far greater than the physical vessel which houses you. I say “internal mind”, for ease of understanding, because you each possess an intelligence within you that has access to wisdom – the combination of both experience and knowledge – unavailable to the same intelligence that implements your daily activities. Because you chose to incarnate a portion of your true self into a lower vibrating environment, you have had to learn how to survive in that environment. As I have mentioned before, Dear Ones, your ego mind is an essential component for existing, surviving and thriving in your 3D reality.

I suggested that some of you may become unsettled and even angered when you are told, through many sources, that you are the architect of your reality. Immediately, many of you flash back to painful events that have transpired on your journey and will vehemently protest that you never asked for any of them to happen. On one level, if this provides any type of comfort, you are absolutely correct. Prior to any type of spiritual awakening, which is always unique to the individual, your central focus was of your surroundings and the inherent need for survival. I have mentioned in previous messages the definite distinction between ego and soul, in terms of your response to new stimuli, challenges and events. Your conscious ego mind, which ultimately directs all of your actions, seeks the path of least resistance to obtain what it needs to survive and it is strongly resistant to change. This is not a shortcoming in any way. This was how you chose to experience this particular reality and I will add, once again, it is a necessity for your survival. Many of you have been injured in some form by those whom you trusted and loved, which resulted most often in questioning whether that love was there at all. How could somebody so near and dear hurt you so badly and yet claim they cared deeply for you? To your ego, it makes no sense. As I have suggested in some of my other messages, it is essential that you closely examine this, not as a personal injury but rather from a perspective of cause and effect. You will note that each of these painful incidents provided the needed energy and stimulus to make alterations or changes to your life in some way, often very significantly. By viewing them from this vantage point, you are overriding your 3D brain and accessing the wisdom and intelligence contained within you. Essentially, you are allowing yourself to connect directly with the Divine Essence within you. Spiritual awakening, at its core, is exactly this – cognizance that you are much more than simply the being who greets you each morning in the mirror.

I entitled this message “Cycles Of Compression and Contradiction” because it is a common theme among you, during varied times of your journey back to That Which Created You. In general terms, you each made an agreement before entering this present incarnation, the lessons and role you would play within The Creator’s Divine Plan. In what you have sometimes regarded as a cruel twist, this agreement was quickly forgotten, along with your connection to the Creator and even your own Higher Self, soon after physical birth. None of you, at birth, were born into a belief system. What you were exposed to during your formative years, in terms of spiritual expression, was programmed into you by often well-intentioned parents. Once you did awaken to other possibilities, confusion and anxiety follow closely in tow. In a large part, you experienced – and sometimes continue to experience – a sense of irrational guilt because all of those around you, in your immediate family, regard their faith or belief system with a sense of pride and often identification. Many of them cannot understand why you would turn your back on what has apparently worked for them and generations before them, in many cases. If you examine your history, you will see evidence of this at very precise times. What you term your Dark Age emerged into a period you call The Renaissance, a time where there was a literal surge of new thoughts, philosophies and great advances were made in understanding humanity’s place within the cosmos. The world was no longer flat, the earth revolved around the sun and not the reverse and apparent supernatural events like gravity were explored and explained in detail. By far, the most notable aspect of periods like your Renaissance was the progress made in the arts. Literature, painting, music and sculptures became treasured pieces and it is important to understand why these, in particular, held so much fascination. In short, the creation process is an act based on soul. It is initiated and fueled by soul. Each of these branches of the arts is an expression of soul, which in turn represents an expression of The Creator. My point is that you will see, if you examine history closely, that these periods of enlightenment arrived in cycles. In cosmic terms, these are vivid examples of the universal Principle of Rhythm.

Why the history lecture you may be inquiring gently? My intent is to steer your focus in a very specific direction for this is a cycle that you are presently in the midst of seeing manifest. You are very aware that nothing which transpires does so with randomness or by accident. What is happening now, as has occurred in ages past, is a great change in awareness. Some of you may be surprised to hear me say this but very often you were present during these great ages of enlightenment and even participated, in varying degrees, in them. Recall your internal reaction to a painting or a beautiful melody. It evokes a unique sensation within you for it is your very soul essence that truly recognizes and acknowledges it as an expression of the artist’s soul. In essence, you are being given an insider’s view, so to speak, of how that artist or musician interprets their own unique creativity and by extension, the expression of the true beauty of their soul.

I have entitled this message “Cycles Of Compression And Contradiction” because it is essential you are aware of what is truly transpiring, not only now but also during those periods of history where such great advances were made. You have all noted the increasing energies and many enlightened beings have been gently explaining the purpose and effects of each new surge. In its most basic form, you will note compression is a means to obtain the most beneficial results with the minimum of space or confusion. Reading a synopsis of a book, for instance, is one such example of this. As it relates to the energy and information you are receiving, allow me to draw on an easily understood comparison. Consider the stages required in learning to speak your native tongue. As a child, you were gradually introduced to the language to a point where you were able to express yourself relatively clearly. The next step, for most, involved building on that foundation and learning to print, eventually learning to write and in the present day, learning how to type and communicate over the internet. Each of these steps were distinctive and necessary for you to arrive at a place where you have little difficulty in communicating with somebody on the other side of your living planet, even though their upbringing may not have been exactly like yours. What was required was a consistent change in processing information and then applying it successfully.

What you are encountering now is simply another such cycle where your abilities to access, understand and apply knowledge from the higher realms requires an alteration – or a change in your reception – to make full use of the wisdom. Is it conceivable to expect a baby to know how to express themselves online, without even learning how to speak or write? Obviously not. Because of the great progress you are making, often without your conscious awareness, new information that you receive from your guides and angels is becoming more complex and requires that you essentially upgrade your method of reception, understanding and application. In terms you will clearly understand, it is imperative that your internal software be altered and updated so the new knowledge you are receiving will make sense. The energies you are all feeling is doing exactly that. This cycle of compression can be a time of intense confusion so I ask that you recall your earlier education in learning to convey your feelings and thoughts and how important it was for you to accept the new forms of teaching.

Another important component that is necessary to address is the fact that this cycle of compression also contains no small amount of apparent contradiction. So many of you are, or have been, questioning why your life in many areas seems to be getting more complicated or causing undue emotional, physical or mental difficulties. Instead of entering an anticipated state of bliss and abundance, many of you have noted exactly the opposite and it has been very distressing. Many of you have even begun questioning if you even have a purpose or was all that you have endured and understood a falsehood that had little or no meaning. Please draw your attention back to the principle of cause and effect, which many of you have begun noticing with more frequency. Any perceived imbalance is the result of specific stimuli and always serves a purpose. My explanation for this is quite simple. You are truly undergoing another phase of integration in which you are more closely connecting to your Higher Self essence than ever before. This was not possible previously because your “re-wiring” or “software upgrade” was not possible. It was imperative that you had enacted specific changes in many areas of your life to advance to this new level of interaction with those in the higher realms. This period can be intensely uncomfortable, on many levels, but please remember your progress is orchestrated by that Divine Essence within you, that spark of The Creator in all its perfection. If you are in the midst of this cycle of compression and contradiction, rest assured it is only temporary. In many cases, ties are being severed with your old life as you knew it and you are on the cusp of a wondrous new cycle of awareness and experience that will become evident to you in a time of your soul’s choosing. This is why it is crucial that you continue with your own methods of connection to the real you, both within and without, and make suitable change if it is no longer effective.

You have endured much in your journey back to Source and the fulfillment of your contracts with The Creator. To enact the immediate changes you secretly desire could have a detrimental effect on your progress. When all is said and done, it is important to ask yourself one solitary question: “Do I trust myself?” In asking this, you are also asking if you trust The Creator’s wisdom for you truly are aspects of that Divine Essence in full perfection.

I leave you with an extra measure of gratitude, compassion, respect and love from our great Creator. In the higher realms, we are experiencing a sense of great exhilaration, anticipation and wonder at your continued efforts to remain on your path, despite the incredible challenges confronting you. Each of you is a spiritual warrior of renown and we hold you in extremely high esteem and respect. Know that we are but a whisper away and hear and respond to every request you make. Be blessed and be at peace this day, Dear Ones.

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash – Apr 26/10)

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