Lord Raziel’s Weekly Message: Departures, Deceptions and Destinations

I greet you, Dear Ones, with the boundless respect, gratitude and love from the Most High. Many of you have undergone intense periods of assimilation in terms of religious programming and find it difficult to comprehend that The Great Creator would or should express respect and gratitude to you. According to many of your religious teachings, The Creator – using whatever term you choose – is beyond expressing these sentiments towards you, being mere mortals with a finite period of existence in a human body. It is ironic that these same teachings, on the other hand, seek to attribute human characteristics to that which is truly beyond their comprehension. You are becoming more aware that religions, in many cases, seek to establish a belief system whereby all adherents think and behave in an identical fashion. And within each of these systems there is even more division, as extreme elements twist and pervert philosophies and great kernels of wisdom for their own ends and means. Actions must reflect words adequately for any belief system to be taken seriously, especially during such a crucial period in humanity’s evolution. Many of those who adhere strictly to texts written by the hand of men apply the wisdom as it suits their need of the moment. Consider being employed by a company, where there are established ethics, protocols and procedures. Some are what you might deem common sense while others require application of practices that are specific to the industry. Infractions of these rules of conduct are met with stern disapproval in the least and termination of employment and/or legal action as the other extreme. What many of you have witnessed, however, in recent years among those who deem themselves “elite” is a disregard for the very principles and ethics that first established them in their field of endeavor. Whenever individuals regard themselves as being above – and not subject to – that which maintains integrity, it undermines and erodes the reputation of all connected with that business, group or organization.

Many religions throughout the ages have claimed sole understanding of the Creator and how best to serve and worship that same deity or deities. The stories of torture, murder and genocide are well documented throughout much of your history since the Christ’s last incarnation on your earth plane. In more recent times, it has become a point of contention and great confusion when misdeeds or outright deception has been used to twist and pervert their relative truth, for each and every belief system is just that – relative truth. Your world is in a state of great flux at this time and energies and entities seek to distort or interrupt the spiritual exploration and expression of each individual soul for they are very aware that by establishing and maintaining a connection to your Higher Self essence and your Guides, you are granted a very different view of the reality around you that sees through lies and inconsistencies. Even those who speak out vehemently about these obvious imbalances between words and deeds often do so only to promote their own version or agenda. Many consider their belief system to be superior in some way to another and take great pains to voice this and yet their actions are inconsistent with their message. How is it possible, from an objective viewpoint, to preach peace and love towards your neighbor – or even your enemy – and yet in secret plot to injure those very same individuals or groups? As I have mentioned to you before, each challenge or adversity you encounter provides the potential for you to react from a level of ego or from soul. I have asked you to be open-minded but discerning when presented with new information, for no information you are exposed to has arrived without value. Contained within all religions on your planet are indeed great kernels of wisdom and truth but these are often overshadowed in deceptions and personal interpretations. Dishonesty is an often-seen example of how people can rationalize deeds that run counter to established rules or “commandments” imposed apparently by “God” on the “chosen ones”. To some, certain actions are justified because of their belief system while the same actions are regarded as simply deception or outright lies to another who does not subscribe to that doctrine. If truth is absolute, as some religions will have you believe, how is it possible that there can be more than one truth when it comes to an individual soul’s spiritual exploration and journey? The question has been asked by many of you and countless others in your search for understanding: “Is there one religion or belief system that is the ‘true’ religion or true spiritual path?” In this, Dear Ones, I will supply an answer and it is simply “yes”.

It is you and you alone who determines this. Look in the mirror and ask yourself what you believe to be true. As spiritual seekers and light warriors, you have become aware that you are here now, in this particular lifetime, to fulfill a unique role within The Creator’s Divine Plan. Often this requires you to be familiar with but free of limiting beliefs and dogma. Many of you have had a grounding or indoctrination in some form of religion that served a specific role in your progress and spiritual evolution. When you were initially awakened to your purpose and realized that one belief did not hold all the answers, you began to search for a means to define and express your unique spirituality. Dear Ones, this is an integral part of your very purpose. Departure from belief systems and cults that people for generations, in some cases, have often used as a means of defining their identity has caused incredible turmoil, pain, anxiety, anger and misery. At a time when it is more important than ever to see beyond differences and celebrate diversity, many religions seek to continue to sow division and dissension. If you are aware of such imbalances, it is your responsibility solely to choose to depart from the deceptions or to continue to assist in perpetrating them.

I have entitled this message, “Departures, Deceptions and Destinations” and while there is no specific key to pass on, I wish to explore the final component of “destinations”, for it is heavily dependent on the other two. It is important to remember that recognition of deception, of a spiritual nature, and your choice to depart from it, arrives in response to your soul’s needs. This becomes evident through a variety of means and methods so it is crucial that you begin or continue to trust your inner knowing when something feels “off”. We, along with your soul essence, provide both the stimulation and that inner knowing through the orchestration of specific events. You have often heard the phrase, “When in doubt, don’t,” and this does have considerable merit if a proposed activity has the potential to harm or injure yourself or another. It is essential, however, that you closely examine whether your uncertainty does indeed have this potential or if your uncertainty to take action is the result of programming and erroneous teachings. Certainly, friends can assist in determining this but ultimately you are the one to choose.

It is no coincidence that a variation of destination is “destiny”. Earlier this week, I strongly urged this channel to draw an analogy, as it relates to psychic gifts, and I will  reiterate that once again. The majority of you have at least a passing knowledge of the sport of baseball. Many of you have thrown a ball, played catch, know how to run and bat and have even played this sport yourself. And yet, only a small percentage chooses to use this knowledge, experience and ability to become professional baseball players. You all apply these in a manner that is unique and comfortable for you. Often you have been told that, “It is not the destination but the journey that is important” and this again does have some merit. When there is talk of destiny, some will respond that they have no control over this or that the very notion interferes with free will or “God’s Will”. This “free will” component is reflective of the 3D conscious mind and not that of the soul essence within you. The present times you are experiencing are unlike any other on your living planet, where the potential exists for all of humanity to evolve into a new form of existence, one which many other races have undergone successfully. To accomplish this requires souls to take up mantles that have not been needed before in your history and often they appear at odds with established belief systems. I have stated this before and will do so again, Dear Ones – you are all given unique gifts, talents, experience, wisdom and abilities that are uniquely suited to you and your role or destiny. To claim that one who has the ability to manipulate energy to facilitate healing in another, for example, as being “in league with the devil” runs counter to the belief in a perfect Creator. No other person can determine this except you. As you continue to progress spiritually and raise your vibration, you have noted the connection with your Higher Self essence and that spark within continues to develop. You must trust yourself for you are the captain of your own ship and the navigator of your unique path and destiny. Remember, Dear Ones, you were chosen because you alone possessed the requirements to fulfill a unique purpose, one that is crucial in The Creator’s Divine Plan.

Detection of dishonesty and deception is very often the first step in cracking the layer of complacency and self-imposed ignorance for many souls and signals an awakening of some type. Not all of these awakenings are of a spiritual nature so please try not to make the faulty assumption they are, for each awakened soul serves The Creator in their own way. Yes, Dear Ones, even the ones who you consider to be vile and without conscience. To claim otherwise is to proclaim that your Creator – and mine – is imperfect in some way. When doubts are raised within you, regarding a specific idea or an entire belief system, it is always your choice to continue to propagate the deceptions or to make a hasty departure from such ideologies. Logic and reasoning are but two gifts you all have in abundance for very good reasons. Please use them without any of the irrational guilt that many may try to impose on you. As for destination, recognize that you have arrived at this time with a definite purpose and that each trial and new awareness serves some role in guiding you towards this. There can be much confusion in this regard for your 3D consciousness is not always in agreement with what your soul indicates. One who quietly serves as an example of love, compassion and tolerance is just as important as one who stands in front of many and speaks the words. Numerous silent souls in the early stages of awakening are watching you and seeking answers regarding their purpose. No single individual is superior in any way to another, simply because their ego claims this to be so or a belief system that claims this falsehood. Ask for our help in determining your unique purpose – or destination – within this incredibly intricate Divine Plan but be certain to remain aware of the answers we offer. It is very seldom that you will be told your specific role so it is essential that you rely on your developing abilities and heightening senses to put the pieces together, for self discovery is a crucial component of your journey into awareness, spiritual expression and ultimately realizing and stepping into your purpose.

I leave you, Dear Ones, with the intense gratitude, respect and love from our great Creator. Your efforts are crucial and they are having an effect on the shifting the global consciousness and raising the vibration of your living planet and all who dwell on it. Chart your own course and know that you are always supported and loved dearly by us in the angelic realm. Be blessed and be at peace this day, Dear Ones.

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash – May 23/10)

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One Comment on “Lord Raziel’s Weekly Message: Departures, Deceptions and Destinations”

  1. edee Says:

    Absolutely fascinating! Nick, thank you for channeling this wisdom and guidance. I found the part about how self-discovery is part of the spiritual journey and this is why we are rarely “told” our purpose – a new and wonderful thought for me!

    I channel as well – on very similar themes. I am sure there are many of us writing on similar ideas these days. I look forward to the day we all meet as ONE and live in peace and kindness.

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