Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: The Armor Of Integrity

It is a great pleasure, as always, to greet you Dear Ones with the boundless gratitude, respect and love from the Most High. Your journey to date has required you to undertake great challenges which in turn have led to essential changes. Each adversity arrived and was acknowledged and examined but always resulted in acquisition of needed experience and knowledge. Many decisions that you made have been the stimulus to the opening of new doors that were unavailable to you, while energetically involved in a situation or a specific set of circumstances. Very often we have marveled at your resolve and determination, even when it may appear you were simply watching your life being slowly dismantled. You do not see the energetic changes within you, as we do. And many of you are only marginally aware of your purpose and yet you still bravely step into the fray, your trust in the Creator’s Divine Plan absolute. If you are still uncertain as to your purpose, I wish to make a suggestion that you be more aware of opportunities to assist others, when they present themselves. Many of you are already well on your way to a balanced relationship and communication with both your inner and Higher Self, and as such, are listening and responding to their guidance. That essence of the Creator contained within you will never seek to over power your conscious ego mind – attaining and maintaining that balance is part of your purpose, Dear Ones.

Your awareness of this connection between physical and soul is continuing to increase dramatically although some of you are still not yet fully aware of how integrated you really have become. Many of us from the higher realms have been telling you that you are the architect of your experience. That soul essence within you is intimately aware of your purpose and what is required to achieve it. Consequently, and with the help of numerous other beings of light, it orchestrates events with specific objectives. Now more than ever, Dear Ones, it is imperative that you pay very close attention to any and all situations that arise where your talents, skills or abilities could make even a marginal difference. As this Ascension continues, you will have noted a rise in professions that are singularly unique in scope and focus, areas of work that have never been in such evidence before in your history. The reason, of course, is that there has never been a time like this. As I have said before, those who gently and quietly spread their love, compassion and acceptance are just as valuable as those who speak the words in front of many. At this time of searching for purpose, trust that the true you – that Divine spark contained within you – will provide the right vehicle and opportunities for your role to become clear to you. Regardless of how you present yourself to the rest of humanity as emissaries of the Light, a crucial component in all areas of your life is integrity.

I have entitled this message, “The Armor of Integrity” with good reason for it truly is a powerful weapon that has no rivals. What image comes to your mind when I speak of integrity? Many will contend it is verbal honesty in your dealings with others, some may claim it is through actions that the true meaning of integrity is observed while still others will state it is a combination of both. But what is integrity, the core of its meaning? Surprisingly enough, this is actually subjective and relative to the individual. This statement may confuse you, which is perfectly understandable. How can a word – essentially an idea in its more complex form – have more than one meaning? The answer lies in the spiritual awareness of the individual. Just as your awareness of the world increases as you continue to raise your energetic vibration, your view of integrity also undergoes a subtle change. Many of you have noted a dramatic increase in your intuitive abilities and it has led to some insights regarding others that leave you feeling uncomfortable. No insight or information arrives without reason and this aspect you cannot avoid, if you are involved in the ascension process. As always, it is your reaction solely that you have control over and you have become very aware that your actions must reflect your level of spiritual maturity. A small point here, Dear Ones, to assist those who understand they may not have acted or reacted to a situation in a manner that was truly reflective of their position as an enlightened being. How often have you attempted to program a brand new electrical appliance, only to spend hours and seemingly getting nowhere. And then, by some miracle, you begin to understand what buttons need to be pushed and in what sequence in order to achieve the desired result, in this case an appliance programmed with the right data being displayed. Once you have managed to complete the task, you feel confident that you will be able to do the same operation the next time, if a similar situation arises, perhaps the power temporarily going out. My point is that this new challenge, while similar to others you faced, required application of action in a slightly different way. Please do not berate yourselves, Dear Ones, for the times you reacted in a way that didn’t please you. Often it can take multiple variations of the same challenge for you to take notice and the life you chose included being part of the big school called Earth. Apply yourself as a student to the best of your ability and strive always to learn and make appropriate adjustments to your paradigms as new information is received.

In all of your actions and words, it is imperative that you employ integrity. Remember, you are the chosen emissaries of The Creator. Certainly you volunteered to be a part of this momentous occasion but you were chosen specifically because only you had all the qualities needed to fulfill a specific role within The Creator’s Divine Plan. Do not believe for a moment that any perceived inability on your part to live your full potential results in love or compassion being withheld by Our Great Creator. Or that we, in the angelic realms, will cease to respect or assist you, unless you specifically request that. It is at those times that we seek to offer you even more love, support and encouragement. Just as I have suggested earlier in this message of being more aware of opportunities to assist, please take note of those individuals we bring into your sphere of influence. The time of drawing together has begun in earnest and no individual can fulfill their purpose without the assistance of others. You have noted already that many have come into your life with very diverse opinions and beliefs and it can be difficult to establish common ground but it is there, Dear Ones, in all who walk a spiritual path to enlightenment. That common ground is, quite simply, integrity.

Integrity forms the foundation for acceptance, tolerance and appreciation and can be recognized instinctively and intuitively. In this regard, recall that the energy you send out will be answered by energy of equal vibration or frequency. This means that the new connection made will be reflective of your own energetic vibration. If you deem integrity to be an important part of your life, chances are good that those arriving in your life now have a similar outlook. I must add this is not always the case, for each of you are at varying stages in your ascension. Some of you are still in the process of clearing both karma and the negative energy attached to issues you are being presented with, the objective being to learn and then move on. For each of you, no matter what stage you are presently in, remember that application of your personal integrity is essential. The secret to defining this within each of you lies in the relationship you have with your inner soul aspect and our Great Creator.

The Armor of Integrity grants you not only a solid foundation but also a compass to sail through the seas of your existence and challenges. In applying it, you must be scrupulously honest, especially with yourself. As you continue to raise your vibration and employ integrity in all of your dealings, anything that does not resonate energetically will be brought to your attention, which is why I have mentioned specifically the importance of honesty with yourself. If an issue has come up for review, it has been by design. Each action or reaction that is not congruent with this integrity energy lowers your vibration. You are all emissaries and examples to many who are silently watching and searching. This energy that has had such profound effects on you, the spiritual seekers, is also affecting every other soul incarnated at this time. It is and will continue to be a time of great worry, anxiety and confusion for those who have not been fully awakened or have chosen to remain asleep. As the intensity of these energies continues, many will lose their willingness to continue fighting and choose to pass beyond the Veil. For those who choose to remain and wish to be a part of this incredible transformation, it is more important than ever that you remain in your integrity… and continue to be an example of what a strong foundation of integrity can manifest.

Integrity truly is the common ground between diverse groups and beliefs. As the spiritual warriors and light workers begin to take center stage on the world scene, it is being done through the necessary route of heart centered consciousness. This beautiful energy has already become a part of your global consciousness, despite attempts being made to mask and demonize it. What we see is truly a sight to behold that is a great cause for optimism for on every continent and in every country, there are souls in varying stages of awakening who have only now begun to voice their views and grievances to a global audience. Awareness comes in many forms and as I have said many times before, each new insight or scrap of new information that you receive has some type of value. Although some situations you presently witness may appear to be negative, I remind you to pay attention to the effect, more so than the cause, for in that you will find the true purpose of the event or apparent catastrophe.

Keep your word and promises, treat others with dignity and respect and remain true to your integrity, for it is a direct reflection of the soul essence within you. Keep current with world events through trusted sources and adjust your knowledge accordingly. Above all, accept and cherish yourself, for you are a magnificent being engaged on a mission for the Creator. You are loved and appreciated beyond words by our Great Creator, for your continued efforts in bringing and anchoring the light of truth in an often dark world. The forces of light workers are growing daily, despite what is seen in world events. It is your efforts and energy that have helped implant the stirrings of the possibility of Heaven on Earth within the global consciousness and it is gaining more and more support with each passing moment. You have accomplished so very much and we are grateful, pleased and honored to continue to work so closely with each of you.

Be blessed and be at peace this day, Dear Ones.

I am Raziel, Keeper Of Celestial Mysteries

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Love & Light, Nick

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