Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: Distractions And The Default Principle

I greet you, Dear Ones, with the boundless respect, gratitude and love from the Most High. Recent days have found increasing disturbances on your planet, in part due to the influence of the high intensity energies you have all been feeling. You are aware that all incarnated beings are feeling the effects and the result has been a further escalation of tension, worry and anxiety. The physical effects on you, as Divine Beings, have also been quite dramatic as you continue to allow the new energies to become a part of your personal and global matrix. A component of this is of immense importance in assisting you to understand and that is a part of what I wished to discuss briefly with you today.

Many of us from the higher realms have been gently reminding you of the importance of both sleep and proper nutrition during these periods of high intensity downloads, for that is exactly what this energy represents. It provides the necessary energetic codes that enable you to continue raising your vibration to facilitate this imminent cosmic transformation which all of you exposed to this message are incorporating into your energy bodies. To one who is objective, this may make only limited sense and your objections would be very accurate. On one level, it does not make sense that I would say this is affecting every incarnated being with their personal ascension and yet it is having an equally profound effect on those who chose a role that runs counter to this great transformation and by extension, the Creator’s Divine Plan. I will state again that this energy is affecting all incarnated beings but the chief differences for each individual is simply energetic orientation and application. For those opposed to this upcoming transformation, which is well underway, it is highlighting and amplifying what you would call negative energy. The actions taking place in a futile attempt to stem or stop interaction, namely in the sharing of crucial information, is the polar opposite of what the energy is doing to those who have chosen a progressive spiritual path, often of their own choosing and independent of religious doctrine and dogma. An easily understood comparison is in the use of fire. On one hand, fire will provide warmth and a means for cooking food but it can also be used as a very destructive force. What differentiates each is the orientation of the one wielding the flame and how they choose to use this tool. Similarly, each of you reading or hearing this message has chosen to utilize the incoming energies as a means to not only assist in your own ascension process but the global process as well.

I wish to gently remind you that the very nature of energy is dependent entirely on the wishes of the individual experiencing it. You have often been reminded of what is termed the “Hundredth Monkey Effect” which essentially demonstrates that when energy is put into thought, new forms of thinking and doing become available to the global consciousness. Consider some of your recent apparent catastrophes and their impact on the mindset of humanity as a whole. I have often reminded you to begin seeing past the causal event and, instead, to focus on the resulting effect and this is a point that is important you maintain in your consciousness at all times. When these occur, you will naturally begin an internal thought process whereby solutions to the crisis begin to appear. This is an extremely important part of the global change occurring. Many will focus on blame, which is reasonable given that actions always carry consequences of some type. However, very often apparent catastrophes are an essential component leading to much-needed change.

My use of the words “apparent catastrophes” may cause considerable indignation and anger. Surely, you will say, certain recent catastrophes have been proven to be the work of irresponsible and greedy individuals who place little or no value on the environment or humanity as whole. Why would I say “apparent”? You must continue to remind yourself that there is indeed a Divine Plan in place where no actions taken are random, including the injury or death of incarnated entities in your 3D reality. Change and progression are inevitable but often require dramatic situations to awaken those still in the thrall of your holographic reality. As always, indicated by even your revised and altered history, this has been a crucial factor in your overall progression as a species. It has often been said that history is written by the victors and this is, indeed, a fact that continues in the present. Daily you are exposed to watered-down versions of reality through your controlled media and much of it is pure fabrication. You must understand that even those who do not wish to see humanity transcend into a new form of being are well aware of the impact they have on the global consciousness.

Another small point here, Dear Ones, which bears a moment of discussion. Within each of you undergoing this process, there is a sense of urgency to take the actions necessary that allow your ascension to proceed as quickly as possible. Many of you are expressing considerable concern over when these symptoms of ascension will finally end so you can get on to the “good stuff” of being fully ascended beings. It is important to understand that we, in the higher realms, do not control this – you do. When you express these concerns or worries it is your 3D ego consciousness that speaks. Remember, you not only chose this incarnation and your role, but you are the architect of your experience. A great many of you are now fully connected to your Higher Self essence, due in a large part to the work you undertake while your physical body sleeps and I will address this aspect in a moment. The point I wish to reinforce is the urgent need for you to maintain and accelerate the activities, in a conscious manner, which connect you directly to your inner soul aspect. Assisting others without expectation of a return, appreciating the handiwork of the Earth Mother around you, playing with a pet, stilling your mind through meditation and immersing yourself in soul-centered activities such as expressing your own unique creativity are but a very few examples that will assist in this time of confusion. Remember, your body is merely a vehicle which you chose to navigate your dense reality. It is reasonable that you would desire that which increases your comfort and I am not saying you aren’t entitled to that. However, impatience, worry and anxiety are not high vibration energies and can be counter-productive to this process that is well underway in so many of you. Never be afraid to ask us for assistance in lessening these intense symptoms you are experiencing. Many healers are re-discovering their innate abilities in working with energies and a simple request to have one brought within your sphere of awareness is but a whisper away.

The urgency you feel to see this ascension process to fruition is mirrored by those who chose a role that appears to be intent on halting this process, but in an opposite manner energetically. Your efforts, and indeed that of millions of souls who are awakening globally, are actually causing this enormous division that you see transpiring. Please do not alarm yourselves in this respect – remember that all events serve a purpose. I spoke last week about those beings who reside in 4D and are influencing many and this is a reality. As you define time, there is a limited amount of it left before the Earth Mother is fully prepared and ready to ascend to a 5D celestial body. (Do you not find it ironic that even your astronomers refer to planets and stars as “bodies”?) Because they are very aware of this imminent and incredible event, they are very aware that there is only a limited amount of time left for them to take what they can, before moving on to their next mission. Yes, as I have mentioned, they too hold a sacred agreement with the Divine Creator and have vowed to play their part to the best of their ability, as you did. This was crucial when the idea of establishing a physical realm was considered by The Creator. It was designed to be a realm of higher learning, where each of you were able to play out a specific role, including the discovery component. As I have said many times, Dear Ones, self discovery is crucial to the experience you requested and constant “testing” was the method you agreed to, in order to develop and mature spiritually. And what are tests but a method of confirming the knowledge, experience and – by extension – wisdom that one has accumulated or acquired.

Many of the angels and masters have spoken at length about discernment. By now, each of you have instinctively developed your own system to determine the truth or deception of new information you are exposed to daily. In this it is crucial that a further consideration is done to determine if new information or situations are sources of learning or simply a distraction from your true purpose. In either case, these have been presented to you as a means to learn and grow. One major variable to consider, in determining this, are the time and energy factor. In all events, the potential exists to take specific courses of actions that will either assist you in this ascension process or to draw you from the path you have chosen. In other words, events which may prove to be little more than a distraction. I cannot give you the specific criteria or provide a singular, one-size-fits-all answer for these must be determined solely by you. Please remember, however, that there are no right or wrong choices in this; it is sufficient that you remain aware that this is a choice and determination only you can make. You are all far wiser than you give yourself credit for.

An enigmatic aspect of the title of this message, “Distractions And The Default Principle” is the latter and it is crucial that you fully understand this. One of the numerous symptoms which are affecting many of you consistently is in the area of sleep. Many of you have noted broken sleep patterns and even after what you deem to be a reasonable amount of time in bed, you awake feeling almost as tired as when you lay your head on the pillow. You – as in that essence contained within your physical vehicle – is engaged in a myriad of activities when the physical body is asleep. Much of the work you do during this time can only be done in the higher dimensions and it certainly is extremely important. What you may not fully realize is that very often you are engaged in activities to assist other entities, for there is still much “work” to be done to see this ascension process to its completion. “The Default Principle” I wish to highlight here can be more easily comprehended when compared to your computers. When you receive it, there are specific programs and an operating system that you refer to as the default settings. In other words, it will function in a specific way, based on what has been programmed into it. If the settings established are not favorable to you, for whatever reason, you know that there are steps you can take to fine tune the settings so its operation is more convenient for you.

Similarly, the actions your soul essence takes, once the physical body is asleep, is set on a similar type of default mode. Certainly, with the approach of this great transformation, you will be required to speed up the process of full integration with your higher self aspect, depending on the need. What happens is that many of you don’t fully utilize your ability to reset this default position and consequently, you continue to have very restless and dissatisfying sleep. This “down time” is a necessity for your physical vehicle that allows it to recharge and changes are continually made that would be intensely uncomfortable if you were fully conscious. My singular suggestion for each of you, Dear Ones, is to remember that your body requires complete rest and relaxation. So, adjust the default setting and occasionally, as you deem necessary, request for an evening off, plain and simple.

With that, I will leave you with the boundless love, compassion, respect and gratitude that is surrounding each of you at all times. We, in the higher realms – and indeed our Creator – are very aware of the difficulties you face on a daily basis, and the urgency you sense at this imminent transition of the ages. Remember, no action you take is right or wrong for each choice always leads to an increase in knowledge and experience, two crucial components in realizing and fulfilling your purpose. Please do not allow others to manipulate your journey by telling you what you “should” do. Certainly seek the counsel of those whom you trust implicitly but, as always, you are the architect of your experience and only you can decide what is – or is not – in your highest and greatest good. It is never wrong to request the answers you seek while your physical body sleeps for it is during that period you are that divine spark of the Creator.

Be blessed and be at peace this day, dear Ones.

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash)

Radio: Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights @ 7PM EST; Mondays @ 8PM EST

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