Message From Lord Raziel: Walking The Red Carpet

Divine Greetings of gratitude and love from the Most High. It is a great honor and privilege to address you once again, Dear Ones, during this time of great transformation. The incoming coded energies have been awakening many; this could not have happened without your efforts. You have all been contributors to a growing wave sweeping over the surface of the Earth Mother with every trial you face and each new insight you’ve realized. All of your experiences, knowledge and consequent wisdom are released by you, in energetic form, into a global consciousness. This is most often an act that you are not even aware of, in a large part because of prior manipulation of the vehicle you now experience your reality through. Many of you have been told that an average homo sapien uses roughly only 1/10 of its brain capacity. This was a purposeful adaptation made to you, as a species, for far too many reasons to list here. Boiled down to essentials, your physical vehicles were designed specifically for surviving in a 3D environment that was established with polarity and duality central to its program. Consider that your brain has two distinct hemispheres, each possessing unique traits that are crucial to the whole. Another component of the rationale centers on the requirement of energetic effort in balancing both of these hemispheres.

Add to that, you were each given a very small gland, well buried in the brain’s mass, which you call the pineal gland. To access it and begin to utilize its potential, each of you were required to undergo a type initiation ritual, unique to the individual, but always resulting from a spiritual awakening of some type. This may have been an event of dramatic proportions or one of simply acknowledging, in a quiet moment, that there was more to reality than observed by your 5 physical senses. In either case, it is an awakening to Spirit, which is essentially the raw energy needed for the act of creation. Combined with directed thought and emotion, it is Spirit that shapes and molds your reality, according to the variables you program it with. There is an aspect of this that some of you find confusing – in the area of abundance, for example. Many of you have questioned this belief in being the architect of your reality when you have a need that is not being met, in your opinion. Many of you have felt that inner urge to move geographically, for example, and yet because of circumstances, it seems little more than an impossible dream. Many of you can feel the pull inside, knowing that you could truly make a difference somewhere, if only the circumstances were more favorable. In this, I will gently remind you to pay attention to opportunities that present themselves, which involve using your particular talents, abilities and skills. That enlightened being who spreads love and compassion simply through their daily interaction with others is just as important and valued as one who speaks the words in front of many.

This suggestion may partly mollify you but it still doesn’t address the apparent lack of equipment, so to speak, needed to step into your role. It is important, from the start, to recognize that your journey has been over the course of your lifetime. During each stage of development, specific equipment – such as housing, food and communications – arrived to assist you, at your request. Those requirements change as you progress, obviously, and, because so many of you are now fully connected to that Divine Spark within you, your awareness of and ability to manifest that which you require is a mutual agreement between both the physical and spiritual aspects of your being. In determining a need and willing it to manifest, it is crucial that it does not run counter to energy already set in motion. There are complex variables involved in the creation process, and while you have numerous Beings of Light working tirelessly to fit the pieces together in just the right way, the importance of involving other souls is beyond measure. Very often it takes a distinct set of actions to transpire for even a small event to manifest. Throughout your journey, that soul essence within you continues to have a stronger influence. Each evening when you spend time in the higher realms, these needs are given directly to those whom have agreed to assist in creating your specific reality. When you experience incredible synchronicities, know they have arrived through your own planning and implemented by your team of spiritual helpers. But they required assistance from other souls and this is where many can lose hope.

Consider this quick analogy. You are in the final stages of preparation to step into your purpose and sense very strongly that it will require you to move. This need has already been expressed by you and your spirit team undertakes the monumental task of finding the right place, based on parameters that you established. Are they going to magically manifest this new home out of thin air or are they more likely to seek out a place that is already built? There would be a cost for moving your belongings, as well. Will your spirit team simply manifest an envelope with the cash you need? It could happen but more likely, they have been slowly working it out so that you receive what you require, when the time arrives. That house may have occupants already, who need to be moved some place, and somehow the funds to transport your belongings must arrive from an external source. If you take just a moment and consider the amount of government “red tape” you often encounter in receiving any type of financial assistance, it will give you an inkling of the sheer magnitude of the challenges we face, in supplying your needs. It is not my purpose to confuse but rather to enlighten and it was important, at this time especially, to offer a gentle reminder. In determining a need, please express it to us. To determine how, when and if it is met, however, are other matters entirely. It is never wrong to include that short phrase in your requests that many of you are using – “in my highest and greatest good”. By including this, the direction of the energy already set in motion is not compromised or deflected in any way.

I chose an apt title for the period of progression in which you find yourself entering – Walking The Red Carpet. There are so many wondrous events occurring that are cause for great optimism. Earlier, I spoke briefly on the brain’s 2 hemispheres and the small gland responsible for much of your connection to higher consciousness. Many of you are well into the stage of knowing that your true origins and history, as a species, has been purposely kept from you. That genetic manipulation which I mentioned continues in numerous ways through added chemicals to food, air and water. Consider the disproportionate amount of physical and mental health issues that have developed in the last 30 years, compared to even a century before. In more recent times, there has been an emergence of genetically modified fruits and vegetables containing toxins and chemicals designed to have very specific effects on the human body. It is no coincidence that children in particular have been targeted for they hold the keys to the future of humanity, as a species. What isn’t fully understood by your “opposition” – those forces that you sense are opposed to the ascension of humanity into an entirely new level of existence – is that even their meddling with the genetic codes is assisting in this process. At one time, for instance, your species communicated almost exclusively through telepathy. This is but one part of you that is slowly developing but it has been effectively turned off in your genetic code, until you were able to achieve a specific vibratory state that unlocked the chains. Signs of this include increased senses and awareness, often of psychic abilities, and history has shown the extent that many of your religions will go to, to ensure any who displayed the signs of awakening to their true potential were dealt with in very harsh ways. It is through your efforts and trials, that so many have begun to understand that special talents or abilities are not demonic influence but rather a unique aspect that confirms they truly are spiritual beings at the core and intimately connected to each other and all that is in your reality. This simple awareness has the potential to serve as a launching pad to full integration but, as you all intimately comprehend, that requires significant effort on your part. Each time you encounter an obstacle – whether it be through the act of developing your true abilities or in the resolution of a challenge – that combined wisdom becomes available to a global mind consciousness. Remember, you are energetically connected to all things within your reality and that all still possess the forgotten ability to communicate without the need for speaking words aloud. I urge you to pursue this development, at your own pace, for it will play a key role in the times that are quickly approaching. To add a measure of optimism here, many of you will begin working with and utilizing telepathy naturally, as the energy codes you receive from the higher realms continues to alter you sufficiently.

The title of this message involved “the red carpet”, a symbol that many of you associate instantly with celebrities and awards and you would not be far from the mark. At some point, Dear Ones, you will step forward and announce to the world that you are in service to the Light. There are great influences at work to demonize and vilify those who step forward and demand changes in the direction your world is going. The great paradox, recognized by your ancient sages was this: You are aware of your dual nature of being both spiritual and physical and yet you must act and react as if the hologram around you is true reality. The Christed One spoke of this as “being in this world but not of it”. Personal spiritual development is crucial but equally important is sharing it, which means action of some type. As I have mentioned many times, there are numerous souls who are awakening to something which many find indefinable. An inner yearning or urging begins but if the individual does not receive the type of guidance or assistance needed, to begin listening and responding to their deep inner soul, they rely solely on their 3D ego consciousness to direct them. Certainly, they have access to the global consciousness and the great wisdom that has been accumulated by so many souls, but if they allow their 3D reality to be their entire existence, they will seldom if ever access the possibilities of their true potential. Part of the reason many will not take that crucial step towards consciously raising their vibration has a great deal to do with the energy already set in motion by those who prefer a populace of servants and followers that can be easily manipulated.

Why do I mention this? Simply put, Dear Ones, you are quite often the deciding factor. You do not have to shout from the roof tops; it is in your daily interactions with others that have incredible potential, more than you can ever realize. One of my keys, given several months ago, centered on a very small act that could reap enormous benefits. I ask, once again, that you begin to incorporate it into your daily activities. All that is required is to make a simple request to be used as conduit to share the Love and Light of The Creator with at least one soul each day. Offer yourself as a vessel to Spirit; in this, you are utilized much more often than you may realize. People are watching events unfold globally with varying emotions and many are watching you, in particular. There is no escaping the fact that part of your purpose here is to serve as an example to many who are still seeking answers.

The new energetic codes being transmitted will have the effect of further separating those who wish to ascend and those who refuse to awaken spiritually. Many actions are taking place behind closed doors that have been initiated out of worry, fear and a perceived loss of control. Those who are taking these actions serve as valuable a purpose as those of you who are assisting humanity with this great shift. The true nature and magnitude of this struggle you are witnessing – between dark and light – is beyond the comprehension of many of you. This is not intended as an insult in any way, Dear Ones, but for you to fully understand would require a much clearer comprehension of the real history of your universe and reality. That has been carefully hidden from you, part of the agreement you made when you incarnated, just as your true magnificence and connection to All That Is has been deleted from awareness at birth. Part of this has been physical, while other aspects have been purposely implanted over the course of eons and has become a part of your very genetic coding. The purpose of the incoming energies, to a large extent, is to unlock that coding and allow you to finally access the great secrets of the cosmos. The rules of the road, in many countries, require that a person be of a particular age in order to be licensed to interact with others in that manner. It is assumed that one will be in possession of sufficient knowledge and experience to take the next step of actually being another driver on the roads.

Similarly, access to higher knowledge requires specific variables to be in place but most important of all is the energetic component. Certainly, a clear vision is crucial, but ultimately it is the rate of vibration which is the determining factor in the creation process. Just like the prospective new driver, certain conditions – awareness, understanding, knowledge and insight – must be in place before one can access this higher knowledge. This is why remaining in joy is so critical at this time, not just for the example you are setting, but also to assist in your continuing ascension.

A final note here, Dear Ones, which is important to retain in your conscious mind. As events begin to intensify and quicken, great uprisings will continue to escalate. What many call the “Indigo” energy is being stimulated, by both sides in your plane of duality, and it will result in the initiation of changes. What are the changes that you wish to see implemented? What cause or purpose stirs you in a way that no other does? To tackle all of these changes is an impossible task for a single individual or even a small group. Imagine, for a second, the world in which you want to see your descendants grow up in and compare it to what you see in your reality presently. Do you imagine that The Creator or those of us in the higher realms, will simply wave a magic wand and manifest that? Each aspect that is identified by you as needing change requires an alternative. Consider an old house on a block of property. It is an ideal location but the remains of the old house, it is determined, must be demolished, to make room for a new one to be built in its place. That new structure requires careful planning because, obviously, there must be some type of guideline established to erect a dwelling to your specifications. It doesn’t just happen magically, there is very definite intent and thought that goes into the entire process.

In a similar vein, many of you have begun to receive suggestions and solutions to recognized problems your living earth is presently experiencing. These “nudgings” are not random, Dear Ones, but rather perfectly timed releases of wisdom. Write them down and share them with others, no matter how foolish or simplistic you may think they are. The establishment of a new reality is a collective effort in which many hold small pieces to the solution. During the last several months, we have been bringing people into your sphere of awareness to assist you with these odd bits of insight you are receiving. Some possess the completing pieces while others arrive to supply or add other perspectives, which are crucial. Please pay close attention to these bits of insight for they help to direct you to understanding and realizing your true purpose.

You will begin to note a marked determination of those in apparent power to continue to limit information regarding specific events and a preponderance for fabrication of others, which are designed solely to keep your species in a state of worry, concern and fear. Continue to seek out objective truth and share it with others. This present cycle must be allowed to attain its completeness, for this as well is integral to The Creator’s Divine Plan. One of the most beneficial ways that you can allow yourself every opportunity to raise your vibration – the key to heightened awareness and insight – is to step outside of the implanted version of duality and polarity that you have been programmed with for so very long. To do that, simply begin by not making a judgment of an event as being either good or bad.

With that, I will leave you with the boundless gratitude, respect and love from our great Creator and those of who walk by your side at every moment. The appearance of the physical world around you may indeed be looking dark and bleak but rest assured, that is in the process of changing in incredibly beautiful ways. This has been as a direct result of your efforts, no matter how small you consider your contribution to be. It is an honor for us to continue to work so closely with all of you Warriors of Light.

Be blessed and be at peace this day, Dear Ones.

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash)

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