New Message From Lord Raziel: Blinded By Delight

Divine Greetings, Dear Ones. It is an honor once again to be the messenger of respect, gratitude and boundless love from the Most High. The choice of title for this message has been recognized by many of you as a play on words and I have selected it for very precise reasons. You have noted a growing movement worldwide for peace and freedom but you have also been made very aware that it is being countered by those under the direct or indirect influence of beings not native to your living planet. It is not my purpose, in this message, to detail the extent of intervention for that will be made known its proper time. For now, it is sufficient that you are aware of these entities, both in physical and non-physical form, for they have had a profound effect on how the human species has evolved. I do not wish to incite panic or fear and I take great efforts to provide you with the necessary tools and insight while still remaining within my covenant established with the Creator.

Throughout your history, you have seen nations rise and fall and if you were to peer beyond the deceptions and misinformation of the altered versions fed to you, you will note it is due, in a large part, to an imagined image of superiority. Other elements are also self evident including greed, jealousy and envy. You have seen, even in your present times, a great conflict unfolding that seems to be centered on religious beliefs and differences but is that a true and real depiction of the rationale for such conflicts? Add to that, ideological and political differences, as rulers of powerful nations seek to dominate those who have little or no defense against overwhelming military and economic power. That tiny percentage of humans who hold the vast majority or wealth within your world seek only to acquire complete control and they have a vast array of measures and methods to achieve this. It is this component that I wish to highlight today for understanding these machinations is essential in countering and neutralizing their effect.

There is so much I would like to convey to you, regarding the present period of progression and evolution you are in the midst of but, like all Beings of Light, we are severely restricted by a mandate set in place by the Creator. I have reminded you many times that self discovery is an essential component to your experience in your 3D reality. You have often seen people lose faith in the Divine Creator when what they perceive as needs are not met in a specific time frame. So many have prayed for the miraculous healing of another, their intent only to assist, but they do not fully understand this crucial piece of wisdom. Self discovery is the method you chose to experience your reality and each event is designed to assist in your ongoing education and development. Some of you, who have followed my messages, may well have some concern with this. After all, I have proclaimed that each of you were chosen specifically to incarnate in human form at this time because you are experts. And yet, I tell you now that all your challenges and adversities are designed to aid in your spiritual maturity. From one perspective this sounds contradictory and yet, in a much broader context, it makes perfect sense.

Many of you are confident that there is a great plan in place and that you play some role in its successful completion. A great internal conflict can arise when you compare yourself to another. In this frame of mind, you will have second thoughts as to whether you are truly making a difference and honoring the agreement you made with the Creator, prior to this incarnation. Consider the components that are needed to make a simple loaf of bread. Many will consider that the baker is the most important part but what of the farmer who tills, toils and harvests the wheat and grains, not to mention the trucker who hauls them, the people needed to store it and even you, the consumer. Take out only one component of this process and the likelihood of  baking that loaf of bread disappears completely. So it is with all things that are presently occurring in your reality. All are needed and all play a pivotal role in what you see transpiring around you. The next time you begin to feel that your role is insignificant, Dear Ones, please remind yourself of this analogy. Doubt and insecurity provide open doors for many beings who are resistant to seeing this great transformation take place and they do prey on this with great consistency and delight. Once again, like each of you, they also play a key role. Without challenges that result in acquisition of new wisdom and experience, no being can progress in a spiritual manner.

The use of the term “spiritual” has caused much confusion throughout your history and in your present period of progression, this has become a point of great contention. Many who have followed false teachings will claim that being “religious” and observing the laws and commands of their sacred texts is the only criteria for being a truly spiritual being. Unfortunately, these same religions have used this area of vulnerability for their own self interest – to control and dominate the lives of its followers. This has served as a rallying cry in an attempt to pit one belief system against another. The recent revelations of atrocities committed by so-called priests and religious leaders is just the beginning, for this is being used as a tool to convince normally rational and compassionate people of the “evils” of other religions. With little effort, although there are numerous variables involved, those who seek a unified planet under tyranny are able to maintain and amplify this low vibrating energy. It is no secret that the vast majority of media are owned by those who have a definite agenda of misinformation, deception and slander to further the cause of their cohorts. Just as many small communities and groups will take care of their own, before assisting one who is outside of their village, these same individuals are working collectively to shape the future of humanity as a species in a way that ensures continued slavery. Remember the analogy of the loaf of bread?

Maintaining conflict and ill will among opposing belief systems is but one small tool in the arsenal of this group. For many millennia, the quest for more, better, stronger, faster, convenient and more beautiful has served to incite people to acts of barbarity and depravity that echo through the ages. As a species, you are very much a newcomer, in terms of galactic history. Technologically advanced beings are now working directly with many of your governments and most certainly what you term the “elite” or “illuminati”. These beings have long and eventful histories and have gained great knowledge on how to obtain and enforce control over a large population. Division of diverse beliefs and ethnicities is but one avenue they are advancing to these gullible humans who mistakenly believe that they are in control. It is one other component, however, that affects each of you directly and I have mentioned it briefly already.

I entitled this message “Blinded By Delight” for good reason. It is essential that you are aware of the tactics being used against you. Your media is full of advertisements for products and services of an infinite variety. The method used most often works on the notion that you need this or that and then detail the great delight you would feel and experience, if only you had that new gadget, that faster computer, the labeled designer shoes or a snazzy new car that will be the envy of your acquaintances. The science of advertising is based largely on the science of psychology and manipulation of the human desire, psyche and most importantly, the image seen by others. If you buy the latest designer clothes, for instance, you will note that each will contain a label that identifies it as being genuine. The more costly the item, the more desire to obtain it and display it. Your reality has reinforced that it is more important to look good in front of others than to feel peace and contentment within. This very effective marketing has caused many to be blinded by delight when they are able to obtain that latest gadget to show off to their friends, but it comes with a hefty price tag that must be paid. What has happened is preponderance for material possessions over spiritual development and personal freedom for many. And yet, it remains a very effective method of control and manipulation. I will issue only one warning that you can choose to accept or disregard at your discretion. Be very wary of new means of communication devices, especially your televisions, computers and telephones. I am not able to detail how crucial these components are to the ruling elite of your planet except to remind you that they have been granted technology from the advanced races that make it very possible to control the thoughts and actions of those who are using their devices. This apparent gift from these races has come with a very heavy price tag that is being paid by you and not the ruling elite of your planet. They have offered you as payment and trade for this new technology and if I were to inform you of the atrocities that have been committed against you, as a direct result of this arrangement, you would be mortified. Key to the combined plans of both human and non-human is a necessity to control and dominate every aspect of your planet and your lives. I do not state this to cause undue worry or anxiety but merely to inform you that there is much more going around you than many are consciously aware of.

It is essential that I provide some type of alternative to you, leaving the implementation process entirely up to you. Some of you are feeling ill at ease when I suggest that there is something wrong with wanting to add comfort and convenience to your lives and it is a reasonable argument. You were not placed in your reality to live a life of squalor and need. However, you must understand that each of you chose a specific role and it is only through awareness that changes can be initiated. The alternative I suggest here is quite simple: do your homework. It is essential that you can honestly determine whether what you are seeking to purchase is a real need or simply a desire. This can be accurately done by many of you, with little or no conflict, due to your present monetary situation. There are others, however, who are on this ascension path who possess the money required and it is these souls whom I addressing right now. Certainly, it is your right as sparks of the Divine Creator to live a life of relative comfort and each you possess the ability to manifest that which you need or require. But I return to the decision you must each make – is it truly a need and is it in your highest and greatest good or in the highest and greatest good of all involved? It is the last statement – the highest and greatest good of all involved – which I wish to provide some additional illumination but it comes with a caution. Once you are aware, there is no returning to a point of ignorance or innocence.

As a spiritual being, would you find great delight in purchasing an object or service when you are made aware that others have been injured, mistreated, abused, tortured, raped and killed so you could have that new little trinket or gadget that has become so fashionable? I make no judgment of your answer for it is a personal decision you must each make. You must understand that money is merely a form of energetic exchange agreed to by each party involved. By purchasing a product or service, you are adding your energy, in some form, to the benefit of another or in most cases, many others. Certainly, you obtain that which you desire but at what cost, if it has been made or produced by barbaric and brutal means. In this regard, I ask that you use your own resources of information gathering and search out a single term – conflict minerals. This is but one example of many that is purposely kept from the public awareness. I will not suggest any actions needed for each of you, who are spiritually aware, will come to your own unique conclusions and courses of action. Again, Dear Ones, I make no judgment for this is your journey. Use you own discretion and intelligence but please, do your homework on the background of these flashy new items that you are continually being convinced, through constant advertising, that you must have. If your research brings to your awareness information that indicates any type of suffering went into the materials or manufacturing, you must decide what to with that awareness.

The main purpose of this message is contained fully within the title – Blinded By Delight. There are countless avenues that are being used to deceive and manipulate you and each new awareness that you realize must be shared. Don’t be blinded by dazzle, image or greed, for those energies that are produced run counter to what you are each here to achieve and have worked so hard to accomplish. This ascension into a new form of being is very real and each of you are in the process of becoming very bright shining lights and establishing an entirely new civilization and way of being.

I leave you with the enormous love, gratitude and respect from our great Creator and each of us who work with you so closely. Be blessed and be at peace this day, Dear Ones.

I am Raziel, Keeper Of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash – Jul 18/10)

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