THE ADVOCATE: A Birthday Poem for Cathie


Who is this girl, what’s her identity

The one we all know as Cathie B?

Is she a radio host who shares empathy?

Or friend of the angels soul family tree?


Michael smiles and says she’s quite brassy

Raziel chuckles and says, yes, she’s quite sassy.

Her personal dragon wheels in patterns high above

While Faith hugs her tightly, an embrace filled with love.


Metatron smiles warmly when he hears her name

And Raphael grins and feels much the same.

In her journey of healing through action of heart

Uriel has stood close by, lovingly taking part.


Jeshua and Miriam, alive in times of old,

Were of the same soul, despite what you’ve been told.

They are close to Cathie, she holds a place in their hearts

And offer their love, when that single tear starts.


A warrior, sister, and a mentor of many

She has many titles and serves roles aplenty.

The angels agree though, and are quite explicit:

She’s known in the heavens as The Advocate.


If you enter her chat room, with a mind like cooked mutton,

I give you fair warning – she loves her boot button.

If you offer respect, respect you will get;

You don’t want to mess with The Advocate.


Nick Nash, October 2010

Happy Birthday, soul sister Cathie!  Nick xxx


You can catch our radio show every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights @ 5 PM EST at Cathie’s Distant Echos.

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5 Comments on “THE ADVOCATE: A Birthday Poem for Cathie”

  1. Lisa Bonnet Says:

    this is beautiful Nick. i enjoyed picturing the Angels faces, you have made them feel real to me.

  2. cathie Says:

    that is one of the most beautiful presents ive ever had bro…. ive never had anyone write a poem for me before… and to have it from all yalls soul (as one) is truly the most wonderful gift a girl could have… thank you all so much from my soul to yours… xoxoxoxox love ya always mwah!!!!

  3. cathie Says:

    love the pics as well xoxoxoxox its so cute… the little warrior (thats me) lol and the little dog (thats me too lol )

  4. Lins Says:

    What a beautiful Birthday poem for Cathie
    Happy Birthday Cathie,
    Wonderful writing Nick.
    God Bless You Both
    Love Lins xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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