Message From Lord Raziel: The Art of I.C.E. Alchemy

Greetings, Dear Ones! It is a great pleasure to again be the bearer of the boundless love and gratitude from the Most High. Present conditions in your reality have obligated me to send this message, for it is an extension of my previous one which was compiled on the second day of your new year. Events have progressed – and will continue to do so – with great rapidity. To fully understand this magical key today, it is imperative I quickly recap the central focus of my last message. Once again, I will remind you that my role within this Divine Plan is not of revealing specific future events but rather providing specific keys that will assist you each in achieving your full spiritual potential. In every case, the keys I offer are timed precisely and, like this one, are sequential.

For greater clarity, I drew your attention to the common cold. Each of you have contracted this virus, along with the accompanying signs and symptoms. For each of you, there were variations but the important component in combating the effects was recognition of the early symptoms. There are tell tale signs that precede the onset of a full-blown cold which, when recognized, allow you to take immediate action. There are many herbs that can lessen the intensity of the symptoms but it is crucial they are taken at the first sign of impending discomfort. There is a definite and distinct parallel between this and your spiritual development. Each new phase of lessons and insights are similarly accompanied by very distinct symptoms that serve to prepare you, if you remain aware. As with what you call ascension symptoms, these tell tale signs are also unique to the individual. Early recognition is your soul’s way of preparing you for the possible discomfort of alteration or, in some cases, outright disintegration of established paradigms.

Another major component of my last message involved what I called the “fast track scenario”. In the coming year and beyond, due to numerous factors that are becoming self-evident to each of you, you will be required to retrieve and assimilate knowledge at a much quicker rate than you have previously. The path you have each chosen is not for the faint of heart and requires considerable sacrifice and testing. Why should this occur, you might ask? Surely, if the Divine Creator has chosen you to perform a specific role within this Divine Plan, there shouldn’t be any need to be evaluated. Please allow me to reassure you that it is not the Creator or even your mentors and teachers from the realm of Spirit who distrust you in any way. These challenges that arrive as apparent tests are of your own request, or rather that of your Higher Self essence. Consider this comparison. Would you be comfortable having a surgical procedure done by a young doctor who possessed the book knowledge but had only performed the operation once? Similarly, imagine being granted the full wisdom of an ascended being, complete with the power to make instant changes to your surrounding reality. Once you have reached that level of transformation, this is exactly what you can expect. In an honest evaluation, can you say that you would be able to act and react in a responsible manner, while observing the limitations of the Creator’s Divine Plan? Once you have achieved this transformation, there are many new rules and laws that will apply to you, that are only of marginal importance as a physical being. As with developing any skill, the key is continued repetition until the actions become second nature. This testing allows each of you the opportunity to essentially practice your actions and responses, ensuring you are not like the young doctor with barely more than head knowledge of a delicate procedure.

“The Art of I.C.E. Alchemy” is an extension to this and once again, extremely timely from an energetic perspective. You have witnessed unusual and even incredible events on the news, people stepping forward to voice their need for change, despite the knowledge that they would be met with harsh and barbaric responses. These seem to have erupted from nowhere but the reality is that each soul involved has been undergoing a slow process that eventually gained critical mass within a community or country. You have also witnessed the force exerted against those who wish a better reality by secret organizations and governments intent on keeping reality as it is. As I mentioned in my last message, the triple event of your solstice in December was very highly significant, from an energetic perspective. A gate was opened, a barrier was lifted and the result was a massive influx of both new energy and enlightened entities, both crucial elements in this ascension process. Each of you have been recipients of both and the result has been considerable confusion for many. For this reason, my key today will focus on a very specific aspect of why this has transpired now and how you can assist more efficiently.

The ancient art known as alchemy has its origins in the original Universal Principles, rules that were set in place by the Creator at the point of creation. It is arrogance in the extreme for mankind to assume they are the first recipients of this knowledge and wisdom for it is older than time itself. In your earlier history, it was commonly believed that alchemy was simply a way to magically transform base metals into gold. This is true to some extent but hardly comprehensive in its scope and purpose. It is essentially the art of transformation and transmutation, the act of changing from one state to another. Many are aware of the physical manifestation of this secret process to make gold but mental and spiritual transmutation are even more important aspects of this art. It relies on continual testing, for both validation and to determine a means of achieving the same result every single time. This particular key will not allow you to make physical gold but rather will assist you in purifying and transmuting the mental and spiritual components of you, as a complete being.

“I.C.E.” is simply an acronym for an approach that is crucial at this time, one which contains 3 distinct yet very related components. The “I” represents integrity, the “C” is compassion and the “E” refers to empathy. Remember, alchemy is not a single action but rather a series of actions designed to bring about a very specific change or transformation. To some reading this, you will likely sigh and claim you already know all about these and this message has little to offer you. I urge you to continue reading for it is the process and application of these three ingredients – known as an alchemical recipe – that will have a significant effect on the speed in which you progress through this ascension process. And not only you but every other soul who contracted to undergo it as well.

To fully understand, I will make another comparison so you can understand my cryptic words more fully. Consider an extreme situation. A family member has been injured badly by an unprovoked attack but you were given advance warning of this. As an ascended being, complete with the wisdom and power akin to an angel’s, you have the capability to respond and take action. From an emotional standpoint, very likely your first instinct will be to either rescue your loved one or perhaps even consider enacting “justice” on the perpetrator. After all, you have been granted that power by the Creator. It is important to reiterate here, Dear Ones, that once you have reached that level of transformation, there are new rules and guidelines that must be adhered to. Failure to do so – in this case taking action based on your emotions for purely personal reasons – will have definite consequences. This is why it is crucial that you begin now to employ this valuable tool.

In every difficult situation that interferes with your emotional well-being, you are given choices in terms of response. Some religions would claim that it is perfectly acceptable to observe an “eye for an eye” mentality but that is not an approach that has a spiritual basis. It does little more than continue to allow the negative energy to circulate. Observe your world and the horrendous acts being committed by groups and individuals. They do not extinguish or transmute the underlying negative energy but rather serve to flame it further. This type of response and belief has no place within the new reality that you and countless millions globally are working so hard to achieve. It is unfortunate that mere lip service is paid to incredibly valuable alchemical recipes, as found in some of your ancient writings. In the Proverbs, as an example, one verse contains a multitude of wisdom: “A soft answer turns away wrath”. This is not an endorsement to inflict punishment or revenge but rather the total opposite. It suggests using a higher vibration – a soft answer – to overcome a lower vibration – the wrath or anger. This is true alchemy. Many of you have employed this and have witnessed the dramatic effects that can take place.

As for application, I.C.E. Alchemy is simple but seldom easy. Utilizing this key will likely be one of the greatest challenges you have ever faced but face it you must, if your goal is to complete this transformation process you are presently undergoing. Simply put, when faced with a difficult situation, take a few moments before you respond. Ask that you are guided to respond in a manner that includes Integrity, Compassion and Empathy. These are all extremely high vibration states of mind and being. Remember the essence of mental and spiritual alchemy? You must use a higher vibration to overcome the lower. In terms of personal growth, this will greatly speed up your transformation process but there is another, equally important component that bears illumination.

The conflicts you note in the world around you are largely the result of these very same conflicting energies. One camp desires reality to remain as it is and that is in direct opposition to the direction in which you and the living Mother beneath you are heading. I will add that remaining in this present state of rampant low vibration actions and thoughts runs counter to the Creator’s Divine Plan. You cannot expect to use violence and force to overcome what you deem to be “evil” and then believe that you can then establish the peace you wish to see. The foundation is incompatible with the result that you have striven to achieve. The important component I speak of is known as the universal or collective consciousness. This is influenced by each of you, which means that each of you must play a role in molding the future of humanity. When you can effectively and consistently apply this key, it will impact that global consciousness and be available for all to begin utilizing. In this, all I can add is that you are being assisted by many in the realms of Spirit. It is essential that this new paradigm, one which is established on equality, compassion, integrity, tolerance and peace, begins with each of you. If you look closely at world events, you will see that the way-showers have already begun to step forward.

My last message also contained another very valid truth, in that there is a type of “sorting” that is being done. Yes, that means that each of you is being tested with the goal of being able to transmute and transform low vibration energy into high in an instant. It is imperative, especially now as so many begin to awaken from slumber, that this approach – I.C.E. Alchemy – is placed into the global mind. The results will be unlike anything seen in your planet’s history. Do not be led astray by naysayers who claim the end is near and there is no hope for humanity except to allow a small portion of the whole to take control. Universal Principles are immutable and cannot be argued with, tricked or intimidated. This grand experiment taking place in your reality is being observed very closely. As dark as it may seem at times, know this: The Creator has deemed this ascension to continue to fruition and no force will stand in the way of Divine Will.

With that, I will leave you with a final word of advice. As with each phase of your development and growth, new guides are assigned to you, for the duration. Once you have assimilated the wisdom and can apply it consistently, they move on to assist others. Each of you are now being coached and mentored by very enlightened beings who may teach in a way not familiar to you. Before each sleep cycle, request that you are able to return with clarity of the lesson you’ve undergone and ways to apply it, in the physical world. As always, an essential component is to offer yourself to those in Spirit, to assist Them in achieving Their roles. The benefits to all concerned is beyond comprehension but, in short, you will be blessed in many different ways.

I will conclude, Dear Ones, by expressing the enormous and boundless love and gratitude emanating from the Most High and all points in between. Understand that the confusion and conflict you see being played out around you is the result of souls awakening to their purpose in this lifetime and all is as it should be. I cannot promise you an easing of tensions or removal of negativity entirely from your reality. I can promise, however, that consistently applying this key – approaching each difficulty and requesting to react in the vibration of Integrity, Compassion and Empathy – will have an enormous effect in drawing your reality in a direction that will truly seem like heaven on earth. It is only a matter of time before this mind set is a central component of your reality. This is the will of the Divine Creator and it will not be stopped.

Be Blessed and at peace this day, Dear Ones


(Message channeled by Nick Nash, Jan. 30/11)

My sincere thanks to Ellie at Crystalinks for the images of Lord Raziel. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out her site, I would highly suggest that you put aside some time to do so. It is one of the most comprehensive resources for all things paranormal and spiritual that I have encountered and an incredible resource if you are a seeker of wisdom.

You can catch my radio show every Friday & Saturday @5 PM EST, and Sunday @ 7 PM EST. The theme has been – and will continue to be for several more shows – “Exploring Magic In Metaphysics”.

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8 Comments on “Message From Lord Raziel: The Art of I.C.E. Alchemy”

  1. Wow…thank-you Raziel, thank-you Nick. This message hits home like a ton of bricks. But in a good way. 🙂 It’s necessary we practice ICE starting right now. Something happened to me about a week or two ago. I saw myself…an ugly side. It opened my eyes…and I realized I had not been acting the way a loving human acts. I’ve since been conscious & catching myself…watching my reactions, and able to be more compassionate and understanding. It will become second nature…I feel it already…and it feels good. 🙂 Thank-you again.

    • Blessings to you, sister! You will continue to be a wayshower for many. Your experiences and lessons learned will continue to assist many and I am honored to be a friend. Blessings, Nick xx

  2. Anna Strickland Says:

    Dear Beloved Lord Raziel and Nick,
    Thank you so much for this invaluable and incredible – linked -information.
    I was overjoyed on receiving this additional reading, as after waiting so very long to hear from you, two messages are received within days. Terrific.
    I can relate strongly to this, as recent events have echoed in my life.
    Compassion keeps featuring predominantly, and last week, I was given a vision of the Goddess Kuan Yin, with the words ” compassion, love and tolerance.”
    Although, I’m very compassionate, it is mainly where: animals, the weak, vulnerable and injustice is concerned. So perhaps this specialism should be extended to All.
    Secondly, never before have I encountered so much unscrupulous behaviour, dishonest and fraudulent practises committed by an individual I.S.P. telecoms company in the U.K. owned by a billionaire.
    Consequently,I’ve used the word Integrity ( or lack of – in this case ) numerous times recently.
    Moreover, I’ve felt enormous Empathy, for other fellow customers/ victims undergoing the same outrageous treatment.
    No doubt it’s ‘the old order going out kicking and screaming.’

    • Ah, Kwan Yin…. I had the pleasure of working with her during one period of my journey and she has an incredibly beautiful energy. This message filled in some details for me as well. I have the tendency also to be more slanted towards the underdog in my compassion. What I have noted, by using this tool, is that “they” bring an awareness of aspects of a given situation that I had not fully considered before – no being is totally “evil” or totally “good”. Very often it takes very difficult challenges to finally wake us up and force us in a direction, in our growth and development, that we normally would not take.
      Thank you so much for your kind comments and support. Blessings, Nick

  3. Anna Strickland Says:

    Important to add that the above terrible experience does not apply to my present I.S.P. ( B.T.) who are fantastic.
    In gratitude,
    Love, Light and Blessings.

  4. Mothra Says:

    I LOVED your post on Gnosticism and Archons and have been studying this fir over a decade…. I feel you are on the right track with that…. However, this channeling of this Raziel…. Do you really think that “he” isn’t one of them? Think about it. You said not to give yourself up to spirits in the Archon post, then channel a message for him that says we should “give ourselves” to the spirits “trying to help us”. Sounds like sabotage us is more likely…. Be careful bro.

    • Mothra Says:

      Oh and there are many being that are “evil” enough. I don’t understand how you flip flop on that issue. They are liars, any being that would actively force a human into ANYthing is highly manipulative and does not redirect free will. Don’t let the Archons get to your head. I’ve dealt with them. They may “feel” good or present themselves as love but that is not what they are. I only speak out because I’ve dealt personally with many of them. Turns out the beings truly helping us are of a code of non-interference and minimalism.

      • You make some very valid points. As for flip flopping, I cannot and will not accept that an entire group of entities is inherently evil and should be regarded as such. One of their strategies is to “copy cat” entities who are a source of strength and wisdom. Consider Azazel, as an example. The lies about this entity are endless, ranging from being the ringleader of a “rebellion” and being tossed into Duadal to being a desert demon that the Hebrews sent their scapegoat to, to be devoured. Galactic Fed continues to say that Michael and even “Jesus Sanada” are on a spaceship right now, all ready to instruct us lowly humans on how to live peaceably within a universal context and community… with promises of NESARA and prosperity for all, after the bad guys have been removed from power and they are set up as our instructors.
        I fully agree with you that any being who tells you that you “must” or “have to” do something should be ignored. TY for your insightful comments.

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