Show Notes and Resources for Feb.05/11

The following constitute both the references and direct links to the material I covered during the show on Saturday. I will make an attempt to continue to provide this material here, after each show, in the future.  This show, of course, is part of my series entitled “Exploring Mystery In Metaphysics”.

To set the stage, with the objective being a more complete picture of how this ancient knowledge impacts on us today, in the world around us… there are minute threads of evidence which, taken on their own, may appear to have little or so significance. In another context or perspective, however, the importance may be of enormous significance. One such common thread encountered, in terms of modern-day Christian beliefs, involves  the Knights Templar and their very unique contribution of innumerable mysteries that may well never be answered with any degree of real accuracy. The piece I opened with actually came from a newsletter subscription I receive from the International Order of Gnostic Templars.  The link will take you to a page with a great deal more information about their mission and history.

We also examined the misleading prophecy of Isaiah 7:14, which has been quoted for centuries as proof of Christ’s imminent birth. As the article describes in some detail, that is a false and misleading determination because that verse is taken entirely out of the context in which it is found. That particular “prophecy” was directed toward King Ahaz of Judah and heralded the coming of his own son.

This leads in to a piece that discusses very different viewpoints of Mary and Joseph, and are introduced to Jahoshua ben Pandera – one source claims that this was the real name of the one we call Jesus.  So who were Jesus’  “real” parents? The piece is quite lengthy but highly informative. From another viewpoint, we also examined how Jesus was regarded in the Rabbinic Traditions.  Next, we explored another key thread on the mystery, that of the bloodline of David, through Solomon and then, allegedly, to one of Christ’s parents.  The intrigue mounts because, attached to the line of Solomon, there is a family curse.

We concluded with Solomon, from a Wiki entry, a short descriptive piece relating to ancient magical grimoires alleged to have been written by him called the Keys Of Solomon.  A fascinating read for any avid history buff of the paranormal, the Testament of Solomon is a definite eye-opener, if you haven’t been exposed to the “wizard” side of Solomon before.

We’ll pick up from there on Sunday’ s show and tie these fragments of the puzzle into a cohesive form… hopefully. I’ve got a piece from Allison Rae to help bring some clarity, as well as Johan Calleman and his assertions that we are entering the 9th Underworld, according Mayan prophecies. Hope you can drop by and share your light in the chat room… if not, I’ll post the show notes and links shortly after its conclusion.

Namaste, Nick

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2 Comments on “Show Notes and Resources for Feb.05/11”

  1. Lins Says:

    Dear Nick,
    This is most helpful Thank you for putting this together in such an easy way with the links. It is very much appreciated. I am really enjoying this weekend’s shows and I am going to re-listen to the archives.
    Thank you for all the research you do to bring to us a fascinating wealth if information.
    God Bless You,
    Love Lins xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. You’re awesome, sister, TY! Nick xx

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