Show Notes and Links for Feb.11/11 – Exploring Mystery in Metaphysics

Here is rough outline of the resources cited during the show on Friday night. My apologies for not getting them up last last Sunday and will do my best to include them in the future. Once again, this is part of a series centering on “Exploring Mystery in Metaphysics.”

Couple of recent news items that tied religion with significant historical events:

We have already established through a number of sources, including the International Order Of  Gnostic Knights, that there is strong evidence of a significant Jewish component. To understand a bit more, we have to examine some of the main characters that have been instrumental in the formation of many modern-theories of thought regarding religion.

We established, as well, that prior to “The Flood”, an event recorded initially in the Epic of Gilgamesh, the rule of kings who “descended from heaven” until that time, ruled for thousands of years.  Examining “Ha Qaballa” , we found another link, a being known as Enoch.  The most prevailing opinion, according to Biblical scholars, is that he was taken to heaven and became the archangel Metatron. In any case, he played a role in introducing astrology, among other occult subjects, to enlighten the people.

What is interesting about this being is the parallel in other cultures and belief systems. He was known by the Greeks as Hermes, by the Egyptians as Thoth.  In conclusion, I read from Tablets 4 and 5 … Tablet 4 includes an exit strategy for astral projection as well as an incantation to use, prior to journeying.

More Tablets tomorrow, among some other mysteries that need to be explored. If we hope to understand what is happening in the reality around us at this time – and our place and purpose within it – it is essential we are seekers of knowledge. Understanding the basis of wisdom of the ancients is crucial to this ascension. Already, great minds are activating toward heart centered consciousness and using their curiosity to come up with fascinating ideas to assist many.

Namaste. Nick

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