Show Notes and Links for Feb.13/11

Here are the sources cited and accompanying links for the “Exploring Mystery in Metaphysics” show from Feb.13/11.

We began with an examination of the Ancient Shepherd Kings, including one of the most famous – the father of Gilgamesh – known as Dumuzi. The purpose was to establish that having a shepherd-like figure as a leader or king had been part of history and used by religion in the formation of their doctrines and dogma.

One of the most puzzling actions taken by the Pope – and disturbing to me, for a number of reasons – is the change in focus, regarding the new Rite of Exorcism. The fundamental approach of the entity as an attachment was not to be used. In its place, an exorcist must regard the “demon” as being inside the person. This has not been done haphazardly or without considerable thought and planning – there was some purpose for this change, riding on the bow waves of ever-expanding charges of abuse and betrayal of trust by this same organization, those wonderful people who brought us the Inquisition. My point is that it is impossible that these actions, like the Inquisition, are neither sanctioned nor demanded by a Benevolent Creator and certainly not the Christ, who they claim is the fulcrum of their religion. It cannot be so… do you believe that the Christ would stand by with a smile and an approving nod as the torturers wrung “confessions” out of helpless victims, all in His name? So what is going on?

We examined a bit about the Islamic version of the djinn and their viewpoint of these entities. We concluded with one symbol – the pentagram – with variations that are used and the “opinion” of religion. Isn’t it a bit odd that the armed forces of the USA, China and Russia all use a pentagram on their weapons of war? Where are the zealots who believe the pentagram to be inherently “evil”? And how about the so-called Star of David? Where did it originate and is there a hidden and nefarious reason for using this symbol to identify a Zionist regime? Consider, it is a “hexagram”… to “hex” somebody is to cast a spell on them. There is also some correlation, from sources, that tie this symbol with the “666” Anti-Christ of the Revelations. Examine this link and ask yourself honestly if this is truly the words and teachings of a benevolent Creator or something else entirely.

There is a lot of “heavy” stuff in these shows that may appear to demonize or vilify specific nations and belief systems. I do not present this information simply to sow discord or disharmony and it is NOT my intention to injure anybody. The bottom line is, that based on my own ongoing research, it has become blatantly obvious that we, as a species, have been lied to and manipulated for many centuries.  The truth is now being revealed in small increments and I do not believe that it will stop, no matter what form of “persuasion” the Powers That Be employ. On the contrary, the “truth vibration” has already become a part of the global consciousness, es evidenced by the recent actions by the Egyptian people. Up until now, “revolutions” have been founded on blood… what is happening in Egypt and elsewhere is a recognition that this no longer serves our purpose. It is not a foundation we wish to establish for our children and grandchildren. They have made a point of demonstrating peacefully. James Redfield calls this the 12th Insight in action.

At the request of my own team of “mentors” I ended with a short piece by Lorna Byrne. It is a reminder that we are all needed by the Spirit and how important it is to pay attention to those “urges” They send us to assist another. Remember, you are a messenger of the angels.

Namaste, Nick

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