Links for Feb. 19/11 Show

We’ve focused mainly on the Thoth identity this weekend, “Exploring the Thoth Identity”.

Rather than a lengthy commentary here, I will include only the links. Do not accept everything as truth but please do not dismiss anything, out of hand, simply because you have never read or been told about it before. There is a LOT that has been purposely kept from us. One of the purposes has been to try to keep people from understanding that we, at one time, were highly evolved beings who possessed great knowledge that was free to everyone.  Just like we see how a very small percentage of the population is in control of numerous aspects of industry, including the media, governments and banking (among many others) the wisdom of the ancients was purposely removed from our public consciousness for the benefit of the few. Yes, the same few who direct actions from the shadows, too afraid to step into the Light. And afraid they should be… this wisdom is re-emerging and becoming a part of the global mind. At critical mass, there will be no stopping the forward momentum. The old reality energy will crumble as the new reality energy becomes more powerful.  As Light Workers and Emissaries of the Light, we definitely will have our work cut out for us…. but this is why we chose to be here now.

An interesting piece that claims the true identity of Thoth leads into one with a great deal more info from an historical and historical perspective. From the same site, we can glean a bit more about the relationship to Merlin, Jesus and St. Germaine. We ended with the preface from the Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean.

We’ll be looking at a few of the Tablets which have some incredibly valuable kernels of wisdom contained within, most of it hidden in plain sight.

Namaste, Nick xx

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2 Comments on “Links for Feb. 19/11 Show”

  1. Lins Says:

    Thank you Nick,
    What a wealth of intriguing knowledge A quick five minute browse turned into a hour and a half. And there’s still much more for me to read up on.
    Love Lins xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. giraffe Says:

    Thanks so much for putting all of this information in Raziel’s blog. It’s a wonderful resource to accompany the show archives.


    Peace & Hugs

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