Links and Show Notes for Feb.25/11

Below are some note and sources referred to during this installment of  “The Thoth Identity”.

I ran across a beautiful story of an unusual bond developed between a hippo and a tortoise, after the hippo was swept away in a tsunami and lost its mother.  From there, I spent a bit of time reading about the behavior of a certain member of royalty and another article which gave a reasonable explanation for behavior of this type.

We began with a brief description of Thoth and the Emerald Tablets , perused how his knowledge impacts on the art of Alchemy. We concluded with a revealing book review of The Hiram Key., which drew many parallels and similarities between the modern-day Masonic Order, Knights Templar and the teachings of Thoth.

Thanks for dropping by and hope this adds to your own knowledge base.

Namaste, Nick xx




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2 Comments on “Links and Show Notes for Feb.25/11”

  1. Lins Says:

    Thankyou Nick,
    Your research is marvelous and the links most interesting.
    Love Lins xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Thanks sister. Nick xxx

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