Show Notes and Links for the Feb.27/11 Show

Here are the sources and links for this installment of “The Thoth Identity”, as well as some personal notes. The show was initiated by another insightful article by Owen Waters, from his “Spiritual Metaphysics for the New Reality” newsletter. I could not find a web page for it so have pasted it below.

The Cosmic Conception
by Owen Waters

As your awareness grows spiritually, it rises in frequency. Each step that enhances soul awareness brings with it a more expanded viewpoint of reality.

Humanity today is processing the mind-expanding concept of life on other planets. Every step in that direction is met by small-minded resistance and skepticism and, yet, those steps keep being taken by those who dare to venture away from the parochial view of our tiny planet being the only one that matters in the whole universe.

Today, in 2011, scientists have studied the early results of NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler telescope and estimated the first cosmic census of planets in our galaxy. The numbers are astronomical, with at least 500 million of those planets in the not-too-hot, not-too-cold zone where life could exist. And, that’s just in our galaxy: The universe contains over a hundred billion galaxies!

Bear in mind that this estimate of life-friendly worlds is still limited by the concept that life can only exist in bodies just like ours. The idea that intelligent life could be designed to operate in other environments and at different temperature ranges hasn’t yet entered into the picture, so the actual possibilities must be much greater than this early estimate.

Furthermore, all of the above relates to physical humans in this third-density layer of existence. But, what about other densities of existence? Physical humans can live in the lighter realms of fourth density as well as in our current, third-density existence. On Earth, we have been working through third-density experience and using the fourth-density world only as the place we go to in the afterlife. That is about to change.

The greatest change of The Shift will be when the earth ‘rises in the heavens’ and we all shift into a fourth-density frequency of physical existence. Things will still look the same after this frequency shift, although consciousness will be seen to have a more noticeable influence on reality. So, let’s not discount the existence of physical life in fourth density on any of the 500 million or more planets.

A view that encompasses a populated universe rather than just one planet would also explain the mystery of where all the souls alive today have come from. Where did all of these billions of souls come from? Today, there are more people incarnate on earth than the sum total of all incarnations in all of recorded history, so we’re getting extra people from other places, and a lot of them.

When you expand your viewpoint to a cosmic conception, you can appreciate that The Shift is a wave of ascension rippling through this part of the galaxy. Could it be that, like surfers looking for the next good wave, people have come from other planets to be a part of the action here on Earth?

The truth is, Earth is a ‘happening place’ right now. Incarnating on Earth during the era of The Shift is a huge experience for any soul exploring physical reality anywhere in the universe. Just being a part of the changes that are leading up to the big change is something that gets imprinted in the soul experience of anyone alive today, either in a physical body or in the world of the afterlife.

Let’s face it, we’re facing an historic ascension wave that will carry us from third density right over the hump into fourth density. So, right now, planet Earth is where the action is!

We began with a recap of a “rescue operation” by Thoth, Tablet X, in which he he used his “magic- science” to free the “Lady of Light”, who is none other than Lady Isis. Much of the show focused on her and the roles she plays within the Egyptian pantheon of gods.

Of particular interest to Light Workers is Thoth’s reference to both Brothers of Darkness and their adversaries, Brothers of Light, and their ages old battle. What is important, in terms of Thoth’s words, is that Light is always victorious in the end. Those who work with the “dark magics” are well aware that those who have traveled the path of Light obtain skills and abilities that are far more powerful and potent than the Dark Brothers.

I took a short break to read a piece posted recently on an excellent site called What Really Happened (one of my absolute favorites for finding alternative news not reported by the controlled main stream media) contending that the Biblical version of the Exodus may well not have even happened… based on recent archaeological discoveries in Egypt.  According to Zahi Hawas, secretary general of the CSA, “The exodus is a myth.”

Reading from Tablet 6, we confirmed Thoth’s assertion of the ages-old battle… the link is above.  My apologies for posting it out of order. Taking a bit of a turn, we explored a piece that asserts that it was actually an ancient secret society that killed the one known as Jesus Christ! Certainly, it is important that we exercise objectivity but the article does point out some interesting facts not generally known about secret societies. The final link is to an article that outlines suggestions that Satanism is being practiced in the Vatican... confirmed by the late FR. Malachi Martin.

Good reading and hope this brings some new knowledge and clarity. Until next weekend…

Namaste, Nick xx


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