Links and Note for the Show Mar.05/11

This show, as part of my “Cosmic Gods and Celestial Beings” series once again centered on the shamanic journey.

A quick review of a brew used by shamans called ayahuasca, to help open the doors to “non-ordinary reality” led into another explanation of the purpose of the shamanic journey itself.

An extremely important but not well understood component and purpose, in terms of the journey, involves “soul retrieval”.

The link gives a great general description, as well as indications of soul loss, how to return soul fragments to another that we may – unknowingly – have been holding, and a means of determining if you are in need of this sacred ritual.

The passage I read, in the final portion of the show, was from my novel “The God/dess Remnant”… unfortunately, for a number of reasons, I will not be placing any of it online until I have completed the recording process.

At the end of the show, I suggested checking out a site that begins a new 42 day cycle. The owners are part of the Go Gratitude Team, which provided an important component – an understanding of how valuable gratitude is on one’s spiritual journey – in my progress. This new initiative, Blooming Humans, is designed to set an intention, in terms our role within the Divine Plan. I signed up and am suggesting that you at least check out their sites.

Tomorrow, we’ll look into the “shadow” and another fascinating – and potentially very dangerous – aspect of shamanic work known as “Skinwalkers”.

Namaste, Nick xx

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