Message from Lord Raziel: Cycles of Intention Deficit

Greetings, Dear Ones! It is with enormous pleasure I am able to not only communicate with you in this manner but also relay the enormous love and gratitude from the Most High. Based on global events transpiring presently, it is extremely easy to become anxious about and, perhaps even, disenchanted with your path. To many it may seem as though those aligned with the “negative” spectrum of polarity hold all the power but this is an illusion. I spoke in my first message of the year of how you would see great shifts occurring in human awareness. Additionally, when considering what would take place in the coming year, many of you could feel a quickening of vibration within, the prelude to great change. Yes, that vibration of your future, aligned with what many of you call the “Christed” energy, is being felt by literally millions around your world. Many do not recognize it as such but that does not diminish its effect or the great potential for change it carries. As I suggested by analogy, it was like the vibration from a vintage violin reaching outwards and connecting with others who understand, on some level, the frequency and message.

It is a time of great upheaval, as is always the case prior to any great transformation of the species you chose for this incarnation. Your history records many periods of time in which a new type of thought or understanding began to take shape and was demonized by those who had no wish to see their own power base erode. In this statement, to you who are observant, it implies actions that are taken to stem or stop the inevitable from taking place is largely ego based. You must continue to remind yourself that nothing in creation remains static. Even we, who inhabit what you call the “angelic realms”, are seldom idle in our ongoing development and education. Yes, we are also on a path of continuing advancement of knowledge, experience and consequently wisdom. In terms of Universal Principles, this could be referred to as the Principle of Vibration, which essentially acknowledges that nothing in creation is in a “rest” state but rather in constant motion. Your “future” is dependent on the actions you take in the present or “now moment”. One may wish to remain in place but if your unique contribution to the Creator’s Plan requires action on your part, situations will develop to essentially force you to honor the contract you made, prior to this incarnation.

My last message included an extremely valuable key which I entitled “The Art of I.C.E. Alchemy”, which provided a guide to assisting you, especially during this very pivotal period of rapidly shifting energy and actions. In it, I suggested that prior to any action or decision, simply request that you do so, in the vibration of Integrity, Compassion and Empathy. For the future many of you wish to see, including the freedom to pursue this transformation process without undue interference, these energetic vibrations are essential for alignment – not only for you but, by extension, all who will have access to the results of your own exploration and journey. Each of you possesses great nuggets of wisdom, much of it gained through times of great pain and confusion. By sharing the results, by living the results, this wisdom can be accessed by anybody who is seeking the discoveries you have made and the hard-fought victories that you have achieved in uncovering them.

My message today, and the magical key I wish to share, is essentially an addendum to I.C.E. Alchemy. When you view events taking place and strange actions being perpetrated by those who are in power, there is no mistaking that they are out of alignment with the direction the human species is taking. More and more you see leaders who have brutally abused those whom they were supposed to be safeguarding. On one hand, the revelations are shocking and the effect is normally of rage, anger, grief, anxiety and worry. To the spiritual being, however, you are able to see beyond the physical trappings and regard the results – or effects – that have occurred. Varying amounts of time have transpired – which was crucial – for a great majority to reach “critical mass” and finally begin to take action. There is no doubt that many injuries were incurred but they were absolutely necessary to serve to awaken many who were still sleeping or unable to take a stand, for any number of reasons. In no way do we condone violence against another and many times we have petitioned the Divine Creator to intercede. Like you, we also fully recognize that every event serves some purpose.

So, why so much confusion? Why are people taking random actions that are in direct opposition to the words they speak? In a nutshell, they have not done the preparatory work from a spiritual perspective. I have mentioned a Principle known as Cause and Effect, a law that is mirrored by your own physics. When an action is taken, and only minimal effort has been used to determine the “effect”, especially a total disregard from a spiritual or universal perspective, very seldom will that effect match the sender’s desire. Certainly, to some extent, it will match the intent, but it is important to realize that actions taken must be in alignment with Divine Will and the future so many of you are making a reality on a daily basis, through your own efforts.

The magical component of this valuable key is really an acknowledgment and understanding of employing direct intent – from a spiritual perspective – to ensure the result is fully in alignment with the creator’s Divine Plan. “Cycles of Intention Deficit” refers to a lack of preparation when seeking a desired outcome. For example, any time that you react with slight anger or even a sliver of contempt to anybody, the energy cannot be hidden from the universe and it will respond. If your goal was to further intensify hostility, then it has been achieved. As a spiritual being, one who holds a portion of the very Creator within them, promoting hostility, separation or division cannot be a part of your actions. However small, that energy runs counter to what you wish to accomplish during this shift of the Ages.

“Cycles Of Intention Deficit” is a reminder of the power of your intentions and includes a course of action to take so you are fully aware of the effect you wish to achieve. So, how is this accomplished, you are likely asking? Simply put, take some time before any action and determine, as completely as possible, what you wish to achieve – what you would like to see as the outcome. In the case of manifestation, as just one example, an essential factor in your equation must be a consideration of who else will benefit. You may idly think that I am saying it is wrong or improper to ask for abundance, unless somebody else benefits monetarily.

No, that is not what I am suggesting.

In this case, a request for abundance, you are certainly the main beneficiary. However, take that one step further. Recall the contentment and joy that you feel when your needs are taken care of. It has a positive effect on your outlook, which leads to a higher vibration and, by extension – because you are a spiritual being – you feel a need to share that energy with others in your daily interactions. As you can see, it may not be the abundance that you actually share but rather the energetic effect of it. My suggestion, once again, is to take the time and really consider the effect you wish to achieve, complete with how it will be of benefit to others. Along with that, as a side note but very much related, is the actual sharing. So many of you have had to endure incredible pain, fear and even terror, on your journey, before arriving on the other side with a whole new set of insights. Share them when you can or when you are urged to by your own Spiritual Mentors and Teachers. Share your joys with others and especially when you are given a gift of abundance. It may be an action as small as buying a bag of peanuts to feed the squirrels but the point here is to pass on the blessing. It does not diminish the joy you felt at receiving; in fact, you will find that small actions like this actually add to the contentment level, raising your vibration. Remember, what you share with others will always be returned. It is your choice entirely, and one that is neither right nor wrong: accept the blessing and keep it to yourself or share it with another soul and add a blessing to their life.

Be vigilant in your studies, Dear Ones. Now, more than ever, your efforts are needed as more and more souls awaken to the possibility of something very new and very beautiful unfolding and taking root. Another little secret that will keep your vibrations high is to request the Creator’s blessing on others, especially those you may not necessarily like or respect. It tells the universe that you are spiritually mature enough to over ride your human emotions and act as a powerful spiritual being, not as a human being.

I leave you with the boundless love of our Divine Creator and those of us who are honored to be in service alongside you. Take every opportunity to ease the suffering of another, when you can, and share your joys, successes and love. These are needed, as are each of you, Dear Ones.

Be Blessed and at peace this day, Dear Ones

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash, Mar. o6/11)

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Namaste, Nick xxx

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One Comment on “Message from Lord Raziel: Cycles of Intention Deficit”

  1. Lisa Bonnet Says:

    Nick, thankyou very much for giving us another beautiful message from Lord Raziel. These messages are helping me to stay on a good spiritual path. Christ did a perfect job of teaching us these principals – but it was 2000 years ago which is a long time for us earthlings. It certainly helps to receive some modern-day encouragement and reminding.

    I was very interested to read that the Angelic realm is learning and evolving too. I had already come to this conclusion, even before reading Lord Raziel’s explanation. I was happy to read the verification of my concept about this.

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