Links and Notes for Mar. 19/11 Show- “The Anti-Christ Chronicles”

Notes from this component of  “The Anti-Christ Chronicles” including an opening piece on Karmic Retribution and Reward .

The final tablet of Thoth, the Secret of Secrets,  includes some cryptic information on “The Twelve And One”:

Leave thou thy body as I have taught thee.
Pass to the barriers of the deep, hidden place.
Stand before the gates and their guardians.
Command thy entrance by these words:

I am the Light. In me is no darkness.
Free am I of the bondage of night.
Open thou the way of the Twelve and the One,
so I may pass to the realm of wisdom.

When they refuse thee, as surely they will,
command them to open by these words of power:
I am the Light. For me are no barriers.
Open, I command, by the Secret of Secrets

Is there a link between this odd entry, written into the concluding few paragraphs of the Tablets themselves – hence, highly significantand other belief systems, in regards to the character commonly known as the “Anti-Christ” or Messiah? We explored Zep Tepi in greater detail, not the least of which is a promise by Thoth/Tehuti to return to help usher in a new Golden Age, along with a number of demi-gods.

Ironically enough, there may be a slight thread to tie this with another unusual group, common also in a number of belief systems, by different names, but known best as The 144,000 .

Another source claims this is actually 2 distinct groups – one of warriors and one of spiritual teachers, each granted extraordinary special abilities. Most associated with the Sixth Seal of the Judeo-Christian version, the author claims there are hidden numerical codes within the Bible, which amplify or clarify specific events.

Our final stop also shares a common thread with the above-mentioned group with the Hindu contender for this “Anti-Christ” or Messiah figure is the Kalki Avatar, literally an avatar of the One True God. This entity, by far, the most fascinating, in my opinion. There is an obvious Shambala connection between Thoth, the ancient mystery schools and the Hindu prophecies of the beginning of Satya Yuga or age of peace. Of particular note, this is the only being who interacts with the elemental kingdom and receives their assistance in his battle against “the agents of Kali”.  In all, a fascinating character with a theme of violence and bloodshed being a common element of all of these figures of myth and legend.

Namaste, Nick  xx

Thanks Lins! xx

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2 Comments on “Links and Notes for Mar. 19/11 Show- “The Anti-Christ Chronicles””

  1. giraffe Says:

    just checkin in… thx for posting the links.

    peace, brother nick.


    — giraffe

  2. Sister! It was awesome to talk to you, however briefly. Your call was VERY much appreciated.
    Namaste. Nick xxx

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