Show notes and links for Mar.25/11- “The Anti-Christ Chronicles”

Another installment of  “The Anti-Christ Chronicles”, picking up from last weekend with a quick review, which began with an understanding of each of the major religions and the number of people adhering to that belief system. The purpose, of course, is to more fully conceptualize how much energy has accumulated in these varied religions, as they pertain to prophecies of the “End Times” and an “Anti-Christ” , “Savior” or “Messiah” specific to their belief.  We read a short piece on  myths of  “High Beings and Celestial Gods”.

This leads to a very ancient race of super beings known as Watchers and Elohim. What role do they play in this “End Times” issue? Is there truly a Rise Of The Watchers presently occurring, because of the significance of this present period of history and evolution?

I read from a site, whose owner claims to channel messages from an enigmatic group of divine beings known as the “Shining Ones”. Remember,  a number of indigenous belief systems in North, Central and South America make numerous references to the “Shining Ones”… their role apparently to help mankind through this transition process.

A final few moments was spent reading the contents of a letter from Pike to his Illuminati master in Europe, in which he outlines the purpose for 3 major world wars.

Until tomorrow…

Namaste, Nick

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2 Comments on “Show notes and links for Mar.25/11- “The Anti-Christ Chronicles””

  1. Lins Says:

    Hey Nick, Thanks for posting these links so quick. Great show tonight very informative and I enjoyed listening to you.
    God Bless You,
    Love Lins xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. YVW, sister. Nick xx

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