Links and Notes for Apr. 09/11

Another segment of The Anti-Christ Chronicles, which began with a segment on the Sons of Thunder and a recent “Supernatural Encounters Event” and was followed by another equally disturbing evangelical organization whose leadership, “…of this post-denominational movement seeks to bring together Charismatic evangelical Christians in order to take Christian dominion over the earth in preparation for the end times.”

The sons of Thunder believe that Psalm 24 is some type of prophecy about them and their mission. The New Apostolic Reformation thinks that Joel 2:23 speaks about their group.

I read a short description of Albert Pike’s involvement in the Illuminati’s world plan for conquest… in order to bring the “Light of Lucifer” to the people.

In order to anticipate the future, we have learned to look back in history to see clearly established patterns. The rising level of religious intolerance and bigotry we see today is mirrored in different periods throughout history but few more horrendous than the Inquisition.

So if “witchcraft” and “Lucifer” are apparently regarded as “evil” by the self-appointed evangelical “apostles” of the NAR, it would make sense to get their perspective and basic ideology.  We find that Luciferianism is not just one belief system where all adherents regard reality in the same way and that Wiccans may actually live their lives more aligned to Christ’s teachings than many Christians.

We concluded with a quick look at Carl Sagan’s view of the Malleus Maleficarum , claimed to be one of the most disgusting manuscripts ever written.

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