Links for Apr. 17/11 Show

This show is dedicated to a personal hero of mine, one who embodied in his actions and understood that we are all connected.  He was an Italian journalist named Vittorio Arrigoni and a few days ago, he was brutally kidnapped and then murdered.  There is another flotilla due to arrive in Gaza in roughly a month and it has been renamed ” STAY HUMAN” –  a phrase Vittorio often used in his writing and broadcasts.  In my view, he was a very enlightened being who was  aware, on some level, that his death would be necessary for the struggle of the Palestinian people whom he loved so dearly.

Vittorio Arrigoni, the peaceful "Samson"Vittorio Arrigoni – 1975 -2011

You will not be forgotten, Brother Vittorio

These are the links for this installment of The Anti-Christ Chronicles.  Some very positive and uplifting news to start with as Bolivia becomes the first nation to grant “Mother Earth” – whom they refer to as “Pachamama” – the rights of a living being.

Not a lot of links on the show today:  We explored Chuck Missler’s version of the Anti-Christ, according to his version of Bible prophecy. Additionally, “why disguise aliens as demons” ?

 Who or what will constitute the “armies of the anti-christ?” – according to the Bible codes.

Lastly, we quickly we examined part of the question of who is the Grail Company and Race?

Thank you so much for dropping by and I hope these links help you with some clarity. Understandably, the more research is done into this topic, the more misdirection, propaganda and even outright fabrications appear to sway people’s thinking  in a very specific direction – one where their version is “correct” and all others are “wrong”.  It is so important that we exercise discernment but, at the same time, try to keep our minds open. When all else fails, ask Spirit for assistance in this area so that truth is revealed to you.

Have a blessed week.

Namaste, Nick

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