The Anti-Christ Contoversy – Links for Apr.23/11 Show

This show, entitled The Anti-Christ Controversy  we explored only a pair of links but they proved more than enough to sow more confusion on a “Christian” perspective of the End Times and the associated characters in the play leading up to – and including – the alleged Battle of Armageddon.

Sherry Shriner, who claims to speak directly to “Yahweh” contends that we are all angels in the flesh. Her rationale is that, as humans we are referred to in scripture as “spirit”, which she concludes that, by extension, means we must be angels. Unfortunately, she contradicts this in several places.

We also took a look at another of her articles, The Difference Between Aliens, Demons and Fallen Angels.  Her overall implication is that aliens are not aliens at all but rather fallen angels and Watchers, who are here to essentially steal the souls of people.  It is a viewpoint, I suppose, but not one I subscribe to.  Granted, some of those posing as “aliens” may well be some other type of entity, but a blanket assumption that all of these beings are essentially demonic is nonsense, in my opinion and belief.

Namaste, Nick xx

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