Gods, Legends and Supernatural Oddities – Links and Notes for May 06/11

Glad you came by and I hope these links and personal insights in this episode.  I began with a few articles on some very strange sun behavior and the undeniable fact that emanations from the the sun is affecting matter on Earth directly. To lighten the energy, I read a very refreshing article about some unusual Israeli-Palestinian co-operation that could well land these brave women in jail.

From there, I attempted to establish an underlying thread of connectivity among religion and ancient magic. I read a piece written by a practicing Christian on his research into “Christian Zionism” and the outright contradictions with his belief.

It cannot be argued that what we know as “Christianity” has its basis in Judaism, and hence there is a thread of connectivity.  The lead-in to the real topic involved a group known as “Sons of Thunder” and some very strange magic at work in their meetings.  I recognized several examples of magical workings very similar to those described in texts by the legendary Abremalin The Mage.

Enjoy your exploration!

Namaste, Nick xxx

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One Comment on “Gods, Legends and Supernatural Oddities – Links and Notes for May 06/11”

  1. Domenica Amore' Says:

    Nick, your website is awesome, so much devotion and dedication! THANK YOU!

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