Links and Notes for May 29/11 Show

This show was an attempt to unravel a thread between established religious beliefs systems, their version of the “End Times” – complete with their own unique “Messiah” figure – consisting largely of the slaughter of any who are not “believers”.  The legend of Shambalha speak of a final king, who will ride forth and conquer the world, leaving behind  two kings to rule as his regents. The Kalki Avatar – the alleged avatar of “God” – also uses a massive army to conquer the world and rid it of “non-believers” or “mlecchas”.  Judaism does not recognize Jesus but do believe in a coming “Messiah” who will rule a world government from Jerusalem.

Additionally, we looked at the similarities between “Christianity” and Islam, as it relates to the “Anti-Christ” of the Bible and “al-Mahdi” in the Quran. In our neck of the woods, indigenous peoples of central America believe in the return of Quetzalcoatl, the winged serpent god.

Where does this all lead? As I have contended many times, the metaphysical knowledge that is available today had to have come from somewhere.  Our awareness of other realities has been documented for thousands of years, complete with a supposed “King List” which details the reign of kings, which begins with.. “When the kingship descended from Heaven.” There are undisputed parallels not only among religions and “End Times” scenarios but also the “Alien Agenda”.  Is there a Master Plan that ties it all together?


That all, guys. Thanks for coming by!


Namaste, Nick xxxx

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One Comment on “Links and Notes for May 29/11 Show”

  1. giraffe Says:

    thx for all the updates, nick. sending u peace. ur sister giraffe 🙂

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