Metaphysical Musings for Jun. 24/11 – Notes and Links

A curious set of events cut this show short but considerable ground was covered, beginning with a story out of Louisiana involving a teen named Damon Fowler. An a-theist, he had the nerve to point out he was uncomfortable with prayer being said at his upcoming graduation, explaining to the principal it denied his first amendment rights. – namely freedom of and from religion in a publicly funded center of education.  His brother wrote a heartfelt letter to the teacher who had commented sternly to the news that Damon had made no contribution, of any kind, to the other students or graduation.  He received death threats and threats of personal injury if he showed up at graduation and, that wasn’t enough, returned home to find all his belongings on the front lawn. His mother had kicked him out!!! The good news, if you checked out the above links, is that he is now safe in Texas with his brother, complete with over $25,000 towards his university scholarship, courtesy of donations from around the world. The point of interest in all of this has to center on the actions of the students, many claiming to be Christians, who actually believed it was acceptable to threaten an individual with bodily harm in Jesus’ name, essentially.

A “Lucid Loook at Lucifer” examined some sources not often cited, about the true origins of the name “Lucifer”. It might syrprise you to know that there was a bishop in the 300 CE era named Lucifer, which indicates it had no negative connection then. So, what happened? One answer might be that, according to the Dead Sea Scrolls, much of the Bible, cobbled together from numerous sources, has been purposefully distorted and mistranslated.

My apologies for taking so long to get these links up. Got some fascinating stuff tomorrow so hope you drop by the chatroom.

Namaste, Nick xxx

PS. I have been working on a surprise for you guys. I had read one of my poems called “The Heir To Ares” on one show and you guys said how much you enjoyed it. Well, I am working on the sequel to it and I’m hoping to have it ready for the show on Sunday evening.

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