Astral Musings – Jul.17/11

This show was initiated with a narration of two of my favorite poems, which I wrote some years ago –  The Sacred Gift and Immortal Visions.  I ran across an oddity at one of my favorites sites Crystalinks, which provided significant evidence that the “number of the Beast” as threatened by the Christian religion, is not 666 but rather 616.

A quick review of possible past life influence in our present incarnation was followed by an examination of “deja vu” and its related components.  Faux spirituality is on the rise and it is essential that we are able to recognize the games played by those who exert enormous influence from the shadows, just outside of our time/ space reality.

A completely different perspective of our true history can be found within the Urantia Papers, ostensibly written/channeled by various groups of soul races including one known as The Melchizedeks.  We briefly touched on one paper entitled “Seraphic Guardians Of Destiny”. There was some fascinating info and insight regarding how one is assigned specific “guardians” and even a Thought Adjuster.

That’s it for today. Thank you for dropping by.

Namaste, Nick xxxx

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One Comment on “Astral Musings – Jul.17/11”

  1. cathie bradshaw Says:

    its great to know what so many have questioned from their dreams.. and are they dreams or us going into dimensional worlds or realms… i dont know for sure… all i do know is i am not afraid..i just “am”… love your new posting… youve been greatly missed with your words of wisdom… you always give me comfort in knowing we are not alone in all we are experiencing…though never the same (we are all being given different instructions on our many tasks we are to do) …after all is said and done im finding when we share we create a tapestry of just that much more knowledge as well as a gathering of spiritually minded people who have mankind in our hearts for the betterment of others with nothing but love and we cant forget nature/mother earth for without her much wouldnt exist here on this plain… thank you nick for sharing and namaste’ to you as well …

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