Sword of the Seven Stars

With taking a much-needed break from radio, I have been able to focus on other aspects of my journey, a key one being artistic expression. No matter if that expression means keeping kitchen cupboards neat and tidy, personally ensuring your car remains in top shape through your own efforts, planting and tending a colorful garden or creating a great symphony – these all represent varied aspects of creativity.  Engaging in those activities we often call hobbies draws on the very core of who we truly are – this outside body is merely the vehicle which houses our true identity…. a unique and divine spark of the Creator.  Many belief systems that have risen in modern times subscribe to the idea that a major part of our role and purpose is to experience a very unique reality for the Creator.  It stands to reason, then, when we are engaged in pleasurable, hobby-like pursuits, it is in response to that inner self, a direct piece of the Creator.  In short, our unique expressions of creativity are really the Creator expressing Itself through us, or in the least playing a hand for the benefit of the experience.


Of course I do not expect everyone to subscribe to these ideas but they have arrived after considerable research and personal experience. When it comes to hobbies for me, poetry has always been there, since childhood. I have never considered “poet” as career.  Taking a break from radio, at this time, was not coincidental for me.  My “mentors” had just started me on a very intensive new set of energy exercises and the result was quite dramatic.  This break has allowed me to write 7 or 8 truly incredibly complex poems. It has been – and continues to be – a truly incredible experience when I am “urged” to perform this exercise and then sit down behind my computer.  There is a great deal of evident wisdom in them but even more that is “encoded” so to speak.


On a side note…. One thing I have begun to understand and realize is that the global situation is becoming more erratic, clearly designed to assist only the multi-billion dollar corporations and a globalist agenda.  Strong words and yet the evidence is overwhelming.  And clearly, the “media” is little more than the propaganda arm of these same globalists.

But here’s the interesting part, that I have come to regard as highly significant. There is a new player in town, of inter-dimensional origin, which has been held back from taking actions to aid the Light due to very ancient accords, established among the “star races”.  No, I’m not talking about the Galactic Federation.  These beings are activated, for lack of a better description, when an evident imbalance occurs. The living earth beneath us is in the process of birthing but requires the energy of humanity  to assist the transition.  I do not know the extent to which they will be allowed to intervene, as they have on numerous occasions in recent years, but for those who are here to undergo the ascension process, I believe they will be receiving assistance in many ways.  Even for those with highly developed psychic skills, direct communication with them is difficult but they do seed the dreams of many with updated “programming”.  For several nights, my entire sleep period has been like attending a series of lectures… each time I rolled over, it was as if a new subject was being covered or a new page in a book.  I cannot recall these “downloads” in detail and am trusting that the energy work they have me doing allows the newly-gained wisdom to be accessible to my inner soul.

Once again, I will not push this on anybody as fact.  I have taken note of the oddities and coincidences that have been occurring for me recently,  especially since the first epic was penned several weeks ago.  There is an energy afoot in the background of this mess humanity has created with their greed whose goal is to assist humanity to take this huge leap in evolution.

Aside from the above narrative, a purpose of this post was to provide a link where you can listen to several of my recent “epics’. Dubbed Sword of the Seven Stars Album, you’ll find the dual pieces it is named for, as well as both parts of Heir to Ares, Knight Over Dark and Spell of the Dark Fae and will be posting a new recording later today, part 2 of Cosmic Draft entitled “Cosmic Draft 2: Iron Raven”.  I truly hope you enjoy and don’t be shy to tell your friends.


Hope you’re all doing well. Not sure when I will be returning to radio because I sense they have more writing in my future, among other things.


Namaste, Nick xxx


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2 Comments on “Sword of the Seven Stars”

  1. cathie bradshaw Says:

    oops left this comment on the wrong space: my bad lol… it was meant for here so posting it here as well:
    its great to know what so many have questioned from their dreams.. and are they dreams or us going into dimensional worlds or realms… i dont know for sure… all i do know is i am not afraid..i just “am”… love your new posting… youve been greatly missed with your words of wisdom… you always give me comfort in knowing we are not alone in all we are experiencing…though never the same (we are all being given different instructions on our many tasks we are to do) …after all is said and done im finding when we share we create a tapestry of just that much more knowledge as well as a gathering of spiritually minded people who have mankind in our hearts for the betterment of others with nothing but love and we cant forget nature/mother earth for without her much wouldnt exist here on this plain… thank you nick for sharing and namaste’ to you as well …

  2. Evelyn Vollmer Says:

    Hello Nick, we miss you but understand:). Sounds like you are doing wonderfully and will be checking out more of this site in the future. Much love and take very good care of yourself, Ev (eve1heart)

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