Cosmic Draft 2: Iron Raven

My sincere gratitude to you guys for checking out my Sword of the Seven Stars Album.  This short post is selfless promotion for another narrated piece that I was finally able to record and upload today.  Entitled Cosmic Draft 2: Iron Raven, it contains what could be an alternative story to what is commonly known as the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.  What if, instead of being “dens of iniquity” they were really cities of love and light who refused to bow down to a pretender god? The god is enraged and orders destruction by a fire god, after taking one of its kind prisoner and subjecting it to torture. With no choice, the being does destroy the dual cities but changes its mind suddenly and reverses its actions. What effect would that have on timelines, our own especially? The sentinel is offered an unusual alliance with a group – among them Lucifer, Satan and Beelzebub – who plan to overthrow the pretender to hasten their redemption.

That’s it, in a nutshell, and it is an unusual piece in many respects. It will undoubtedly lead to a part 3 and I am looking forward to the journey it will take me on.  I made an interesting observation this week that confirmed – to my satisfaction – that much of these recent pieces especially are filled with insights that I have corroborated from several sources.  I purposely add “to my satisfaction” because it is not my wish to impose my perspective on anybody.  I am also aware, based on the direction these poems have been going, that at some point, some people will be offended. This piece especially offered a very different view of the cosmic order that has darkened our planet for millenia, one that runs contrary to most organized belief systems – especially those that are derived from the Egyptian religious sun god worship… Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have their roots in Egypt. Another example, confirmed by David Icke of all people, was a new paradigm that formed its foundation after digesting several highly informative and well-researched series of articles by my friend Tom which began with “Corruption Of The Demiurge”.  

His stated conclusions, based on his research and insight, will make many uncomfortable. He suggests that what religion perceives as “god” is really a type of “thoughtform” that has been created and modified over numerous millenia.  I have some small knowledge of thoughtform creation, which affords me a much different view than most people. Not superior just different. Most who are adherents to some form of religion would be outraged to be told that each of us are capable of sending a piece of our astral matter to a distant location…  and then reabsorbing it and reviewing what it saw and sensed, like a movie playing on the mind’s eye.  And the inevitable reaction of being in league with “the devil” – by whatever name he’s called this month – is to be expected at some point, without fail. It is beyond most people’s experience, aside from the sleep period, where they are truly aware of who they are.  That’s not a judgment, just an observation.  I am extremely blessed to have some deeply spiritual people in my spiritual family who are also religious practitioners and have a found a way to blend religion with true spirituality.  They are a gentle reminder to me that the deeds of its leaders or even individuals are not a true reflection of all in that belief system.

I wanted to leave you with a few links to articles I came across this week in my research that have been HIGHLY informative, in different ways and in different areas of interest.   A fascinating discussion about Yahweh’s alleged family, which includes some familiar names from the Bible.  You won’t hear about this on MSM. After over 2 years of digging, noted Israeli archaeologists have stated that they can find no archaeological evidence to prove that Solomon’s Temple even existed! This follows on the heels of a stunning announcement by eminent Egyptologist Zahi Awas earlier this year in which he stated that, based on the evidence, the exodus of Jewish belief did not happen…. at least not in the way portrayed in the Tanakh or Bible. The timing of such announcements is never coincidental.  This was highly informative and comprehensive piece that resonated strongly with, for the most part. As with all such information, always important to apply objectivity and critical thinking.  One of the major aspects involved a fascinating new insight into the ascension process and even suggests a mass ascension of the first wave between October 16 and 11/11/11.  Many of you feel that this date is significant, without even knowing about this article. While being objective, being open minded is equally crucial, enough at least to consider that there may well be elements of truth in his article.  I differ in perspective with some of what David Icke talks about but, based on my own experience, research and insight, he is right on the money with this video. It only runs about 11 minutes but is extremely informative with a viewpoint that some will find enormously uncomfortable.

Thanks for dropping by. I really appreciate your taking the time and I hope it hasn’t been a disappointment.  I’d love to hear any responses to this post.

Namaste, Nick xxx

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One Comment on “Cosmic Draft 2: Iron Raven”

  1. Lins Says:

    Many Thanks Nick for this posting and the links I look forward to checking them out. I’m really looking forward to Casmic Draft 2 Iron Raven and will write to you when I’ve listened to it.
    Glad your still researching and sharing.
    God Bless You,
    Love Lins xxxxxxxxx

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