Anemones’ Dreams

I am overjoyed to announce that this poem was published  by The Palestine Chronicle.  In all honesty, it was not written for self enrichment and it is enormously gratifying to me to know that it will be read by those whom it was written expressly for – the brave, loving and resilient people of Palestine. I encourage you to follow their link below if you seek objective information about the true state of affairs in that region and, if you can, please consider making a small donation to enable them to continue their much-needed work.

This is primarily a quick update to introduce my latest piece of work entitled Anemones’ Dreams. The link will take you to a recording I made of it, along with a short message for the brave and resilient people of Palestine.  I urge you to continue to stay informed about that situation and you’ll find some excellent resources in the links bar, where you are getting the straight goods, direct from the source.  I would highly suggest, if you are interested in staying current, to bookmark the following:

The Palestine Chronicle

Desert Peace

Gaza Mom

The Palestine Telegraph

Bil’in Village

Peace Now

Saladin – A Voice In The Wilderness

Palestine Family Net

There are many sites that report on the “Palestinian Issue” from a hands-on and objective position, unlike MSM and their propaganda and lies that would have us believe that Palestinian’s lives and future are less important than the rest of the world.

It is the incompetence and severe lack of integrity displayed by the “negotiators” that have ensured that no peace solution is ever found…. or ever will be.  This is merely another part of the global plan of domination that puts bankers and tycoons in a position that they were not elected to – by the people – and have no interest in their welfare, save for the amount of blood and money that can be wrung from them.  The entire charade of the “peace talks” is laughable, if you are in mood to do so, and the threats made to the Palestinian people (and many other countries), should they continue to seek their rightful freedom from an occupying force, is beyond reprehensible.  WMD’s in Iraq, and now magically in Syria and Iran, the cover-up of the horrid butchery and savagery being implemented by the TNC with ZATO’s tacit approval and support, daily bombings in Yemen, destruction of the infrastructure of numerous countries and we can’t forget the US’s favorite – rendition for guilty and innocent alike… these are merely a small sample of the actions of these same “peace brokers” who now threaten impoverished and defenseless Palestine and any who would dare to side against the will of governments of Israel and the US. These are not the results of actions by the people – they are the demands made by cowards who would send others to their death to make a few extra dollars or to keep their own butt out of jail or the headlines.

OK, deep breath, Nick….

One thing is certain… if we fall into despair then that is exactly what we attract to us.  For reasons I can’t fully express here,  what is happening in Palestine plays some part in my purpose for being here.  Is my contribution to be a simple poem and little more, as far as supporting those brave and resilient people? I sincerely hope not. They have endured more hardship on a daily basis than many of us have in years and yet they still strive for freedom – a right granted by international law – despite having the deck stacked against them by greedy and psychotic politicians and corporate cowards in  the shadows.  Ooops did I say that?

In some of the above links, they have thoughtfully included photos. I urge you to take a look at the faces and the hardships they face each day…. but also their beautiful country.  Deeply spiritual, my research into getting to know these people from afar has been an eye opener, on many levels.

With few material resources, I wanted to do something for them, a gift that would be entirely theirs that nobody could take away from them. The following poem is the result and it was composed with enormous love for those courageous and beautiful people. I have sent it away as a possible submission in a Palestinian-oriented paper but I am including it here for your enjoyment.

Anemones’ Dreams

Dotted on a barren hillside, a group of flowers live,
Spread in bright red families, they are always active.
In the cold of winter they rise to life, defying every odd,
And remain in place, for the native race, and those from far abroad.

For time untold, the group had lived in the sprawling meadow,
Outside of ancient town Bil’in, from a time quite long ago.
Spread out among the many valleys, they adopted every village,
The family living near Bil’in, felt their role a privilege.

In December dawns the darkest month, with nights both dark and cold,
And when hope among their village fades, they take a step that’s bold.
To remind the humans whom they watch over, to never give up love,
They slowly change to full crimson shade, with blessings from above.

And then the coming of warming spring, they slowly fade from sight,
As those who have been slumbering, react to God’s great light.
New life comes forth with diversity, and there’s great warmth in the air,
And the new life takes on the timeless task of balancing despair.

The anemones then fade to sleep, while others take their place,
In a cycle that is old as time, and known by the native race.
While asleep, they dream great dreams, of a world filled with peace,
Where nations have stopped useless wars, with hostilities that cease.

The air is clear, the water pure, and no one lacks for food,
Schools flourish with eager students, each in a joyful mood.
A sturdy home and the needs of life, are enjoyed by every family,
And life moves on free from strife, with no need to be angry.

A dream you say, that will never happen, but are you really sure?
Consider the life of the anemone, and the weather they endure.
During winter nights, they spring to life, awaking from their dream,
When others need to hibernate, awaiting spring’s sunbeam.

The next time you pass the family, that chose to be your friends,
Send a thought of love to them, as they truly are Godsends.
For outside of sight and bathed in light, Jibril looks on with love,
His messages to those below have been seen as a dove.

For now, the anemones sleep and dream, of a world filled with light,
And in due time they will spring to life, bathed in winter’s moonlight.
Until that time, try to hold the line, and seek strength in your prayers,
For understand the angels and the flowers work in pairs.

By Nick Nash, dedicated to the brave and loving people of Palestine.


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Namaste, Nick xxx

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2 Comments on “Anemones’ Dreams”

  1. anna strickland Says:

    Dear Nick,
    thank you and God Bless you, it was very moving, succinct and profound.
    I experienced the plight of the Palestinians ( beautiful spiritual people) in 1981. I was there for 3 weeks whilst at college.
    Our base was at Tantur, an international, American run Theological college, situated on the main route between Jerusalem and Bethlehem.
    The injustice, inhumanity, brutal force and complete disruption of family life perpetrated by th Israelis against the Palestinians was unbelievable, shocking and heart breaking.
    As a Christian, I’d had great empathy for the Jewish people – and still do.
    However, I was so shocked and appalled at the Israelis’ terrible/unjustifyable treatment of the Palestinians people. I felt it was no different to the evil apartheid regime as practised then ( 20 years ago ) in South Africa. Except, the latter was highly publicised, unlike the covert inequality as practised in Palestine.

    Space and time permitting, i will cite 3 examples.

    A former wealthy, highly educated and cultured Palestinian gentleman, told us how his family had been turned out of their prestigious home to make way for immigrant jewish settlers from Eastern Europe.
    Added to this, both his and his parents’ professional jobs, business, and all income and earning opportunities had been removed. Consequently, they were homeless and had to live as refugees in the Gaza strip. The conditions were atrocious, and worse, the water source had been removed from within the camp in order to supply the multiple new settlements and estates for incoming jews from around the world.
    He often passed his former home, which had been turned into separate apartments for affluent Israelis. Having no income, or rights, he could nothing.
    He has since become a priest, and said a beautiful thing which I’ll always remember. He felt a tangible presence in the refugee camp at night, when all was still.
    Despite all their indignity, enforced hardship and suffering, their was great love, and unity within at Gaza.
    And it was here, he felt Jesus, really strongly, as opposed to all the sacred sites in Jerusalem.
    2nd example:
    Childrens’ education, facilities and resources were seriously impeded. Obvious when you think why? Knowledge is power!
    Chidren were desperate for pencils, pens, books, paper etc, all were non available 20 years ago.
    3rd and final example.
    Constant disruptions of family and working life. All psychologically designed to make everyday life intolerable.
    Many workers at Tantur were stopped for no reason, bullied, interrogated and had their work permits confiscated, thereby preventing them from earning.
    Instead, the workers put themselves in grave danger by climbing the mountain to avoid the roadside checkpoints and continue to work. Had they’ve been caught, the consequences were unthinkable.
    Finally, a visiting US Secretary of State ( poss’ Richard Baker in 1991 ) visited Tantur amidst having numerous talks with the Israelis on the Palestinian situation.
    I naively thought all would be resolved and ‘sorted.’

    Dear Nick reading your heartrendering posting has brought it all back to me as if it were yesterday.
    All injustice and unfairness is etched in my heart and causes me pain and distress, but unlike yours Nick, my purpose here is to help the animals.
    Namaste Nick and all light workers.

  2. You’re awesome Anna! Thank you so much for your very informed response. Your story about that man feeling Christ’s love, not at the supposed “holy sites” but rather away from them. This brings up a very uncomfortable reality that must be addressed by Christians. Zionism is solely political, which tries to pretend to the world that it is observing Judaism, while at the same time cursing Christ. I have never understood their blind devotion to Israel – I cannot recall a single time that Christ said that all Christians must bless Israel to receive a blessing in return. Numerous references in the OT but many rabbis will adamantly tell you that those books they refer to as the Tanakh were for the Jews alone. Another uncomfortable prospect rears it ugly head as well. How is it possible that the Divine Creator would claim one nation as being “chosen” when Genesis clearly says we all come from the same source, Adam and Eve. Being a “Jew” has nothing to do with race or ethnicity, simply a reflection and continuation of the Pharisees, whom Christ referred to as a den of vipers, the classic snake being Lucifer, Satan, the devil or whatever name is being used this month. One has to put aside religious programming and closely examine this entity they call Yahweh. Many are enraged I would even suggest such a thing but the evidence – based on the treatment given to Palestinians and any who would criticize Israel – is overwhelming. I was brought up in an environment where a few received preferential treatment while the rest were little more than a burden, to do the chores. I am well aware of what that feels like and if it is Yahweh who has given them the rationale to behave as such, then that being must be examined closely. There can be no other conclusion except that it is a pretender. How is it possible that so-called Christians can turn a blind eye, despite overwhelming evidence that the IOF and Israel are committing genocide on a daily basis. As I wrote this response, my browser has crashed several times, hardly coincidental. That is what they want – eliminate any references that would interfere with their plans that have Israel’s interest at heart, along with the billionaires who seek total domination.
    It is unfortunate that the people of Israel are caught up in the illegal, immoral and unethical actions by their government. My heart goes out to them because, in many ways they are pawns in this game as much as anybody. I am already in enough hot water with my stance on the globalist agenda quite clear but I may need to write a separate poems for Israel – not the Knesset or the power-hungry corrupt politicians but the people who are made to suffer, due to the actions of their government. I am afraid, with the new developments with Turkey, that the people of Israel will be seeing the same type of police state spring up around them as in the US.
    At times, I feel so helpless and am chomping at the bit to really get started and keep being told to have patience. There is much more in this global – and universal – drama that needs to play out. Ironically enough, I am actually grateful to these haters of humanity because, through their unconscionable actions, they are waking up far more people than we could alone.
    Thanks again, Anna. Namste, sister.

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