Links for Library of Alexandria Show

Most of the references are linked in my articles, beginning with Armageddon and the King of Shamballa.  The premise of these series of shows is that a religious agenda was established many centuries ago, which was notorious for destroying any object or any person deemed to be an enemy, including teachings that ran counter to the official dogma and doctrine.  I contend that it can be seen clearly that this agenda to enslave billions could not have transpired without specific actions taking place…. like burning all trace of both wisdom and people who “dared” to offer another version of God and reality.

These shows are based on the actual article I wrote quite recently entitled The Library of Alexandria and the Anti-Christ Agenda.  They contain a number of links to outside sources.  D. M. Murdoch’s two referenced articles,  The Christ Myth and Apollonius, Jesus and Paul: Men of Myths? may not, however, be included in the article, but are well worth a read.  She is a recognized theological and historical authority, among both secular and religious circles, who sometimes uses the alias of Acharya S.


Back again tomorrow night @ 5 PM EST.  Nice to connect again, guys.


Namste, Nick xxx

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One Comment on “Links for Library of Alexandria Show”

  1. giraffe Says:

    great to see an update — glad you are back on the shows. 🙂

    much peace…


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