The “Holy Guardian Angel”: Demonic or Divine?

This post is really a follow-up to a pair of my recent shows which I entitled “The Scarlet Council”.  Centered on a poem I wrote of the same name, which I narrated during the show,  my aim was to make people aware of some of the secret magic that is taught and practiced around the globe.  A common element in systems from both the east and west are the mystery schools of very ancient Egypt.  Numerous mystery traditions exist today, as do numerous schools of magic, many with a common goal – communication with and connection to their Holy Guardian Angel.  As one explores further, it becomes clear that the identity of this Holy Guardian Angel (HGA) has a very different meaning to different systems.  Not only that, but there seems to be a pronounced influence on many initiates to the mysteries to develop their Light Body, otherwise known as their Magical Personality.  The establishment of this magical personality is an essential component to accessing the higher mysteries in many systems; in fact, it serves as the magician’s representative form while engaged in activities in other realms and planes of existence.  The Egyptians believed that it was this magical personality – the Ba – which left the body at death and presented itself to Anubis for the Heart Weighing Ritual which determined that entity’s fate.

In order to fully understand the energy at play in our 3D reality, it is crucial to be cognizant of what type of arcane and sacred wisdom is available, especially if that knowledge involves interfering with the free will of another or using non-human and non-physical beings to perform negative actions which result in low vibration energy being easily available for these same non-human entities.  If you think your local cable company is stingy in its payment policies, they pale in comparison to the demands made of the witch or sorcerer on completion of these tasks.  Many do not want to consider the reality that there are people without conscience who willingly make such deals and offer sacrificial victims.  One needs only view the diabolical “war on terror” to see this in action.  These energy beings require a steady supply of low vibration energy, often attaching themselves to people or specific locations that harbor such energy in abundant quantities.  Pain and suffering emit a peculiar type of energy  and these are a literal feast for these entities.   My point is not to make any type of political statement, but rather draw to public notice the awareness and insight that magical wisdom has existed in many forms in this reality for a very long time and yet has been largely inaccessible to the general public.   Throughout the ages,  much of the “High Magic” wisdom has been used by priests, kings and emperors in secret, the most well-known being the famed King Solomon.  Many sources, including one said to have been penned by him and known as The Testament of Solomon,  provides a thought-provoking perspective into his entry into the dark magics.

To understand one concept of the HGA,  we have to understand that communication with the spirit realms is a birthright of humanity,  well-recognized on ancient Atlantis, if the legends are true.  And there have been places of higher metaphysical education that taught this wisdom to prospective magi and sorcerers,  some of which still survives today.  In one form,  the famed Alistair Crowley began the Great Work, as the operation is called, to connect with his HGA, but stopped and used another way to achieve the same results.  Based on the writings of the enigmatic Abremalin the Mage  in his Sacred Magic compilation,  completion of this Great Work included a detailed regimen that a magician must adhere to for several months, with the result being a direct connection not only to his/her HGA but a host of other entities as well. Crowley summed it up like this:

He must then occupy two months in almost continuous prayer, speaking as little as possible to anybody. At the end of this period he invokes a being described as the Holy Guardian Angel, who appears to him (or to a child employed by him), and who will write in dew upon the Lamen, which is placed upon the Altar.  After a period of communion with the Angel, he summons the Four Great Princes of the Daemonic World, and forces them to swear obedience.
On the following day he calls forward and subdues the Eight Sub-Princes; and the day after that, the many Spirits serving these. These inferior Daemons, of whom four act as familiar spirits, then operate a collection of talismans for various purposes.

You can now see a bit more clearly why I am writing this article in particular.  Granted, this ritual takes no small amount of diligence and determination to complete,  but think of the possibilities this holds for a student who is not spiritually grounded with integrity.  One legend of the Celts tells of a great battle of Druid wizards during the reign of a chieftain called Cormac mac Airt.   The famed Mogh Ruith faced off against a group of Druids in the employ of this same chieftain and had their butts handed to them by the crafty wizard.  He was said to have used the spirits of the earth to defeat the rival wizard army. Another tale contends that he joined forces with the famed Simon Magus and they built a flying ship in the desert outside of Jerusalem, powered by lightning.  There are even earlier examples of this type of technology being developed in the far east.  Hinduism holds sacred many texts containing rather detailed instructions on how to make a vimana powered by very advanced power sources.  The point is that an enormous amount of arcane knowledge has been kept secret to some degree that clearly point to some incredible possibilities if a person was able to communicate and interact with the real makers of that technology, whether they were in physical or spirit form.

I completed an initial short synopsis on The Book of Enoch for a past article, not completely understanding why it hadn’t been included as part of the Bible. After all, this guy supposedly walked with God himself and never encountered death.  As a spiritual seeker, I would be highly interested to find out what his life involved to accomplish something so unprecedented.  After a more detailed review, it became very clear.  In many ways, on many levels, it contained information that was contrary to what the emerging “Christian” system had as its core doctrine and beliefs.  It was deemed to not be “divinely inspired”, despite this incredible feat and being quoted by the likes of Jude and the early church fathers Iranaeus and Justin Martyr. among others.  It tells a tale of a race of immortals who terraformed earth and cloned copies of themselves – early humanity –   to serve essentially as slaves.   And then for some reason, these beings led by “God” needed to go away and leave the Watchers behind to supervise their property and investment.  Upon returning, this group is furious that the guardians had given both knowledge and technology to the lowly humans, as well as the secrets of magic.  This is where the notion that “God” is an all-seeing, all-knowing being is shattered.

Genesis 1:26 states, “And God said, Let US make man in OUR image, according to OUR likeness.”  Clearly, this entity is talking to others who are just like it and must include both male and female genders.  If this was truly the One Creator, how is it possible that It didn’t know about the activities of these Watchers and take steps to stop them? If more proof of this is needed, consider the solution this  loving “God” comes up with – send a flood to kill every living thing except a select group of humans and animals.  Their crime was to allow themselves to receive knowledge of the secrets, especially of warfare,  from the “angels”.  Enoch regards these Watchers, led by Azazel’s efforts to enlighten humanity, in a negative light, obviously out of deferment to this “God” character, which is even more complex.  According to his text, what we call “God” was the creator of physical humans through genetic manipulation. In order to them give them true life, another entity entirely was needed whom he called “Lord of the Spirits”.  Add to this confusion, he also references “Ancient of Days” as God, as well as a being known as “Son of Man”.  This  being(s) who was so infuriated with the actions of these Watchers knew full well that the offspring known as the Nephilim, were immortal and that a decree had been made to essentially chain their spirits to the earth realm until a future day of judgment.  They knew that, while the physical bodies of these Nephilim could be killed, their spirit would be trapped but able to interfere directly in the affairs of mankind.  In the least, if the Biblical flood account has merit, this displays a measure of what can only be called incompetence on the part of so-called Gods. Long after the Flood is alleged to have taken place, there were many sources that corroborate that the Nephilim bloodlines continued.   At the other end of the spectrum, it shows a blatant disregard for humanity and a very dark, unevolved side to this so-called “God”.   The point is simply that a credible source has detailed some of the disembodied spirits that are available to a magician for contact.

Clearly, there is a great deal of activity taking place that seems to be partially designed to elicit anger, worry, fear and envy and the potential does exist for a human being to take advantage of these dark forces if they hold the keys of knowledge to do so.  To people like Crowley, the HGA was an divine entity that allowed a magician access to the skills, wisdom and power of non-human beings.  This is only one version, however.

In other mystery traditions,  the HGA essentially refers to one’s Higher Self Essence, the CPU that coordinates the activities of all aspects of itself in all realities.  In order to fully access It and these other fragments at work on other planes of reality,  development of the Magical Personality (MP) is essential. As mentioned earlier, this is the magi’s representative to the spirit realms and the vital link to greater wisdom and knowledge, not to mention assistance.   In this case, there has been a significant grounding both spiritually and metaphysically for a student to have full cognizance of using this wisdom and connection with integrity when they reach this level of advancement in the mysteries.  Some believe that there is still potential for connection to a type of Anti-HGA, referred to as the Evil Genius by some.   Who or what is this Evil Genius?

The writings of magical visionaries like Crowley and John Dee include a common element – a being each feared and regarded as the “evil of all devils”.  Known as Choronzon,  one perspective contends this a group entity while others claim it to be a demoness, associated with the number 333 as half of the enigmatic 666.  It was claimed that it was possible that a  student could inadvertently connect with this entity – and not his real HGA.  If it can happen under the conditions prevalent when the rituals are performed in a presumably protected area, it stands to reason that a magi could use it and connect purposely with this false HGA.

In a piece published by the Ogdoadic Journal of the Western Mysteries, they provide likely the best description of true magic I have encountered:  “The heart of all true magic resides in the quest and the ongoing work to fulfill one’s divine purpose.”  It should now be apparent that there is potential to use ancient wisdom for selfish aims but equally for results that could assist mankind.  The key is the foundation one has built during the journey.  The terms demonic and divine are entirely subjective for at some level they combine as one,  a notion that many would vehemently disagree with but has been an accepted fact of many philosophies.   The Magical Personality link above also includes a fascinating comparison of the western and Egyptian mysteries, as it pertained to the Ka and Ba.

A commonality that we all share on this magical journey of soul perfection is the awareness that we are continuous students.  Many ancient texts make reference to man’s inner yearning to communicate directly with the gods, which many contend is the soul making itself heard and felt.  A deep longing as we look into a star lit sky,  our imagination drifting to wonder at what is truly out there.  To some in recent times, a belief has arisen that earth has been seeded with souls fragments of beings from other galactic species, including angels, ascended masters and even dragons.  Mozart was a rare example of his time, a period of enlightenment, but that type of genius is now becoming commonplace.  Children are displaying some incredible talents, some observed personally by Drunvalo Melchezidec and writers for OMNI magazine in China.  Special schools were even established to train these “super-psychic kids”  and their abilities were quite incredible,  breaking the laws of physics as we understand them.  It has been said that during times of greatest darkness on the earth,  a great surge of souls are incarnated.  These times of darkness they well recognize as the times of greatest spiritual education and perfection, including the karmic aspects and the chance to balance the scales.  At these times, as well, when the Principle of Rhythm takes full effect,  it has been quite effectively used as a means to keep the masses unbalanced.  But inevitably, as history records the rise and fall and nations,  this age will swing back like a pendulum from the dark polarity to that of the Light.  NASA confirms that our sun is radiating unknown particles and that there particles “invading” our solar system from a source they cannot determine which are helping to alter our DNA.  It would seem we are receiving a helping hand in this ascension process.

This post was written to bring awareness and insight into the forces we face, who use this type of magic for personal gain and greed.  They have a vested interest in stopping this process, both the human and non-human elements.  One other essential component to students of Hermetic Philosophy, the foundation of Egyptian mystery traditions,  was the development of one’s ability to love.  There are many varying degrees of love but they deemed this to be crucial to a student’s training and  development.  Some scholars contend that the one known as Christ revealed his mystery school training with his marked focus on love and compassion.

So how is this all going to play out?  For words of wisdom and strength, few rival that of Thoth in Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean:

Then shall there come unto man the great warfare
that shall make the Earth tremble and shake in its course.
Aye, then shall the Dark Brothers
open the warfare between Light and the night.

When man again shall conquer the ocean and fly
in the air on wings like the birds;
when he has learned to harness the lightning,
then shall the time of warfare begin.
Great shall the battle be twixt the forces,
great the warfare of darkness and Light.

Nation shall rise against nation
using the dark forces to shatter the Earth.
Weapons of force shall wipe out the Earth-man
until half of the races of men shall be gone.
Then shall come forth the Sons of the Morning
and give their edict to the children of men, saying:
O men, cease from thy striving against thy brother.
Only thus can ye come to the Light.
Cease from thy unbelief, O my brother,
and follow the path and know ye are right.

Then shall men cease from their striving,
brother against brother and father against son.
Then shall the ancient home of my people rise
from its place beneath the dark ocean waves.
Then shall the Age of Light be unfolded
with all men seeking the Light of the goal.
Then shall the Brothers of Light rule the people.
Banished shall be the darkness of night.

Namaste, Nick xxx

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