Shifting Perceptions


In the past week, I’ve worked closely with Lins and Cathie on posting some messages and links that were extremely relevant to what many are experiencing in their personal lives. One of the articles centered on a technique known as “social undermining”, that may appear harmless, but can be a source of great anxiety to the recipient. As Raziel has suggested, underlying all of it is energy and it is not a stretch to opine that at least some of these “underminers” know exactly what they’re doing…. on an energetic level.

With the inclusion of the Addendum Key, Raziel provided a novel method of dramatically changing one’s own vibration by use of an “associative programming” technique: Essentially one visualizes an enjoyable event, while holding one fist closed. The object, through short bursts of practice, is to gradually “associate” one’s closed fist with the high-vibration energy evoked by the chosen event. Of equal importance, he also added that, when it does come to a differing of opinion or belief, a “soul response” will always be allow the other person the freedom to hold and express those beliefs.

I wanted to quickly shine a light on another great article entitled “What Is Ascension?”.  I know, there are likely 1,000’s of similarly-titled articles, which many of us have read. I found this one, by Lisa Renee, to be highly inclusive of core information regarding this process. I found it of particular interest that she refers to them as “transmutational symptoms”, rather than ascension symptoms. This would seem to be a much better description, based on the sometimes acute physical effects. These are only overshadowed by the emotional/mental ride we often find ourselves on, where it feels like the “interference” is almost overwhelming. We all know the relation between the physical and emotional, when pain or discomfort are constant. Concentration, memory problems and difficulty in falling asleep – among many other symptoms – are elements that affect our very survival. Add having to complete assignments or obligations, and possibly experience a bit of “social undermining”, and a prolonged period where one does not get the needed rest and recuperation.


One aspect of our own journey that must be understood and accepted is that it is progressive. The challenges we face, the opportunities we are presented with to “practice what we preach” so to speak, are and do incrementally become more difficult. You’ve likely noted changes in your own spiritual awareness/understanding as more knowledge is gained and we obtain a much-more informed perspective of our reality and place within it. One thing you can absolutely count on, if you are on a progressive spiritual path, is that you will be both scrutinized and likely attacked, if you display promise or potential.

If, when you lay lay down to sleep at night, and find your mind racing with events from your past that evoke feelings of shame, terror, guilt or remorse, it is essential you take note of your waking activities, especially if they are of a spiritual nature. This is an extremely important consideration in determining a course of action in your highest and greatest good. On one hand, this may be your Higher Self essence nudging gently to clear a past event(s) or they are being drawn out to assist in your further learning. There may, however, be something more sinister taking place that you are oblivious to and from a location that is unseen by human eyes.

This is where the runners come in, a group of entities that you might consider spending some time in assisting. I’ll explain that shortly. So, we have been experiencing a number of consecutive days where this “past events carousal” keeps playing, often at odd times. In his highly-informative article The Art Of Hyper Dimensional War, the author suggests that this is most likely an attack on you. It may not be to destroy you but simply to slow you down but the reverse side of this arrangement is that how one experiences and deals with these attacks can be highly informational and educational. The attacks can take many forms and each time we recognize them and neutralize them, they cannot use that as a future source of vulnerability. Unless …

My understanding is that specific astral entities have the ability to get through our defenses and interfere with us. But in order to do that, there must be some type of energetic anchor that allows them to attach to. Consider the entire process…. transmutational symptoms, a disorientation essentially on many levels and a weakening of defenses. We’re likely a bit testy and maybe even holding resentment or anger. This is the perfect “cosmic fly paper” that these entities can use to gain entry. It is usually done slowly, and may involve scenes played out, in a given situation, where somebody or group has committed some heinous crime that we deem is deserving of some type of “punishment”. Once that mindset takes place, these beings build on it. Left unchecked, this invasion can become a bit nasty.

I wanted to quickly interject something that I read today on Soren Dreier’s blog that is quite relevant:

“I have this approach: The limited mind sees contradictions everywhere – the enlightened mind transcends them and brings together what has been separated. When talking of religion some really don’t realize the difference between the torture and repressiveness of the Spanish Inquisition and the life of St. Francis.”

Carrying on, we come to the runners. As with all things I post here, I do not push my beliefs or insights on anybody as “the truth”. It was Carl Jung who first coined the term “synchronicities” to explain seemingly random events where there appeared to be no cause, at least by any direct  actions of those affected by the “coincidence”. One especially poignant event transpired early in his career that would have a lasting impact on him. A female patient was not responding well to treatment and arrived at his office one day, remarking on a vivid dream from the night before that involved a golden scarab beetle. Within seconds of her announcement, he heard a tapping on the window. When he opened it and looked on the ledge, he was astonished to see a blue scarab beetle, which he scooped up and showed to his patient. He recalls that was a major breakthrough in her treatment. Although not a golden colour, its appearance was the very description of a synchronicity, by Jung’s definition. What remains to be explored is what or who has the ability and means to tie a dream event to an event in the physical?

I believe that there is a race of beings who were created specifically to work behind the scenes to create such events. Like some others, I refer to them as “The Runners” and they are an integral part of my life, on a number of levels. I’m not stating that our personal guides/teachers/mentors/protectors don’t play a significant role and in fact, I believe they work very closely together with the runners to ensure specific events do take place. I regard them as the real nuts and bolts worker bees who really get the job done.

Before I suggest their relevance, in terms of psychic attacks, I wanted to quickly mention something I find to be quite important. Any friendship relies on a type of give and take balance; if one side is the only one taking or receiving, there is a huge imbalance in the relationship. That’s a given. The runners can be called on directly by us for assistance and will follow our guidance and request but often must be specifically asked. There is a tool one can use that grants them considerable autonomy, to take action on our behalf, without us telling them directly. I’ll add to this shortly. Anybody who enjoys providing assistance to others knows it can be thankless at times but reciprocation by the other party can be absolutely delightful. My point is that if one is going to work with these runners, offer them your services from time to time. Essentially, they are doing things in the astral realm that we cannot do. And we, being in the physical, can take actions to help their work, which they are unable to do.

These runners appear to have considerable power and authority, leading me to beleive that they were likely created at or just before manifestation of the physical realms. As mentioned, for specific aid, like neutralizing and removing invading parasitic entities, they must be asked unless you have made a specific agreement with them to remove the energy parasites automatically. This latter suggestion is likely not a great idea because these “invasions” of the mind can have multiple purposes that aren’t immediately apparent.


Once you have determined that your carousel of past events is the action of hostile entities, the runners can take action on your request. An extremely important consideration, when addressing them for help with this, is to be exact and know precisely what you are going to say before you approach them. Here’s the tool, as I utilize it.

1) Request the runners isolate those entities responsible for playing the mind tricks

2) Capture them

3) Bring them to the Light or to a place they cannot repeat/continue their interference.

NOTE: For me, I trust that the runners who take on this role are emanations of the Divine and their actions will perfectly reflect that. If any being has attacked me with full knowledge of their actions, then I have the right to have them removed – but definitely not eliminated. I trust the runners to honour my position and wishes.

4) Request they remove all entry points and seal them

NOTE: You will likely get a subtle reminder from them that we must also do our part. By that, I mean that it is advisable we try to stay away from activities like MSM news items, where we can see daily horrors being committed against often helpless people. The dismay at the apparent unfairness of it can have a cumulative effect; without fully realizing it,  we are manifesting the
“cosmic fly paper” that could be the anchor for the next series of mind invasions. Bottom line, try to limit consumption of negative news items and getting caught up in dramas and when you feel your anger rising, take steps to clear. These beings can be extremely crafty in their means of approach.

As I mentioned, you can also make a default arrangement with them. For example, I requested their assistance in ensuring that my needs are supplied, when required, and gave them permission to act on my behalf, at their discretion. So our default arrangement is that, if they perceive a need, they will take action to fulfill that need, very often before I even acknowledge or require it. On the other side of the balance sheet, I offer myself daily to step in and “pinch hit” for them, if they need me. I do not do this out of obligation but simply by my willingness to assist them. I really like working with them and my “assistance” has resulted in some very pleasant interactions with both humans and animals. Like any other beings we work with, they understand the Law of Compensation and respect those who observe its tenets.


A lot of shifting perceptions taking place, as the energy around us builds and we gradually learn to assimilate and transmute it, instead of being used by it. If some “predictions” are correct, we will be receiving a series of very high intensity light energy in the next few months, (September and October for the really intense stuff) that has the potential to change/alter us much faster on a microscopic level. Once again, I will not force my views on anybody but I do believe that our imminent and full immersion within the Photon Belt will also play a huge role in the energetic changes that will take place and are taking place. There are palpable waves of chaos riding across our planet. It’s like a sudden vibration has started to rumble under a workbench, resulting in the sound of gently rattling nails. You have been made aware that something about reality has been changed. You may not hear or see the source of the slight vibration but you can hear those glass jars filled with nails and screws rattling ever so slightly.

Namaste, Nick xx


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