Like each of you, I find it impossible not to be a bit concerned and, adversely, even exhilarated as well, when I process all that is taking place around us. It is next to impossible not to observe mounting chaos and fear globally, for a wide and diverse number of reasons. While I will try to limit the mention of current events – it is impossible not to – if one is to establish a reasonably accurate picture of not only external events but also the personal and internal events that are taking pace as well. I submit that the the outer and the inner are linked in ways we seldom realize. I wanted to focus mainly on the most pertinent issues that are being experienced by all of us and hopefully provide a bit of insight that may ease your concerns.


There are a few aspects of this drama we’re playing a part of, which are essential to take note of; their importance will become self evident. Students of the teachings of the great Thoth were taught that all life undergoes cycles or rhythms and, while they can be delayed, they cannot be stopped. In his messages, Raziel spoke often of this but also suggested that prior to any advancement of a spiritual nature, where our effort is required, there are certain symptoms that become evident, just like a cold or flu. By recognizing the symptoms of an oncoming cold early, for instance, one can take steps to both mentally and medically prepare for the discomfort. If one is observant, they will note that prior to an imminent obstacle/trial/life lesson, there will be observable symptoms. The following list is hardly comprehensive but covers many of these symptoms:

-strange craving for food one doesn’t normally eat or only periodically enjoys

-very strong need to retreat from interaction with others

-short bouts of emotion including crying and a very noticeable “softening” of one’s mood

-feeling emotionally on edge, getting angry or frustrated beyond a normal level

-feelings of restlessness, ill-at-ease, desire to do something but uncertain what that is

-very broken sleep, often with the dream continuing when one finally manages to doze off again

-feeling like everybody you interact with wants to test your patience

-events from the past being replayed, at odd times and for no observable reason, that normally involve shame, grief, powerlessness or remorse

-one begins observing rhythms or cycles of synchronicities

-a strange urge to do casual research, where one is brought to a source that contains needed advice, insight, awareness or understanding

-dizziness, problem with sight and hearing at times, irritability

-alternating sleep patterns ie: never seeming to get enough to being unable to sleep, in a pattern

-talking to yourself and your guides more often; a new type of connection may have occurred during your sleep period to facilitate this

-a bit confused that one is still clearing the residual negative energy from events that may have taken place decades ago – NOTE: This is an essential requirement, in my estimation, for a number of very sound reasons, our mental health and peace of mind not the least of those. To fully integrate the very powerful energy we’re being exposed to, and to transmute it as effectively as possible, these “scattered remains” from past events need to be cleared out to make room, energetically, for this process to advance.

Essentially, if out of the blue, you begin experiencing strange symptoms, there must be a cause(s). Some cycles we experience may be for our benefit, while others may seemingly be devised to “test our metal”. Some cycles, in fact, may well be designed simply to weaken us in some way. Tie this in with the common notion that “the dark” is evil and we must flee at every chance. You might be surprised to be told that each of us are assigned teachers or mentors or guardians of both the “light” and “dark”. As I understand, one group is to instruct while the other is to make our learning difficult, based on the parameters established when we incarnated. Unfortunately, some may require their entire life being torn apart while others less drastic measures.

One approach that could be taken is to treat this entire reality like a game. In fact, according to John Lash, that is what we are truly a part of – a massive cosmic game, where true gods sit and observe but never interfere. Except that once, of course, with Sophia, who plunged from her home – the pleroma – without her scared twin Thelete. And of course, they also sent Christos on several occasions as well. So,  any claims of non-interference… not so much.

They are not the ones to be wary of, however. According to the Gaia Mythos, when she crashed through the dimensional barrier, something totally unexpected occurred. No energy of her vibration had ever “pierced the veil” and it had an effect that has brought us to our present spot on the ascension timetable. Almost like breaking a mirror into numerous tiny pieces, entities began to form, described as insect-like, with no real consciousness except a need to survive. To put how momentous her action was, here’s a rough analogy:

Imagine holding a high pressure hose of foam, as used in extinguishing fires, several feet over the top of a sandy beach. Turn on the high-pressure foam and a number of reactions will occur. For our purposes, however,  we’ll do this and then allow some time for the foam to dry up. What we find is that the sand has integrated itself with the foam, forming a solid. The entities that are presently hindering forward movement of our species, are essentially the cosmic equivalent of the foam and sand pieces, that were touched by her essence. This is, as I mentioned, what the Gnostic seers claimed. I do not push that view on anybody.

Outwardly, you will note after some observance, that world events seem to go in cycles as well, and there may be some correlation with our own unique cycles. One observes a great deal of “slight of hand” propaganda that many clearly see through – an increasing number – with some becoming quite livid in response. This response can often be the one that is required or needed in a given area or event/situation. With anger, people can be enticed to commit acts that are immoral and unethical, with the proper stimulus, either physical or artificial. When people come together in peace, that likelihood is almost nil. And when it comes to our “news reporters”, I think Twain said it best: “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.”

There is a revolving carousel of big news items like Kimmy K’s behind and Justin Beiber’s latest drunk driving arrest while, daily, people are brutalized in the middle east and elsewhere and receive scant mention…. unless it advances the agenda of those who control the media. On the world stage, we the see smoke and mirrors play out, where one or two leaders dominate the “news”, glorified or vilified, before the cycle turns to another scandal or war effort, and accompanying new characters. I make no accusations or assertions but “false fl@g” operations are as old as recorded history, including before and after one of the most notable – the infamous Trojan Horse. Based on observable cycles, I suggest that Obama, Greece’s Tsipiras and the UK’s Corbyn all are playing a very similar role in a massive slight of hand. As the saying goes, “if something seems too good to be true, it likely is.”


Recognizing that we all are lifelong students, our research can take us to some extremely diverse places. It is natural to gravitate to literature or knowledge that is most reflective of some aspect of our established paradigms. For instance, a person who believes that life evolved on earth over a very long period of time – evolution – is likely not going to spend much time researching “intelligent design” or “creationism”. Obviously, to most, these appear to be polar opposites and for some reason, some people expect us to choose. From a personal and spiritual perspective I see no contradiction between the two; they are quite compatible, at least based on the what the Gnostic seers observed. They believed that the energy sent from the Galactic Center contains “energetic intentionality”, essentially meaning it had all the right programs or software included to facilitate creation of an entire reality or just a small portion. But it also contains potentiality, once again with appropriate software and parameters. It was believed that all outcomes to all actions are played out in numerous parallel realities, playing out the full potential of the energy.

This part of my post is actually inspired by a few articles by Jalaila Star. With the possibility – and reality – of deception in our research sources, it is crucial that we acquire our own “standard of testing”, so to speak, for the veracity of any new information or awareness. In short, establishing what physical, as well as psychic, symptoms occur, when we encounter deception in what we read.

In one article, Jalaila talks at length about establishing our “multidimensional truth” as opposed to our 3D truth. Truth is entirely subjective and I’ll draw your attention to two quick examples:

1) A lady was walking on the sidewalk of a busy two-way street, when she heard a car horn and looked over and witnessed a head-on collision. She would later tell police, that she was certain that one driver had purposely crossed lanes to hit an oncoming car. Meanwhile….

On the other side of the street, behind the row of parked cars, a man was walking his dog, tripped on the sidewalk and lost hold of his dog leash. The dog darted into traffic, was seen by a driver, who swerved to avoid hitting the pet, and smashed into the other car. This part was not seen by the woman through no fault of her own. She had an extremely limited perspective that, while it was her truth – and rightfully so – it was lacking in crucial details.

2) Let’s examine one that is considerably more metaphysical. Some years ago, Oprah had a guest on her show, to great hype, launching his wonderfully touching new book. Claiming it a truth, it told a story of how a girl would visit the author from the other side of the concentration camp wire fence, always bringing an apple. Years later they re-met, fell in love and got married. Unfortunately, it was revealed to be simply a story made up in his head; it never happened.

On a talk show, some months after the deception was revealed, an interviewer asked him why, why did he invent and sell a story that wasn’t true? The author’s response was simple. He said that because it actually happened in his mind, it was true for him.

There will be mixed responses to this, I am certain. I will admit freely, that when I first researched this story, I viewed it through a very small lens, hardly one that was cosmic in purpose. Oddly enough, I found that I had the information within me to reconcile, from a much more-inclusive vantage point, of whether this man was “lying” or telling the “truth”.

As a writer, who specializes in metaphysical fiction, I have created countless realities and entities and because I write in first person, I tag along as the action takes place. With total control over a created reality or environment, the only limitations are my imagination (and those entities who work with me) and the will to create. That type of creativity abounds in the video games of today; somebody had to have seen that reality somewhere and brought it into this reality, in a tangible form, for all to enjoy.

As a writer, I am aware also that other factors can be put into the mix to add to aid in the established mood of the story or poem, namely an emotional interjection. As writers, those realities we create are essentially real, in one perspective and can even develop feelings. From a cosmic viewpoint, this man could rightfully say, it was a truth to him. His actions were not my decisions and I have no right impose any type of “judgment” on them or him.

In the last example, from broad perspectives, an action is truth and yet deception at the same time…. or so it would appear. Truth is subjective to the individual. Like hate, love, anger and joy, truth also has many variations in “frequency”.


I’ve encapsulated Jalaila Star’s article, Establishing Your Truth, below and have included a few additional suggestions of my own, for your consideration.


A cornerstone of good research is objectivity and open-mindedness. We can, however, encounter inner barriers that can restrict our knowledge base. In many cases, one’s upbringing and its inherent beliefs are of a religious nature. Three directions can be taken: total disengagement from that religion, total immersion, or a limited acceptance. Some of the most difficult times spent online, I will admit, has been in reading articles and comments from and by people who held an opposing viewpoint. It would seem logical, then, that if we wish to establish our truth on a given issue in integrity, it is imperative that we are aware of as many aspects or viewpoints as possible.

Jalaila suggests researching four independent sources, pool the collective information, and then determine and discern, within ourselves, what is truth based on all available data. We have an area where the nuggets of truth can be found within mountains of either nonsense or re-hashes of older ideas and/or sentiments. We have a clear example of dark and light at play when it comes to channeled messages. It can be quite exhilarating to know that you are in connection to an entity not of this reality, when you sit and pen a message from them to humanity. Untrained or improperly trained, many do become easy prey; even those who are seasoned mediums can be deceived. Some years ago, a lady had proclaimed she was in contact with a space-faring race and commenced to pass on numerous channeled messages. In a grand build up, she had proclaimed that on a specific day and time, their space ships would appear over several cities around the world. It did not materialize and she went into hiding, many regarding her as a charlatan.


Adding to the above, as it pertains to channeled messages, are there some ways to identify possible propaganda as opposed to truth? Yes, and once again from Jalaila’s article, a trusted source from Spirit will likely contain the following in their messages:

-Little or no judgment towards the Dark – they understand the enormous value that the Dark plays in soul evolution. These beings can be found on higher 5D.

-How to’s for integrating instead of just talking about it

-A straight forward and clear delivery of message

For those trying to deceive, Jalaila suggests these may indicate deception:

-Tons and tons of sugary sweet fluff

-Lack of understanding of Dark’s role in soul evolution and therefore, judgmental

-How-to’s that don’t work or hardly work at all

-Confusing and lengthy delivery

These are not to be meant as “rules” in any way; it may simply provide an added distillation process, in establishing our own unique truth about a given message.


A word of warning here. If you do call on the Runners especially, be prepared to move to their groove. They can create conditions where we find ourselves listless and not knowing what to do. They can often take us on twisting journeys, especially online, to diverse destinations, as many of you can attest. This has had added an extremely valuable database for me, as a writer, when I am looking for ideas.

I try, when possible, to give permission to the Runners to create conditions that are most beneficial for obtaining what I require or need, in a “default principle” type of agreement. I grant them permission, ahead of time, to react to a given issue, event or situation without my express permission at the moment. I give them permission ahead of time, essentially, to take action and alert me or guide me to where I need to be or go, depending on what they have set up behind the scenes.


We all react to varied stimuli in a multitude of ways. When it comes to new or counter ideas, an initial reaction can often be avoidance. As discussed, however, if only for the sake of personal integrity, it is essential we are aware of as many sides as possible of a given issue/event/situation to make an informed choice of our personal truth.

If we are encountering aversion to such exploration it is important to understand why and take steps to reconcile this seeming paradox. At times, we can be influenced by factors that we may not even recognize so perhaps we can use a parallel system to aid us in uncovering our truth.

The key, of course is energy and how we react to it. If, for example, you have spent time with someone who has a tendency to “manipulate” the truth, you will note there are subtle yet distinct physical sensations. “Did you take the car our for a drive?” father asks, looking at a dented fender. “No, I never touched it,” replies son, looking away.

You can almost feel an emotional yet physical response just in reading that. I would suggest that, when you do uncover information that you deem to not be your truth, pay attention to the physical sensations and vibrations.

oasis divider

I did not intend to write so much…. and I had wanted to at least bring up some the things that are said to be happening in September. Perhaps the next post.

As always, I do not push my views or paradigms on anybody as “the” truth. Many Blessings to you.

Namaste, Nick xxx



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