The Raziel Remnants

My spiritual awakening arrived several years ago as a direct result of exploring and experimenting with astral projection. It opened my eyes, heart and mind to an entirely new world and changed the direction of my life. Many guides, teachers and tutors have spent time with me, over the years, on an educational path that seemed to be halted on numerous occasions.

For over a year, I have worked closely and directly with Lord Raziel, first as a student and now as a type of scribe. Some months ago, he “suggested” that I include a channeled message from him on the radio show I co-host every weekend. After an unsuccessful search online for any current messages, he finally made it clear that I was to write out his messages, reinforced by his ever-present mischievous grin. For a number of  months now, I have been acting as a channel for him, and I will admit to a certain amount of apprehension and concern at times. This work with him is unlike anything I’ve done before and I have no frame of reference in my own experience.

I will add that I do not – in any way – claim to be a professional medium or channel. I will gladly acknowledge that I am still very much in training. This blog was one of his “suggestions”, a place to house his messages, and which I am very pleased to do.

Namaste, Raziel and Nick


One Comment on “The Raziel Remnants”

  1. Hi Nick,
    Thank you so much for your praise; it has given me an opportunity to read your blog which I really felt is so timely and on target. I wanted to bring awareness, light and a empowerment to others and I feel you are doing the same thing! I will continue to look forward to your weekly enteries! Thanks, Lydia

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