Notes and Links for May 27/11 Show

We covered a few different areas in this show, beginning with an interesting form of protest by women in Saudi Arabia.  Another form of protest was obvious on the  Palestinian “Nakba” recently, resulting in several deaths and many injuries but a new optimism arose from the terror.

There has been intense debate over the decades since the The Protocols appeared, which is allegedly a blueprint for world domination.  Denounced by Zionists and their allies as a forgery, it has, nonetheless, been the object of intense scrutiny.  Part of the “objective” of these protocols was to devise a means to show that all religions were wrong and had been deceiving mankind, to clear the way for a one-world religion and a one-world spiritual leader.  In that vein we took a look at the possibility that King Solomon may well have been Rameses II, and that Joseph could have been the mythical Imhotep.  As for the veracity of The Protocols, it seems they were discovered in the possession of an Illuminati agent, who had allegedly been struck by lightning.  And Henry Ford was made to apologize to the  leader of the American Jewish Committee … not for saying he believed The Protocols to be real but simply that he had observed that they “seemed” to be playing out in world affairs.

On a lighter note, an “affliction” it seems we have all encountered: What is that ringing in our ears?

We’re going to take a look at our reality from a gnostic perspective tomorrow, especially as it pertains to non-human, non-physical beings who are interacting with us – both to help and hinder.


Namaste, Nick xxx

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